October 2018 As Our Breath Expands, Our Hearts Open!


As Our Breath Expands, Our Hearts Open!


When do you notice human beings resting in natural great peace and accessing the grace within  so  it is their heartfelt place that leads?


Do you feel people are doing things for themselves and others from a heartfelt place or do you think there is a level of guilt, should’s, have to’s &/or obligation that drives their “TO DO’s”?



Are people in constant pursuit of proving their worthiness? Mainly to themselves?

Maybe it is a little bit of both. Maybe it exists on an continuum and we continue to trek across our internal landscape to find our own truth.


 More importantly in the discovery of our truth is to activate it into our lives.


We are not all behaving as pure SPIRIT and we certainly are all HUMAN.



Perhaps it makes itself known today when we seat ourselves in BALANCE.




How do we arrive in the state and space of BALANCE?


It’s when we RELAX. Pure and simple. Relaxation is the avenue for inner KNOWINGS to surface.


There is a challenge in the above questions. One might find it insulting if they are attached to a self-perception of themselves as pure, cleansed and evolved or a state of self-importance for all the “things” they accomplish. There is a difference between an inner celebratory experience and a “look at me or look at what I did” proclamation.


 Nevertheless, as we grow through our reflections, pause, breathe and then make a conscious choice on how to respond to a given situation (internal or external), we come to know and exercise more of our truth.


That’s not as easy as it sounds. We are addicted to reacting. We get an adrenal rush from reacting. The funny thing is that our immediate reactions rarely, if ever, have anything to do with the circumstance before us. It is a reminder of something that has yet to be lovingly embraced and perceived through our senses. It is an energetic memory that has not been integrated.

It’s take courage to express our truth. It takes courage to say NO with loving detachment when NO is what is percolating deep inside us.

It takes insight to know when our YES is really OUR authentic YES and is beckoning to be expressed.

We may be afraid of losing friends, status, material things, image or, even more importantly, an aspect of identity.

It takes even more courage, willingness and receptivity skills to witness an event, circumstance, or relational exchange and recognize that it is simply an out picturing of our inner reality. The circumstance is simply the messenger so what is the underlying message.


We get clear when we RELAX.

There is more relaxation when we allow the FEELINGS to flow.

It’s not a thinking thing. It’s  an art! It’s gnostic, a direct experience!


It takes even more fortitude to recognize that everything is neutral, has no meaning nor any impact on us except when we overlay our story on it. What if we perceived every circumstance as our higher self’s exploration and discovery rather than a


  1. Success if we like our lives or what is being presented before us
  2. Punishment if we do not like what has materialized in our lives or in the given situation?

What if we imagined that each experience, regardless of our label of it, existed so that we could FEEL FULLY. By FEELING FULLY we innately experience our KNOWINGNESS. We REALIZE our interconnectedness with all other life forms. We have a more expanded and deepening repertoire of emotions from which we relate.


It dispels the myth of separation. Right? We grow closer to the sensitivities of humanity and within that is our soulfulness.


When we live at the level of the mind, it is easy to move away from situations that we think are ugly BUT if we FEEL INTO an experience, it lives within us forever. It’s an experience. It’s part of us. We FEEL the energetic resonance and something shifts…perhaps.


If we come from the premise that we are in this “physical body” to viscerally experience all the facets of life then the rights and the wrongs, the goods and the bads, the labels and to do’s melt away…..albeit SLOWLY!!!


Our breath helps us by calming us, relaxing us and putting us in a spectator seat. For me, relaxation is the key to everything. Relaxation opens up our creativity, mastery, imagination, intuition and puts us in a position to receive and realize boundless levels of our own magnificence.





Notice what and where you feel in your body when you ask yourself these questions. Then imagine the answer is the opposite of your first answer. What, how and where do you feel?

( There is no right or wrong…just noticing)

Questions to ponder on:

  1. Do we support a friend because we want them to support us or do we support them because it is an innate desire?
  2. Are our exchanges (financial, emotional, relational) in flow, grace and ease or are we measuring and keeping score?
  3. Do you buy gifts for people, bring flowers, and send cards because you genuinely FEEL & enjoy the art of giving or do you do it because you have learned that it’s the “right” thing to do? Have you ventured to explore this for yourself?

Once I had a boyfriend who was brave enough to admit that he got birthday cards for his female friends and wrote nice notes on them more because he wanted them to like him than his genuine interest in celebrating their happy occasion. I was so impressed with his revelation and even more honored by his honesty to share something that might be labeled shameful. Messages of shame send a bio-signal to our molecules to become inflamed. Our body responds and let’s us know there is a message in the inbox. Do you read your own energetic messages?


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