June 2018 Transformational Breath (R) Awakens Intimacy


Transformational Breath®   Awakens Intimacy


” When the brain takes guidance from the heart, then all is well in the world. Things flow with grace, ease and there is a deep breath of fulfilling satisfaction in each moment.”   Darryn Silver


Yes, springtime in the northeast has been a bit damp, cool and slow to blossom this year. Of course, it is slow if we have the expectation that it “should” be experienced at a certain pace or look a certain way other than it is. Mother nature, Pacha Mama, I.e. Gaia are all in on the mystery of our evolution. 

The question is, “Are we?” We are “in on” as much as we are open to availing ourselves to and that varies from moment to moment.



For example:

Kirk facilitated me in a Transformational Breath ® session one Sunday. He lovingly prepared the space by smudging with sage, laying out cushions, blankets, bolsters and pillows as well as adjusting the lighting for a soothing environment. He felt into my energetic system and created a musical repertoire that would suit my inner dimensions. He invited me to step into the sacred container where safety would allow me to journey deep within myself. He recited an invocation, guided me with a specific breath pattern that allows one to travel inside of themselves into deeper levels of consciousness.


This session was unlike any other breath session I have ever experienced. I felt like I was facilitated directly into my central channel. It was only in hindsight that I could articulate the experience of feeling a kind of childlike innocence, light, feathery, delicate, flowing, ease and peace. This was different for me.


Most of my life, my modus operandi has been to plow through things, “to arrive”, “to get to”, “to accomplish” so pursuing the “art of presence” is antithetical to its very nature. The wisdom of my inner being selected this passionate desire specifically for me to experience life on life’s terms. No agenda. Despite my focused dedication, this process has been truly kicking my butt and that is exactly perfect for my process!



This breath work has surfaced emotions connected to past circumstances that want to be felt and released. Amen to that!  Hallelujah!


Maybe that is why I experience a deeply profound felt perception for others in a process that challenges them at every turn. I know it from the inside out.


As an empath, it’s much easier for me to feel into a person that is experiencing pain on some level but that is only one side of the equation. Along with pain comes ecstasy. There is not one without the other. Contrast rules in this physical dimension. Nevertheless, it’s easier for me to walk through the door of  the  crystalline shadows  which eventually lead me to  feeling the full embodiment of someone’s joy. As with everyone, I am a blessing in progress creating a harmonious rebalancing of my system.


Perhaps there is more energy that desires to flow through me and I have yet to allow for a full embodiment of my own pleasure, passions and ecstasy to come online.   This breath session gave me a peak into an enchanted world from a new vantage point. It was a felt perception from deep within me. There was nothing that had to happen for this to be experienced. It was a non-happening, a non-doing, even a nonbeing yet I availed myself for a greater capacity to create space for more universal abundance. A big embrace of self and an unadulterated YES to life!


Thank you body for housing all of these delicious energies that is called Darryn!


All I wanted to do at the end of the session was to rest then dance, relax and then move my body. It was a mini awakening into myself. I experienced a deepening of my true “heart home”.



  1. Place one hand on your belly and one hand on your chest and breathe normally.
  2. Notice the pattern of your breath. How deep or subtle it is? Where do you experience the greatest expansion: lower belly, mid-section, chest etc?
  3. Now close your eyes and open your mouth and allow your inhalation to be slightly longer than your exhalation.
  4. Allow the exhalation to simply be a release rather than blowing air out. Simple, easy and relaxed
  5. Spend 5 minutes or more breathing deeply, diaphragmatically into the lower belly first, then the mid-section, then the heart space.
  6. Breath in a connected cycle. Avoid as best you can any pause between the inhale and the exhale. Main a continuous stream.
  7. Come learn Transformational Breath® and you will present your body in the NOW. Next workshop is June 10th. https://darrynsilver.com/events

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