Cara Franchi, LCSW

Darryn has a warm and deeply caring presence that allows me to feel safe and protected. Her exquisite ability to envision the specific details of my life path, as it expands and grows towards greater fulfillment and happiness, is her greatest gift. She has offered me hope and motivation towards many things that have manifested in my life. For example, the strengthening of my confidence and sense of inner purpose; the power to fully support my husband through a serious health challenge; the positive parenting of my son; the success of my thriving psychotherapy practice; and my current creative unfolding as an artist and craftsperson. As a part of my development and training, I have been a consumer of therapy for many years. Darryn’s coaching and healing services far surpass any expectations or results I have experienced in traditional therapy. I recommend her services wholeheartedly!

Cara Franchi, LCSWNew York City, NY