May 2016 Light Logic Tip # 4 Word Wealth


                                                                Light Logic Tip # 4



Word Wealth  is my quirky way to draw down from an esoteric energetic light realm and create an earthly expression of that which I am. I bundled word combinations that seemingly tickle our toes and lift our spirits. Our minds would have us believe it is nothing but your body and spirit know differently and they let us know all the time. It is a playful way to shift our attention on to something that can make us feel good and point us in the direction of our authentic, limitless, potential!! Good vibes, feeling in awe and love of life along with a sense of eternal connection is really what we want for ourselves and others isn’t it!!!


There is more and more awareness in the world today about vibration. People are talking about raising their vibrations! True! Everything is vibration yet how do we relate to it in a way that supports us in the Deliberate Design of our personal De-Light? How do we understand it in a way that enhances our daily lifestyle? Here is a clarification.


First, we know that sound is something that everyone can relate to as vibration so it serves well as an example. People that are deaf are able to perceive vibration through sound. If a person were to place their hand on an amplifier at a concert or stand next to the speaker through which a band’s music is projected, they may experience the sensation of vibration as a function of the medium of sound.


Our body’s, or more specifically, our vocal cords (in this example) are our instrument and our words are one way in which we make music. Think of words as little gift boxes infused with abundance and luminous loving light energy. Some words are uplifting, life affirming and supportive and others are to the contrary. We are communicating and we are expressing ourselves with or without our awareness.


As we build new associations with inspiring words, we are shifting our perspective and thereby redefining ourselves. We are sending new messages not only to our own innate experience but also extending it out to others to enjoy. We are activating a CHOICE in how we want to expand ourselves and what we want to put out in the world.


C.H.O.I.C.E. stands for Creating How Open-minded I Can Explore


The word CHOICE is a relatively affirming word in and of itself. Nevertheless, consider the next time you have a choice to make, thinking of it in terms of the above acronym an see how it alters your viewpoint of the situation at hand. It may just open you up to potentialities that you might not have supposed were possible.


This fresh lens draws to us new opportunities that we might not have formerly perceived because we were in a different emotional zone.


Every day you are setting an Intention whether it be passive my living your life by default or actively by asserting your intention into your choice. As you awaken and begin to engage in your day, picture yourself 6 months, 1 year, 10 years or even 20 years in the future and reflect about today’s choice.

                           Does it support your overall quest, your desire, your 

                                  De-Liberate De-Sign of De-Light?

                                 Are you Liberating Signs of Light?

Can you see 3 steps ahead? Can you imagine the complex order of the Universe and how it unfolds and all you have to do is make conscious contact with your Inner being, your Pure Unconditional Luminous Loving Light Energy aka  “Follow the PULLLE” your heart’s desire?



In the traditional sense, the definition of doubt is accompanied with feeling of anxiety and uncertainty. What if you change your perception of it to this. Imagine sitting on a fence which represents that you are on a precipice of change. Doubt has the unique quality of shining the light on a belief system that we are ready to release. You have one leg on one side of the fence moving into a new expansive version of yourself and the other leg on the side from which you came aka the “known”.  The mere fact that you are on the fence is a declaration of your willingness to embrace the servant of change and reinvent yourself. Applaud yourself for your bravery and willingness.
Your association with D.O.U.B.T. might be better thought of as


Declaring Our Unquestioning Boundless Talents


Notice how you feel when you say this acronym to yourself when thinking about the situation at hand. You may find a shift in emotions, sensations and even thought patterns.


There are many ways to change our associations. Take a look at some of the words below and see which resonate more lightheartedly.



1.  This is Hard  vs.  This is challenging
2.  I want Security    vs.  I want  repeated successes
3. I have so many decisions to make vs. I have a variety of options that support my desired belief
4. Judgment  vs.  I favor, enjoy or prefer           
5. Budget   vs.   Spending Curriculum
6. Bank Account  vs. Spending Sources
7. Income vs. Inspired Inflow
8. Payments vs. Organic Outflow
9. Obligations vs. Integrating my Interests into my lifestyle
10. I need  vs. I want
11. I should vs.  I desire
12. I have to (obligatory) vs.  I aim to create
13. Illness vs.  Body Disharmony, Energetic bi-pass, Wish for Well-being, Call for Care
14. Responsibility  vs. Ability to respond
15. Debt vs. Contribution towards freedom
16. Discipline vs. Practice
17. Control vs. Design
18. Struggle  vs. Precipice of Change, Exploration
19. Dilemma, Problem  vs. Choices, Discoveries
20. Retirement  vs.  Leisure Life
21. I am so over Scheduled  vs.  I am paving my day
22. Menopause   vs. CREATIVE Catalyst, Passion Prompt
23. Death  vs.  Time of Ascension, Transition
24. She is Wrong  vs. Misguided
25. Rain  vs. Liquid Light
26. Money vs,  Abundance or Energetic Exchange
27. I’m Sorry (habitual) vs.  I’m glad we were able to facilitate this.
28. I don’t know( habitual) vs.  I am exploring the unknown
29. Old  vs. Experienced or Wise
30. I can’t wait to vs.  I am excited to, looking forward to
31. Terminal vs.  Life Challenging
32. Egoless vs. Increased Self Love

33. Economize vs. “Prosperitize”

34. Risk    vs.     Venture, Prospect, Opportunity

35. Risky    vs.   Adventurous
Words have a vibrational quality to them. Studies have shown that sounds of the same frequency are drawn together. Pick one or two more life affirming words and test it out for 90 days and see what happens. It takes 90 days to create new pathways. See what new associations you conjure up.


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