March 2016 Light Logic Tip #2 Free Flowing or Playing it Safe Integrating Money & Spirituality




Invite yourself to explore your ideas of fun and your ingenuity in creating fun experiences.  This tip, as all of my tips, came from one of my life circumstances. It was decades ago and I elected to leave Wall Street along with its six figure income and return to school to pursue a career as a psycho-spiritual therapist.


Going from six figures to no figures was not fun in my eyes and my life course was to be forever altered. This was an experience I participated in for years. As I look back, I know it was a MIRACLE.


Miracles are monumental and/or memorable intersections that set us off in a new direction/trajectory. Sometimes we have revelations during the process and, sometimes, only in hindsight, we see the passions that were calling us to be expressed in an earthly tangible fashion.











I learned to have fun on a shoe string spending curriculum. Also, I learned to accept the gracious offerings of others which was incredibly challenging for me. Here is the exercise I invite you consider.

Also, this is not about scarcity or gluttony. It is not about deprivation or over indulgence. It is about learning, growing, exploration and self-discovery of your Inner Light and how it relates to your External World.


TIP #2

  1. Pick a segment of time that you are willing to commit to: A day, a week or a month will be sufficient but you choose.
  2.  Reflect on whether you lean towards FREE FLOWING with your dollars on FUN EXPERIENCES or tend to PLAY IT SAFE!!! YOU DECIDE.
  3.  If you are FREE FLOWING, consider spending 10% of what you normally spend on fun filled activities. In other words, if you typically spend $100 per night out, plan a night out and spend only $10. Find ways to have fun with the absence of the exchange of dollars. This does not mean if someone wants to treat you to something that you cannot participate. It just means that for your prescribed period of time, YOU will not outlay more than 10% of your typical outlay.
  4. If you PLAY IT SAFE, consider spending 100% more of what you would normally spend on a fun filled activity. If you typically designate $100 per month for fun, give yourself $200 just for this one experiment.

Some things you might experience:

-How to have fun in a new and different way.

-You might meet new people outside of your current circle just by the exposure to different types of activities.

-How to receive a treat from a friend when you cannot reciprocate with items that are generated by the expenditure of dollars

-Develop clarity on what activities you truly cherish.

-Experience a state of deserving, abundance and worthiness

-Understanding when I have created a limitation or boundary on abundance.


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