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April 2019 A True Story: An Abundant Breath

A True Story: An Abundant Breath


This is a true story of a very sweet soul from the Netherlands by the name of Corina De Jongh Crientjuh that came across my path.


The story starts when Corina was 13 years old and spent one month in the hospital due to consistent headaches. She was an active child with sports activities as a regular part of her repertoire so it was left that she simply “did” too much. Since there were no  findings, she simply slowed down a bit and went on with her life.


As the years passed, she became a mother raising her daughter independently,  got her nursing & social work degrees while working to administer care for people of all types.

Oddly enough, people with emphysema were high on her list and this was no coincidence.



By age 37, Corina noticed how people seemed to walk faster than her and how tired she was most of the time. She scheduled and appointment with a pulmonologist and discovered she only had 45% lung capacity. She was diagnosed with a very rare disease called  “Vikings Disease” which leads to emphysema. ( More about it at


By age 40, she had to stop working and began researching on the internet for possible solutions. Her health was on a fast track downward spiral.


By age 48 she was in a wheelchair and couldn’t walk much of any distance nor carry her oxygen container but she was relentless in her pursuit of another pathway to EMBRACE.



She started her personal exploration through food as medicine, attending workshops online with David Wolf, Brian Clement (Hippocrates Health Institute) and many others.


Her lung capacity fell to 22% by 2013 and was finally placed on the list for a lung transplant.  In December 2014 she felt a sensation like a knife going through her lung and she stated out loud to her mother, ” I have a collapsed lung. I just know it. I need a transplant or else I will die.”


During this time she had 24 hrs./day home care with 20 nurses assisting her on a variety of shifts. Nevertheless, Corina stayed the course with meditation and mindfulness practices until August 2015 when  she finally received a lung transplant. The recovery would take 2 years of physical therapy, yoga, swimming, exercising on the treadmill which she did without fail 6 days a week. Now, she was able to breathe more deeply which gave her the strength and physical capacity to walk and move about.


It was/is more than physical though. It was/is a mental, emotional and spiritual transformation. It was and is a gradual process of finding her internal inspiration, becoming INTIMATE with its character, fostering its growth, deepening its roots and unleashing its essence into the world.



In 2017 she found Transformational Breath® and things really started to change even more. It was a new lease on life.


She found it interesting that the Transformational Breath® Trainers were focusing on the INHALE which is both metaphoric  for our abundant nature plus a literal emphasis on oxygen INTAKE.


This focus is designed to accentuate our focus on opening ourselves to RECEIVING  and experiencing our worthiness. This was in stark contrast to earlier guidance from  emphysema protocols which  focus on the exhale. She reflected on this deeply and felt there were layers of insight and revelations wanting to be discovered.


One thing Corina noted was that  everything that happened was required to happen for her soul’s growth or else it would not have happened.


This is a Universal truth that applies to all of us!


This story will be conveyed to you experientially if you choose to do the mindfulness exercise outlined at the end.


 What kept her going?


What inspired her to persevere?



This is a gradual process for most of us but well worth the journey. If you suffer from some physical, emotional, mental or spiritual imbalance, keep the faith and BREATHE OUT LOUD.


My friend is 54 years young and now facilitates Transformational Breath® work all around the world. At the time of this interview, she was in the Dominican Republic swimming with the whales twice a day for seven days.


She has such a renewed lease on life. Fear is no longer a deterrent in her exploration of what is possible.


It’s not that she does not feel fear. It’s just that she has the visceral understanding that she is NOT the FEAR!


Many of us identify with our  emotions as if it is who we are. It’s not who we are. Not by a long shot!


Emotions and their accompanying sensations are simply “energies wanting to move through us” AND to the degree we allow this to occur, we step into the flow of life rather than creating obstructions.



We think that if we FEEL a particularly undesirable emotion for any period of time then we ARE that EMOTION which can challenge our self-image or false identity.  We say things like “I am depressed or I am angry” and that means XYZ.   A more accurate statement is, I feel a slowing down of my energy or I feel a crunchiness or a tork in my body.



The truth is that the emotional experience is moving, variable and worth being in a stance of simply noticing it. Recognizing this and observing ourselves “in vivo” causes the fortress to soften and melt effortlessly while the heart blooms like a fresh spring rose.





My friend travels the world and goes with the flow. She Minds the Wind. She no longer worries about her health or finances and allows the cadence of her breath to remind her of the presence of her innate abundance. It lifts her to new dimensions and opens doors to limitless possibilities. She soars with the winds.





When I asked her what she could show me so that I could have a deep understanding of her experience and the contrast of what it was like and how it is for her now, she replied, “I invite you to do the following exercise.”








You will need 2 things: 1 straw and to be outside in nature on a warm or temperate sunny day.


  1. Get a straw. Pinch off your nostrils so you cannot breath through them. Place the straw inside your mouth and close your lips.  Set a timer and breathe through the straw for 3 minutes. Experience the deprivation of oxygen and the amount of life force that is able to enter your body. After 1 minute, stand up and walk around with the straw in your mouth. Do not breathe through your  nose. Note how your body feels. Imagine living like that for years.


2.  Now, stand up outside in nature on a sunny day! Spread your arms out stretched, open your heart by taking a big inhalation feeling the expansion of your chest. Notice what you feel when you can enjoy as much oxygen as you desire. Smell the flowers, hear the birds. Feel the contrast of the former contraction and the present expansion.


Questions to ponder:

Compare and contrast.

a. How did your body feel in exercise 1 vs. 2?

-Constricting, limiting?

-Expanding, freeing?


Our breath is the vehicle by which we take in the abundance of oxygen and move stagnant energies within our body temple but we often disregard oxygen as one of our superpowers for the flow abundance so reflect on the following questions:



b. What is your definition of ABUNDANCE? ( Think way outside the box)


c.  In what ways do you limit the abundance that is your birthright AND accessible in, through and around you?


d. What new ways might you define abundance for yourself and the world?


e. What inspires you to keep on going in times of challenge?


f. Name some ways in which abundance nourishes your body, mind and spirit?


g.  What will be required to happen for you to honor that you are a vessel designed to receive abundance in every way, shape and form? Are you willing to embrace this newfound reality?


2015-2019  ©  Darryn Silver all rights reserved

March 2019 A Friend for Life


A Friend for Life

                                                                              ( Inspired by the spirit of Robert Franchi)



My best friend. She knows me so well. She is always there for me. She supports me like a huge body of water supporting a SHIP tossing around in the voraciousness of a stormy sea.



She recognizes the tumultuous theatrics and navigates me through with grace. This grace is none other than I have ever become acquainted. It is the grace of messy, chaotic, unknowing and that is her elegance. She sees beauty in all of it. She even uses her muscles to help me buckle down the hatches until I open for another round of softening.



She stands nearby in a silent, still, wise, manner. She watches my fury, my demands and stays by my side. She encourages me to come closer to what rides on the wave she has introduced me to. She sweeps me off my feet in times of SURRENDER.



She watches and comforts me lovingingly as I crumble to my knees in states of confusion, unknowing and pain. Her power humbles me.







She is a friend to enjoy for the moment and only that moment. Then the next moment inside itself and again and again.  She is a mystery and travels through every ventricle of my heart for she is the keeper of the most precious. She swirls around the precious gift kept so sweetly in silence until the sun casts its  LIGHT and says “it’s TIME”.



Without any warning, she lifts me up and my entire body feels like champagne bubbles popping. I feel the Power of love streaming though my inner sanctuary like I have never felt before. She is teaching me about life and death, the coming and goings of all things. She shows me the infinite spectrum of CHOICES that lie within me. She shows me that death is part of life and there is an enlivening experience within all of it.








She showers me with a new kind of seeing.   In her infinite wisdom, she invites me to come closer and be with the entire spectrum.


There is a central channel within that holds a love for all things.


It’s holy, its neutral, its presence.


                                                                                             She rides on the wave of my breath!





Every time you walk through a door. Pause

“Receive” a breath vs “Taking” a breath

Experience the shift of what was and what now is!

Notice the nuances in your sensitivity rising to meet your essence within.

Greet the grace with a smile.


2015-2019  ©  Darryn Silver all rights reserved


Feb 2019 Coming Home to Your Heart: The Breath Reminds Us of our Connection to ALL THERE IS


The Breath Reminds us of our Connection to ALL THERE IS



Doesn’t surreality breed simplified Presence if we allow it? Have you ever had a deeply surreal experience that made the world around you appear seemingly flat, odd and lacking in dimension ??


Sometimes it’s subtle like having the awareness that life is not really about destinations aka achieving, obtaining, arriving etc. and voila you make a shift in perspective which changes all the things you choose to do and not do.


Often it comes in a way that is not so subtle. It arrives on our door steps exemplified by a huge shift in one’s life like a health challenge, relationship breakup, job loss, accident, or death of a loved one. It’s a stripping of your life as you once knew it. It’s a death. It’s a creation of space. It prompts a different iteration of yourself. One that is not so familiar; thus, typically, discomfort ensues.


At the same time, it is a deep cleansing, a profound space holder for the launch of our voyage. A voyage into the unknown of our own inner chasm. A place in which intimacy within ourselves is ignited.




An activation occurs and we REALIZE our own brilliance. We have an expanding repertoire of emotions that are now acceptable to us. We step gently into the glimmer of our own radiance and allow ourselves to taste our own starshine. It comes in bits and pieces to allow our entire energetic system: Mind, Body and Spirit to digest, metabolize, and assimilate with what is now TRUTH for us.




So, when people ask me “What has Transformational Breath® done for you?” I reply. “It is not what Transformational Breath® has DONE for me as if it is “one and done”. 


This particular breathing pattern is a tool by which I honor my partnership to the Divine. It’s a willingness to remain connected with the Source energy that infuses the life force into my beingness AND when I experience disconnection, ( and I do)  this constant companion  acts as a reminder. It  CONTINUES to unfold right here right now in this very moment.   It’s a practice! It’s a partnership.




As I ponder of the clichés of a lifetime I  GET that clichés are clichés because they are right on point. It’s just a matter of experiencing our version with a felt perception that gives it personal meaning.


Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift. That’s why we call it the present.

It’s all in the journey!

Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home, Matsuo Basho

Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is more important than the outcome. Arthur Ashe

Be here now Ram Dass

Be the change you wish to see in the world , Ghandi

What you see in others, you have it in yourself

There’s no such thing as a coincidence.

Everything happens for a reason.

You never get more than you can handle.

You are always right where you are supposed to be.

Let go, Let God


Just for today, Transformational Breath® is bringing me home to MY HEART. Not what it’s supposed to look like to be a “good person”, “successful entrepreneur”, “caring healer” etc and all the other labels but what is authentically mine.


It’s a process where the art of grace embodies the power of love in earth time.


As our individual/collective awareness shifts to one of nurturing and cultivating that momentary spark   (that exists in every single one of us) into a string of lights (interconnectedness), this place of Truth, Light, Oneness and Peace steps forward into our visceral experience and we offer the change from the inside out albeit sometimes slowly, deliberately, emphatically, but in the end BLISSFULLY!

We ARE the I AM Presence. We are home in our heart.

It’s coming from the inside out.










-Create a warm inviting environment for yourself.


Declare to the Universe an invocation. This will invite the powers that be into your heart space






Example: “ I beckon on the I AM Presence, Masters of Light, Goddesses of Grace, and Angelic Forces to join me in this sacred space whereby I open my heart to connect with the Supreme Heart of hearts. Support me in my exploration of my deepest LOVE, my most profound level of connection and all the bliss that we are in unity. I open myself up to your wisdom, messages and guidance. I thank you for this time, I thank you for this energy and I thank you for this space”


  1. Put on music that will last for 20 minutes
  2. Breathe deeply through your mouth into your lower abdomen. Allow the inhalation to be longer and the exhalation to simply fall out of you like a waterfall.
  3. Email or message me with your experience.

2015-2019  ©  Darryn Silver all rights reserved

Jan 2019 Just Like Birthing into Life, Our Breath Expands and Contracts

Jan 2019

Just Like Birthing into Life

Our Breath Expands and Contracts


We come into this world through a mechanism of our mother’s body. In a natural birth, there’s an expansion and a contraction which is metaphor for our journey throughout our physical LIFE experience.  



You cannot have one without the other.


Our breath has an inhalation which is analogous to our expansion.


Inhaling is the physical mechanism by which we expand our capacity for more and more boundless levels of abundance to be metabolized within our particular system or body temple.


Exhaling is the release mechanism or the time of contraction whereby we have an opportunity to go within and discern what is being reflected back to us through our personal experience. The exhalation is meant to be relaxed, soft, and easy. It is meant to be a time of going deep inside ourselves (albeit a subconscious nanosecond if we are even aware of this dynamic), releasing and of just being our own witness.


Our lives, the people in them, the circumstances we create are all a beautiful tapestry depicting our inner environment i.e. our thoughts, feelings, beliefs etc.   This is not meant to be used to beat yourself up if you do not like what is in your environment. It is meant to be an illumination so that you might claim dominion of your inner reality and make your shifts in perception on the inside. It all originates on the inside and identifying the CAUSAL point to EFFECT change in our external environment. It is paramount to creating indelible shifts in consciousness.



Have you ever been in a TIME of expansion

and experienced a slight deflation like the tiniest

pinprick in a balloon so small that the balloon just

loses air slowly and innocuously? You are not able to take your focus off this slight irritant and it changes your whole energy. Since you are unaware why this one irritant is still hanging around, it grows in its magnitude to illuminate its causal point? Soon your expansion has tempered itself and you are in a state of contraction that is profoundly noticeable to you.


Here’s an example:


Let’s say you are an event planner and you have several new clients. All is going well. All of the events are well received and selling out consistently. Your clients are thrilled and continue to use your services for additional events. You entertain the idea of expanding your business with enthusiasm. You can see it in your mind’s eye with the accompaniment of passion. Voila, before you can even get the idea out of your head, you meet a prospect at one of the events you have planned and they become a new client. This is someone whose philosophy aligns with your ways of being in the world. This is exciting, rejuvenating and inspiring plus there is a lot this client wants to co-create with you. You are on cloud 9!!!!!!


You collaborate and co-create several events. Things are going famously yet there is one nagging piece. There are several situations in which responsiveness is being challenged. In your eyes, there is a lack of responsiveness on the part of your new client. It makes things very difficult to move forward and create change.




So before we rush in to determine what “to do” or what “to say”, it is best to pause to discern what prompted this experience to present itself to you. We create everything for deeper levels of understanding, growth, love and self-acceptance. The following exercise will support the process to illuminate the causal point, empower yourself and shift your energy dynamics.


It is a significant piece to be open minded and simply consider that you are, to some degree, creating this situation. That might be hard to swallow. You might say, “What do I have to do with their non-responsiveness?”


Well, its physics: “Like attracts Like” even in the smallest of molecular structures. It’s the dynamics of how the Universe works. There is still  an little inkling of a charged emotion within you that wants to be soothed, acknowledged, seen, heard and tenderly touched. Nevertheless, on some deeper subconscious level, you are not allowing yourself to “feel” the associated sensations/emotions. It’s buried due to protective tendencies. So the Universe sends a messenger. Someone comes into your life to let you know what signal you are transmitting on a subconscious level. We are always transmitting and receiving messages on a vibrational level.


You co-created a disappointment (the act of non-responsiveness) to slow down your expansion until you can metabolize the level of abundance that is coming into your life. It is a way to recognize our habituations to old ways of being and take our power back. It’s a gift!!!! Here is a tool to allow your subconscious to share with you what is happening on a deeper, more authentic level. It’s a way to start a conversation with the more illusive parts of yourself.



  1. Settle yourself in a seated position or standing but ground your buttock or feet on the ground
  2. Place one hand on your heart and one on your belly
  3. Notice your breath, its quality, force, depth, exhale relaxed or pushing etc
  4. Begin to receive deeper relaxed inhalations (giving the inhalation a color, texture and quality) and tap on your heart center making the following statement:
  5. Even though I am (name the feeling and the situation), I completely love, forgive, accept and adore myself.

EX:          Even though I am (anxious about this non responsiveness), I completely love, forgive, accept and adore myself.

  1. This (name the situation) is illuminating an old wound that wants to be understood, acknowledged, accepted and integrated. Then your system will allow it to shift, dissipate and it will feel cleared. You will know it is being cleared when the situation does not trigger you to the same intensity.

EX:          This (non- responsiveness) is illuminating an old wound that wants to be understood, acknowledged and accepted. I am seeing the secondary gains of taking my power back, not taking things personally, moving on to new ventures etc…….


Feel free to allow the flow of speech pour out of you aloud and let whatever discoveries that want to be known surface into the light of day.


2015-2019  ©  Darryn Silver all rights reserved

Dec 2018 I AM the Breath! I AM the “I AM” in Light!

    Dec 2018


I AM the Breath

The Breath Connects Us All!

I AM the Light!

I AM the ” I AM” in, through, around & of the LIGHT!!!


Several years ago, one of my dearest friends sent me this song called I AM LIGHT by India Arie.

She saw my essence, mirrored it and I had a kernel of  its revelation this month.


When we feel safe enough and share  from our HEARTS, the effects we can have on this world are exponential. We may never witness it first hand, but make no mistake, you are creating a shift in perspective that is eternal for yourself and everyone else known and unknown.




Recently, I was feeling lonely for no apparent reason. Everything was fine in my external experience but my mind wanted to latch on to the emotion and make it “SOMETHING”  to perseverate on. My mind wants to make up a story,  feed it with reasons, predicaments, facts and create distractions.  I noticed my mind’s tendency to find a “reason” so that it could be fixed.





What if I just let it be?


What if I just felt the loneliness or any feeling just  as it is?


What if I don’t need fixing?


What if none of us, our feelings nor our life situations need FIXING?


What if it is just some energy form that wants to move in, through and around me ?


What if the mere notion of wanting to fix an aspect of myself created the sensation/emotion of loneliness in a way so that I would sit up and take notice?


What if there is NOTHING WRONG?


What if there is just a piece of me that wants to be held by ME, for ME to trust ME?


What if we make something WRONG to have something to talk about which distracts us from the very truth of who we are?


What if CONNECTION is our desire and if we allow ourselves the time of day we can find it inside?


When I was a child, my parent’s called me the “What if” kid. I’m glad because all of this contemplation and willingness to explore my own heart brings me  deeper into the recognition and acknowledgment that I am a spark of LIGHT.  STAR LIGHT to be exact!





I stood at the top of my yoga mat gazing a few feet in front of me when an echo reverberated throughout my entire consciousness,  It was a soft experiential transmission. I could feel the cells of my body being soothed.


“I AM THE LIGHT,”  the voice whispered.






The next time you have a moment in solitude, share with yourself,


I AM the Breath

The Breath Connects Us All


I AM the “I AM” in, through, around & of the LIGHT!


The holiday season can come with a lot of expectations and even pressure to “do” certain things, to “feel” a particular way and to “be” other than we are perceiving ourselves to be in any given moment. Distraction runs rampant and that is ok. Nothing wrong with it.


Since you may have time off from work and typical responsibilities, maybe there is room for something else. An exploration of our hearts. Isn’t that what this time of year represents?


Dropping into our hearts and seeing what is truly there in any moment, sitting with it before moving into action gives us the permission to be with ourselves authentically and reconnect with ourselves.





Play I AM LIGHT by India Arie


Speak to self:


I AM the Breath (and receive a deep full breath)


The Breath Connects Us All


I AM the LIGHT ( Look at the lights and know that they are an outward reflection of your essence)


I AM the “I AM” in, through, around & of the LIGHT!


2015-2018  ©  Darryn Silver all rights reserved

Nov 2018 Rest in Your Breath and Don’t Muck it UP!

Nov 2018

REST IN YOUR BREATH and Don’t Muck it Up!

What a joke! To think I am in charge of anything! I have spent most of my adult life attempting to prove to the Universe that I know what’s going on. How hilarious is that? My ego is cunning, slippery and has ways to entice be back into the arms of the known.

Oh, the KNOWN I love it so, you’ll never know…..


(Listen to this link Barbara Streisand’s ” My Man”   Replace it with whatever your hungry attachment is and feel into the emotional undertones in your system!


Our attachments are really overrated but how do we know that until we experience the freedom towards which they are pointing us ?


      Whatever attachment you cling to, please know that the exact opposite also is available to you when you are willing! It’s just a matter of process my love!


For me, it wasn’t until The Breath had its way with me… yes until the breath captured my attention and not from the level of the mind. It can’t come from MY MIND because MY MIND holds such a skeptical and cynical attitude even seconds after having a direct life altering experience. That’s how convincing my protector i.e. the egoic human condition can be!!  This was different!



I had this AMAZING experience while deeply entranced in a Transformational Breath® session. My partner Kirk was facilitating me. I reached some kind of plateau where I was resting in an altered state of consciousness. It was like I was having a telepathic conversation with the Divine but I wasn’t exactly asking any questions. It was like the Divinity of the Universe knew what my questions were before I was conscious of them.


All of a sudden, I burst out into a bout of uncontrollable laughter. I got it! I get it! But not from the perspective of the ego or mind. I was laughing because I had a full visceral embodied experience that the Universe would not tell me one thing more about my life’s path before I needed to know it.  I was not whining, kicking, or screaming like a two year old asking the proverbial WHY or HOW COME? I was resting in natural great peace while nodding my head inside of myself, concurring and laughing in unison because I knew as well as the Universe knew that I would just MUCK IT ALL UP.


The Universe was saving me from myself!


Why? Why would I muck it up especially when it’s all good, exciting, passionate stuff coming down the pike?


Because I am in a phase whereby the Law of Paradoxical Intent has been rearing its ugly head! It hasn’t always been this way but it has been alive and vibrant lately. Remember in my August 2018 Newsletter Breathing in Bali, I shared how when I might want something (not material but internally) I will keep the very object of my desire equidistant from my grasp. The Law of Paradoxical Intent is the “TRYING” Syndrome.  It’s quite ingenious because it keeps you trapped inside of yourself so that you do not have to realize your potential. Keeps ya safe and in the status quo!



The good news is that LOVE exists in the “TRYING” too. It’s waiting patiently for you to discover your SELF!
















The Universe mirrors back to you that which you are experiencing internally albeit unconsciously. The Universe expresses it in a manner that you can understand and fosters your potential to make new choices which leads to harmony and  balance. It’s physics! It’s just how it is.

Our lives are simply an out picturing of our inner reality.


So when I’m in a state of “TRYING”, that’s what I get the experience of “TRYING”. How frustrating is that?

The challenge is to hold your focus in the direction of your desire and let go at the same time. It’s about feeling the joy in the process!

So while I was in this telepathic dialogue, swooned and swaddled by grace, my laughter turned to uncontrollable sobbing. First laughter, then tears from laughing so hard, then sobbing at the intensity of the truth moving through my entire body.




I was left in a place of such Lightness, Oneness and Truth. Of course, it only takes me a matter of seconds to want to “TRY” to have another experience like this one. Actually, I RESTED IN THIS BREATH for a whole week it was so life altering.



But really, can you relate? Something MAGNIFICENT happens in our lives and we WANT MORE and more and more.

It’s like chasing the fireflies sparking up the evening sky…..we chase and chase and it so exciting. They light us up but if we put them in a jar it dulls their flame because they are in bondage. Their energy is sequestered by the jar.

We learn to let things be as they may and appreciate the natural nuances, the ebb and flow, the ego and the soul. They are all part of the WHOLE!

I felt a wave of overwhelming sense of gratitude for this Omnipresent force knowing me so much better than I know myself. I thoroughly enjoyed the comic relief and welcome it always!

Mindfulness Practice:

-Pick a quality or idiosyncrasy about yourself which you find humorous or can extract the levity.

-Imitate yourself (absorbed in this quality) in front of a person with whom you share a trusted loving relationship.

-Your souls will shine through and you will experience a profound shift in energy.


2015-2018  ©  Darryn Silver all rights reserved

October 2018 As Our Breath Expands, Our Hearts Open!


As Our Breath Expands, Our Hearts Open!


When do you notice human beings resting in natural great peace and accessing the grace within  so  it is their heartfelt place that leads?


Do you feel people are doing things for themselves and others from a heartfelt place or do you think there is a level of guilt, should’s, have to’s &/or obligation that drives their “TO DO’s”?



Are people in constant pursuit of proving their worthiness? Mainly to themselves?

Maybe it is a little bit of both. Maybe it exists on an continuum and we continue to trek across our internal landscape to find our own truth.


 More importantly in the discovery of our truth is to activate it into our lives.


We are not all behaving as pure SPIRIT and we certainly are all HUMAN.



Perhaps it makes itself known today when we seat ourselves in BALANCE.




How do we arrive in the state and space of BALANCE?


It’s when we RELAX. Pure and simple. Relaxation is the avenue for inner KNOWINGS to surface.


There is a challenge in the above questions. One might find it insulting if they are attached to a self-perception of themselves as pure, cleansed and evolved or a state of self-importance for all the “things” they accomplish. There is a difference between an inner celebratory experience and a “look at me or look at what I did” proclamation.


 Nevertheless, as we grow through our reflections, pause, breathe and then make a conscious choice on how to respond to a given situation (internal or external), we come to know and exercise more of our truth.


That’s not as easy as it sounds. We are addicted to reacting. We get an adrenal rush from reacting. The funny thing is that our immediate reactions rarely, if ever, have anything to do with the circumstance before us. It is a reminder of something that has yet to be lovingly embraced and perceived through our senses. It is an energetic memory that has not been integrated.

It’s take courage to express our truth. It takes courage to say NO with loving detachment when NO is what is percolating deep inside us.

It takes insight to know when our YES is really OUR authentic YES and is beckoning to be expressed.

We may be afraid of losing friends, status, material things, image or, even more importantly, an aspect of identity.

It takes even more courage, willingness and receptivity skills to witness an event, circumstance, or relational exchange and recognize that it is simply an out picturing of our inner reality. The circumstance is simply the messenger so what is the underlying message.


We get clear when we RELAX.

There is more relaxation when we allow the FEELINGS to flow.

It’s not a thinking thing. It’s  an art! It’s gnostic, a direct experience!


It takes even more fortitude to recognize that everything is neutral, has no meaning nor any impact on us except when we overlay our story on it. What if we perceived every circumstance as our higher self’s exploration and discovery rather than a


  1. Success if we like our lives or what is being presented before us
  2. Punishment if we do not like what has materialized in our lives or in the given situation?

What if we imagined that each experience, regardless of our label of it, existed so that we could FEEL FULLY. By FEELING FULLY we innately experience our KNOWINGNESS. We REALIZE our interconnectedness with all other life forms. We have a more expanded and deepening repertoire of emotions from which we relate.


It dispels the myth of separation. Right? We grow closer to the sensitivities of humanity and within that is our soulfulness.


When we live at the level of the mind, it is easy to move away from situations that we think are ugly BUT if we FEEL INTO an experience, it lives within us forever. It’s an experience. It’s part of us. We FEEL the energetic resonance and something shifts…perhaps.


If we come from the premise that we are in this “physical body” to viscerally experience all the facets of life then the rights and the wrongs, the goods and the bads, the labels and to do’s melt away…..albeit SLOWLY!!!


Our breath helps us by calming us, relaxing us and putting us in a spectator seat. For me, relaxation is the key to everything. Relaxation opens up our creativity, mastery, imagination, intuition and puts us in a position to receive and realize boundless levels of our own magnificence.





Notice what and where you feel in your body when you ask yourself these questions. Then imagine the answer is the opposite of your first answer. What, how and where do you feel?

( There is no right or wrong…just noticing)

Questions to ponder on:

  1. Do we support a friend because we want them to support us or do we support them because it is an innate desire?
  2. Are our exchanges (financial, emotional, relational) in flow, grace and ease or are we measuring and keeping score?
  3. Do you buy gifts for people, bring flowers, and send cards because you genuinely FEEL & enjoy the art of giving or do you do it because you have learned that it’s the “right” thing to do? Have you ventured to explore this for yourself?

Once I had a boyfriend who was brave enough to admit that he got birthday cards for his female friends and wrote nice notes on them more because he wanted them to like him than his genuine interest in celebrating their happy occasion. I was so impressed with his revelation and even more honored by his honesty to share something that might be labeled shameful. Messages of shame send a bio-signal to our molecules to become inflamed. Our body responds and let’s us know there is a message in the inbox. Do you read your own energetic messages?


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Sept 2018 Why Breathe Intentionally?





Who breathes intentionally? Athletes, singers, yogis? Who else? Can you include yourself in the mix of people who breathe intentionally and attentively? When do you really receive a full breath? Are you even curious or intrigued by it’s capacity to deliver life force to you?


When are you conscious of your breath?




I bet rock climbers and sport extremists are very tuned into their breath because they have remembered that it is through their breath they enter the portal of





It is through that portal of INTENT & FOCUS that they are enlivened into life. They FEEL FULLY! But we don’t have to be a rock climber or a bungee jumper to have that experience. It is our birthright to enjoy a full spectrum of experiences with accompanying emotions, sensations, visuals, sounds, smells, tastes. We can learn to be with it ALL with practice.

So, how much of your awareness is focused on this magical mechanism.


Where attention goes life force flows!!


Isn’t it interesting how when we focus with intense intent, we not only become aware of what we “underlyingly really” desire but it opens up a world we had no idea existed. What we focus on will navigate open worlds!!!!



Our breath is the connecting vehicle between physical and the ethereal. We all know that we bring in oxygen through our inhalation to nourish and nurture every cell in our bodies but it is much more than oxygen. If we pumped a whole load of oxygen into a deceased person’s body, would that bring them back to life? Probably not because it’s not the oxygen.


It’s the subtle energies that are carried on the wave of oxygen that ignite the life into us.



Science has shown us that the “wave” represents a field of possible potentialities and a “particle” is the creation of one of those possibilities into physical matter. So when you engage in a full intentional body breath you are aligning what the Universe has laid out for you as a template.


Your body temple is just a smaller version of the whole! Your breath is creating a wave in your body and ultimately the breath will breathe you. Mimicking the Universal Wave allows you to access possible potentialities from the quantum field by bringing it into your personal electro-magnetic field.


We begin to experience ourselves from an effortless perspective. That EXPERIENCE is one that we can duplicate and replicate in other areas of our lives. That is how we learn! We learn or are conditioned through our EXPERIENCES what we ASSOCIATE with those experiences; thus, we form ASSOCIATED EMOTIONS!


Wouldn’t you like to consciously form your own ASSOCIATED EMOTIONS rather than leaving it to habitual patterns of the past?


So why wouldn’t we take in as much air as possible? Why do we constrict our consumption of this abundant substance! It’s limitless and boundless and there is no tax on it. It’s free. Nobody can control how much we allow ourselves to receive.


Breathing intentionally supports us in “FEELING” fully. Our body tingles. Our skin flushes with pleasure. Our emotions and sensations move through us more fluidly. Our ability to cope with challenging situations becomes more masterful. We are the maestro of our own mind, body and spirit curriculum.



It’s simple! We have yet to REMEMBER what this gift can do for us.


Do you pause and reflect whether you are breathing or holding your breath in any given moment?

If you catch yourself holding your breath with shoulders up by your ears, do you react as if it is caused by something outside of you? Something you perceive as dangerous but really isn’t.






There are many reasons why we do not breathe intentionally and fully. When we distill it down to its essence, it is the illusion of fear.


Only love is real!


Love is a state of being!


One form of fear is cynicism. It’s easy to  dismiss the belief  that something that has been gifted to each one of us is the touchstone to experiencing our own divinity because we are so wrapped up in a distracted lifestyle. People often believe it has to be hard or complicated. We might even say, “Ok, so I breathed and I feel better. How is that going to help me with my job or relationship or financial situation?”


A favorable consensus might be that we link deep breathing  to possibly helping us with our health because science tells us so. Nevertheless, we are still listening to the voices outside of ourselves or the rational of our left brain.


What does your body  FEEL, say, experience and believe about it?




It comes down to the ASSOCIATION we have been taught. The labels we have ingrained in our minds. You can make up your own associations. Your newfound associations can be the spring board to catapult you into living in the new world…a world of your own creation.


This new world is a choice that you can activate at any time. In any moment you so choose. An INTENTIONAL breath will take you to a place whereby you are living from a perspective that:


Love is your weapon of choice to exercise your true power


Service is your passion.


Connecting people is your mission.


Humble is your stature.


Vulnerability honors your human hood.


Kindness is your expression.


Discernment exercises your preferences.


Choice is your gift to self and others.





Here’s one of mine


Ya know how when you’re driving along or in nature or in a relaxed state, clear of thoughts and a wave of inspiration washes over you. It comes in the form of an idea, feelings of ecstasy that came out of nowhere, a synchronicity that you would never believe if it was not your own personal experience.

Well, that is what these ACROYNMS are for me. It’s my way to PLAY with the Universe and watch how consciousness flows through me. They’re fun, silly, and profoundly deep that layers and layers of awareness unfold. I create a space whereby I allow divinity to enfold me into her expansive universal wisdom.


This message ASSOCIATIONS is designed to remind us that everything exists in relationship. That we have an association with more than we might suppose. Our only responsibility is to grow in our awareness of these associations and notice if they honor our highest good. We don’t have to DO anything. DIVINITY/INTUITION makes the shift within us for us and then…… HOW WE PERCEIVE OURSELVES SHIFTS ORGANICALLY. We understand that there is an expanded awareness of ourselves and connection to ALL THERE IS!!



Redefining words will change your associations…will change the images you have in your mind….will change your emotions and relative sensations, will change your thoughts…will change your beliefs…will change your response to situations…will change what you say and do…will highlight your potentialities….will illuminate possibilities….will activate probabilities

All on the wave of intentional breathing!!


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August 2018 Breathing in Bali

  Breathing in Bali

Throughout the newsletter, click on the acronym pictures to enlarge them




Bali, Indonesia has been beckoning me for the last few years. Come play with me child. Come walk in the wonder of life as it truly is: Magnificent, beautiful and glorious. Come swing on my vines, wiggle your toes in my sand, dance on my soil, luxuriate in my waterfalls, and replenish your soul with the delights of smiles and Mama Gaia.


All you desire is within you and when immersed in this magical queendom, thriving will be known!




She kept whispering in my ear and my heart felt her presence, yet my left brain teamed up with my ego mind and did what it always does…asking questions to keep me in a “emotional time” which can prompt constraints and limitation. (If you are not familiar with what I am referring when I say “clock and emotional time” read Eckert Tolle’s book The Power of Now.)

Quickly stated:

Clock time is a linear, practical manner in which we keep appointments, schedules and accomplish objectives. It is simply a tool we utilize to facilitate the accomplishment of tasks. That is all fine and good. It is how it is meant to serve us.


Emotional or psychological time occurs when dwelling on a situation in our minds. The situation, issue or problem is usually not the problem. The so called “problem” is the perception that we hold that interprets it as a problem. When we are projecting ourselves constantly into the future (or past) we are abandoning ourselves in the moment. We are kept in a perpetual loop of drama. It becomes a habit to always want to solve, to fix or be at the end and we dismiss the PROCESS or the present moment experience. We are missing out on the journey of LIFE!













Our ego mind tends to be on the job to protect and insulate us from anything that can be perceived as risky, alter the status quo or shift our consciousness back inward to our wholeness.


Allowing our left brain, which is the seat of our judgment, rationale, logic, intellect, critical thinking, and pragmatic know how take the lead is best done after our heart sets the course; however, in this western world, we tend to lead with our heads.


It is just a habit but a relentless one at that! How? When? With whom?  Of course, nobody in their right mind (living in time) would argue with me given the recent set of circumstances.


Pragmatically, I have all the excuses to abandon the trip of which I will save the countless details; however, the main shift in our lives was Kirk’s emancipation of himself. He left corporate America and has been offering Transformational Breath (R) full time! My Spiritual Superman, Shaman of the Heart and Sound Healer extraordinaire is full of courage and bravely carves a pathway of possibilities that is directly chosen by his heart’s intelligence.


But think about this for a moment: How many times do we put our own pleasure on hold in the name of practicality, logic and conformity of what the society norm dictates? Not enough time, money, resources, interest etc. We wait until our body sets off alarm bells beckoning us to sit up and pay attention to what is happening deep inside of us.


Since everything originates energetically, we might not notice the subtle nuances that are signaling us if we are living in our heads. It’s too fast, elusive, or slippery to perceive so the Universe sends us a more pronounced message. One we can see or hear or know!  If we are still unable to perceive the message, the announcements become bigger, broader, louder and too clear to ignore like: health challenges, financial shifts or relationship disruptions.


It’s not that we did anything wrong. Hear me clearly on this because it is easy to  start the blame game.  There is nothing “wrong” at all. It’s simply a pointer towards what would enhance our natural state of well-being. The messenger is knocking on our door so that we might restore BALANCE to our system.



My heart felt intuition was intoxicatingly strong beckoning me to relax more, let go, be easy and enjoy more of life’s simplicities rather than in a state of perpetual pursuit.


Yes, I can make a pursuit of out anything even relaxing. What’s your loop? What tangles you up? Are you aware of your cyclical conundrum? What wants to be loved in you that you deem unlovable? Come clean. Everyone has something, and IT IS LOVABLE!


I just found out that my loopidity loop actually has a name which implies I am not alone!  Have you ever heard of the Law of Paradoxical Intent?


In part, it’s when you want something so very much that you may very likely have put blinders on to your internal thought processes and inner reality to the point you cannot see what you are doing to yourself. You could say you get obsessed and even desperate. The very strength of the desperate desire keeps the point of interest or the desired experience an equidistance from experiencing the desire. The more you want it, the more it moves away from you. Slippery sucker!!


I have contemplated the age-old question: 

How do you LET GO of that which you


How do you love what you deem unlovable? If “letting go of control and allowing the Universe have the reigns” is the experience desired, the more you pursue it, the more it is out of reach and the tighter you feel. All the while, relaxation was the “goal”! How funny is that? Ya gotta laugh at this stuff!


It’s kind of like when someone tells you to relax when you are in a state of turmoil. It’s freakin’ annoying, completely unhelpful and if you had the presence of mind to relax, you would. So begin to notice your reactions, acknowledge that our charged emotions surface for the purpose of integration and all you have to do is be brave enough to “feel” them.


What would be the catalyst to give myself that which Source installed within me and LIFE has been beckoning me to experience: Enjoyment, Pleasure, and Peaceful Easy feelings. They are always within us. They already reside deep within my core. They want to come out and PLAY in the light Of day.




So, getting back to the Bali trip……..









Of course, it would have to be Jordyn who is my 20 year old vivacious niece who has a zest for adventure and life affirming experiences. 

She texts me asking me to spend a week with her in Bali as her last hooray while studying abroad in Australia! Well, when a 20-year-old wants to hang out with her aunt, you know that is the definition of “TOTALLY COOL” and you jump on it.


No need for the ego mind to jump in and squash it. Follow the thread of intuition or just pure inspiration.





Interspersed between a plethora of activities, there was communion with the absolute abundance of nature. 


Here is the unfolding that was quite the juxtaposition from my left brain mentality!!!!


 I saw a sign………………………………………….of pure Intuit De-Light



     Which means to

 De-Liberately De-Sign your own De-Light       

















Sitting still, relaxing my vision and watching the earth and plants in all of their liveliness breath. YES WATCHING THE EARTH BREATHE!!!


There have been many mornings when I had witnessed this in-breath and out-breath by the trees behind my house as I sat on my back deck drinking my morning tea but this was exaggerated a million fold by the plush plant life. My gaze relaxed so much that what appeared were dimensions of space.



Picture glass discs layered one behind the other perpendicular to the Earth’s ground. They are transparency in motion at different depths and speeds. If you” try” to see them, you will only see the dense physical objects before you. “Trying” is antithetical to the experience. Its that Law of Paradoxical Intent. You cannot “try”. It will not happen that way. Such an exploration!!!


It’s like when you look at a painting that has two images embedded in it and depending how you are focusing will determine whether you see one, two or multiple images.



There was a feeling of thrilling connectivity to ALL THERE IS yet it left me almost as quickly as the experience washed over me. The moment I attached to it, it was gone.


Bali is very much in her own vibrational, magical presence. We breathe together in perfect harmony. Nature has been the catalyst by which my soul has romanced me. She is teaching me the singularity of trusting the moment through the art of dance. The bliss of complete presence. The experience of presence vs my relentless pursuit of the timebound concept.


She whispered, “Joining me in presence will simply allow you to move through the fair of life with more peace”


I can hear my left brain jockeying for position “You mean it won’t solve my problems? What use is that?” 


Choosing the moment silences the problems. There are none there.


I carried that morning experience with me throughout the day. I activated it by really looking into the eyes of the people that I passed on the streets and smiling to their soul. The wonderful thing about Balinese people is that they look back deep into your soul and say with their eyes “I love you! I see you! I hear you! I feel you!”


The breath of Bali has had her way with me. It felt as though she SLOWED TIME down for me…that things were orchestrated in slow motion so that I might be enveloped into the fragrance of life. Oh how luxurious life is.  Time to feel the subtleties of my internal world. To be fully IN my felt perceptions and not DO anything to mask, change, contort or synthesize. JUST BE!!! It’s a real experience people! The real estestestest!!!!!



We are allowed to JUST BE  and have that be completely OK, acceptable, copasetic and feel yourself deserving of Just Being. 


The Stillness. My brain clutches to hoard it as if there isn’t enough in the world. The plants laugh as they exist in the realm of boundless abundance.

This is what they are teaching me with direct experience. Something my mind has no comprehension of. My mind clammers for a mental intrepretation. I laugh. Oh it’s so grand to laugh at the antics of the mind.  It will do anything for attention. Triple twisted backflips…anything for bus-i-ness.



The Breath of Bali shows me how easy it is to simply be and the extravaganza that exists in, through and around me. She demonstrates the process of SOFTENING that is so effortless. How could I ever believe otherwise. She inhales on my out breath and I inhale on her exhalation. We dance in perfect harmony as we are all ONE. We are NATURE!


What did Bali do for me? Bali taught me the profound significance of embodied relaxation. Embodied, meaning “Living from a place of encapsulated beauty, wonder and peace of mind”


She taught me about Flow. Her feminine principles of allowing, receptivity, grace, power and respect that is available to all of us.

She quelled and soothed my forward motioning habitual push to bring about a balanced beingness.


What did I do for Bali (Mama Gaia)? I renewed my vows to honor her, to keep the sanctity of her principles close to my heart and trust an enlivened life from which all might thrive. The specifics of how that might unfold remain a mystery and my left brain will just have to acclimate.


Mindfulness Practice:

  1. Go outside.
  2. Set an intention for your time with nature. ( An intention is the general direction you wish to explore)
  3. Frame the intention in present tense, positive, pertinent to you and powerful.
  1. Establish yourself in a relaxed, comfortable posture such as

     -lying down looking up at the sky

     -seated upright with support with plant life, mountains, bodies of water around you


  1. Allow your vision to be soft. If you wear contact lens or glasses, remove them.
  2. Have the expectation that whatever happens or does not happen is a pure perfection “happening” in its entirety.
  3. Imagine what the plants are communicating with you. If you cynical mind comes in, thank it for its practicality and let it know that you will get back to it later. This is bliss time. It can take the day off!

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July 2018 Our Breath: The Forgotten Child



Our Breath: The Forgotten Child

Light Logic Tip #30


We have entered an age across the spectrum of humanity where we are beginning to embody our guiding light AND one very potent pathway to soothe us as we embrace this gnostic journey is through our BREATH.

It is our life force, our chi, our connection to the divine and all potentialities.     What does that mean?

It means that the breath is the vehicle supporting our voyage home whereby:


-People are returning to a state of wholeness on a physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic level.





-People are beginning to get out of their head and into their hearts by attuning and acknowledging every emotion and sensation that wants to be felt whether it is their own or another person’s. ( Remember E-Motions are simply energy that wants to move)



-We are allowing our emotions to flow though us and “dis-identify” with our emotions as if they represent who we are in our entirety. For example, if you feel overwhelmed with shame or guilt  from an old source that has you in the habit of self-ridicule, blame or judgment of self or another, that does not mean you are less than or not good enough.




-Emotions are simply the language of the Universe and they want to flow through us. Energy always wants to move so feeling our emotions allows that to happen.


As a society, we are maturing past the emotional stage of the terrible twos where everything is polarized i.e. good/bad, right/wrong, yes/ no, black/white and developing a taste for the “in between”, the “both/and”, the soft central channel of our beingness.




We are becoming more acquainted with   

the sensations that various emotions spur in us and developing an intimacy with them rather than perpetuating a fearfulness.                           





Most of us tend to take it for granted. We rely on our Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) to keep us in gear and why not? Isn’t that its job?

Yes, it is biologically natural for us to allow the Sympathetic Nervous System (a branch of ANS) to run the show. It is an automatic alarm system to signal if we are in danger and prepares our body to run, ground ourselves to take a stand or hide. It’s called the Flight, Fight or Freeze mechanism.


The SNS handles all of our internal processes such as digestion, respiration, heart rate, urination, sexual arousal and more. Most of us are unaware of all the functions that our ANS is handling for us in any given moment. It is a master manager.


Here’s the deal though! Although you might be unaware of what your liver is processing in any given moment, the breath is one of those processes whereby we can orchestrate deliberately to create a conscious experience through masterful attention.


The breath is the one function that we all have the capability over which to hold dominion. In other words, it is one of our internal systems that we can consciously command.


How many of us actually do place attention and master our breath on a regular basis? Did you know that we get approximately 70% of our energy through our inhalation! We release about 70% of our toxins through our exhalation?

We can live without food for about a month, without water for a few days but our breath…only a few moments yet we hold our breath many times during the day? We will get to why we do that in a moment.


Deliberate, conscious, mindful breathing allows us to shift ourselves and the bodies we inhabit from a state of unconsciousness to conscious awareness. In doing so, we shift neurotransmitter activity, alter certain chemical secretions and, ultimately, transform the emotional content we are experiencing. Remember what Einstein said, ““Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”


What? You mean I can actually shift my felt perception utilizing the vehicle of my very own breath?


It is through the breath that we have a CHOICE.

Yes, you have a CHOICE on how you might

experience ANY SITUATION.




It can be a Flight/Fight or Freeze verses a Rest, Renew and Relax. ( I am inferring that we do not have to default to a FFF reaction when there is no real danger. We can respond with a RRR)




You pick:

Fight, Fight or Freeze secrets stress hormones such as cortisol, adrenaline, and epinephrine. It increases muscle blood flow and tension, dilates pupils, accelerates heart rate and respiration, and increases perspiration and arterial blood pressure. If we stay in a heightened arousal point over time, that is where our bodies become imbalanced and that is what society has labeled as “dis-ease”.


The word ”disease” has such a downtrodden vibration to it that you might want to think of the imbalance as a “Call for Care” from your spirit. The energy that flows through you is beckoning for an attunement for reharmonization.

The challenge is that we have become so numb to our own physical/psychic experience that a stress response has become the norm and we do not even know that we are numbed out and disassociated with our bodies.


For example:

Decades ago, I used to work on Wall Street. I did not even speak in full sentences let alone breathe fully. I was always out of breath!!! This stemmed for early childhood learning that things has to be accomplished immediately.


Relaxation was something that was only available once “EVERYTHING” was done!!!!    Sure, this is great in business. It is very adaptive and clients love this highly responsive nature and it proved to support the old paradigm’s definition of Successful. (The old paradigm’s definition of Successful is very linear and hierarchical. It says that “those who have the most toys win.” It’s about comparison and competition which is a scarcity mindset).



But, what toll is it taking on the body, psyche and soul? I had developed an automatic “reaction” to tasks. My life was a perpetual “to do” list. It was a habit. Fortunately, I did not have physical imbalances but the anxiety that came if I was  “not accomplishing” was pervasive.


Breathing supported a  shift in perception of this habit. That’s all it is! That’s all any of our imbalances are. Outdated Habits! It is progress not perfection in this transformation.


It’s not about ” getting rid of the habit” or “arriving at some purified destination” because that would be more of the same ole trap and loopdity loop. It’s about allowing the emotions and sensations that created that habit have a place at the table.

The  HABIT was designed to self-protect and insulate that treasured sweet spot deep inside your heart center! It’s time to unleash that tender beloved!

Through the art of Transformational Breath ®, many of my core beliefs are allowed to surface, be experienced and the tender places of light hearted freedom are allowed the light of day.


The CHOICE for a Rest, Renew and Relaxation response became apparent. The Rest, Renew and Relaxation response (or Parasympathetic Nervous System) may be initiated using your breath. Then the circulation of endorphin, serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin is more prevalent. These are feel good chemicals.


Remember that where our attention goes, energy flows.


Take it one step at a time like an infant taking its first step falling down and then picking itself up and enjoying the developing sturdiness of its little legs.


One blissful Transformational Breath ® at a time.


My journey has brought me to Transformational Breath® to cultivate a steadiness and consistency on yet the next level of my journey. I have practiced yoga for 27 years and taught asana and meditation for a small segment of those years but this is unlike no other!!!!!


What is Transformational Breath ®? Transformational Breath (R)  a dynamically self-empowering, self -healing  breathing pattern which utilizes  high vibrational energy created by a fully connected  diaphragmatic breath. This specifically designed breathing technique along with body mapping and toning  creates transformation at the cellular level in your body temple . It was a  co-creation by Judith Kravitz that is a self-empowering return to wholeness.


Contact me for an introductory session, semi-private, couples  or a workshop at [email protected]




  1. Pick one person in your life that you see relatively often.
  2. When you are with this person, notice their breathing pattern. How do you feel as you notice?
  3. This will naturally prompt you to observe your own breathing pattern. Are your patterns synchronized and congruent?
  4. How might you change your breath awareness and notice if it makes an impact on your partner over time. No need to tell them to change their pattern. Just change yours and use it as an experiment.

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