L.E.T. G.O. Loosening Every Time Grows Openings



As we loosen, we are in the state of creating space towards new ideations that reflects our adorations.
As we loosen, there is a void, a depth, an exploration to be had.
Deep within that void exists the glimmer of  pure unconditional luminous loving light  energy shining ever so brightly. The light is always on!
As we loosen, a state of spaciousness surfaces and expands exponentially.
As we loosen, the exchange of life’s breath, inhaling and exhaling is metaphorically and literally in an effortless flow.
As we loosen, there is a component of self-soothing that supports our journey to a new version of ourselves.
As we loosen, our Inner De-Light appears more vibrantly
As we loosen more and more, we remember a previous time but it is only a vague and distant memory. It was a different lifetime with different emotions, thoughts and projections.
As we loosen, we see so clearly and we activate the process to LET GO again and again and again because we understand the magnificence to be had.
You ask: Why did we let go? Why did we loosen?
Spaciousness allows for pure potential to come into our experience through all sorts of opportunities. When we embrace these opportunities, we transform our potential into possibilities and even probabilities.
You ask: How did we let go? How did we loosen?
Because we wanted to. It is that simple.

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