FEB 2017 Light Logic Tip #13 Clouds Are Clearing with Active Engagement by the New Professional





  It all starts with the Individual!


Embracing each of our very own Individual Wholeheartedness

                                                                  Leads to Clarity and Mindfulness which

                                                           Co-Creates an Exchange of Trust  between us which

                                                                       Expands a Peace and a calm which

                                                                          Fosters internal and external ABUNDANCE which


prompts our bio-chemical secretion of natural De-Light Drugs serotine, dopamine and oxytocin which makes it easier for people to experience pleasure and self-love and

The World is a more Joyful Place!


My Dad and I would often have a great laugh in our conversations. He would speak. I would listen and reply. As I was responding, he would be off on to what he wanted to say next and miss my reply. I would call him out on it and say, “Dad, are you thinking about XYZ? Come back here! “  


We would laugh because he was planning, thinking ahead like a chess player anticipating any and all moves his opponent might take. By power of example, he ingrained in me how to plan and think 3 steps ahead so as to eliminate any potential obstacles. This served to be very practical and worthwhile business attribute but, nevertheless, is meant to be a tool to be implemented and not a pervasive thought form activated habitually.


 If I am always planning. I am missing the NOW!!!

Being in the here and NOW is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and all that surround you. Being in the NOW is Navigating Opened Worlds. You are in a space where creative insights and inspirations are born.


Listening is an art. It is a component of Mindfulness.

The greater our presence and singular focus is honored while “being” with another person, the greater the connection is felt.


It’s not rocket science, right? The more a person feels acknowledged, recognized and honored, the greater their ability to hear a message that will support them in the life. It is a natural human desire to feel connected, part of and a sense of belonging regardless of it being in a personal or professional arena.


As a professional, one way to ignite this pathway whether it be while networking, prospecting or with an existing client or familial relationships is to ask questions of an open ended nature (not questions that can be answered with a simply yes or no) and then sit still and witness your colleague/companion/peer/client/relative respond.


Consider positioning yourself with a heart to heart stance without any objects between you and OBSERVE impartially.

-Pause, stand or sit still and feel what is emanating from them.


-Observe their inflection. Are they speaking rapidly, slowly, deliberately, or with ease etc?


-Where do they express excitement/dismay?


-What tones signal a calm, a nervousness or a grounding?


-What are their facial expressions?


-Do they look down a lot?


-Make eye contact?


-What is their physical posturing?


-Do they signal with gestures?


-Do they touch you?


-Is their posture one of an open hearted stance or are they in a more protective pose?


-What are they choosing to share with you based on your question?


-Add your own questions on which to reflect.


Noticing what is important to them is really adding value.



Now, here’s the tricky part for most folks. While you are observing your conversation partner, the key is to also witness yourself in real time.



-Where is your mind taking you while they are communicating?


Is your breathing changed depending on their pace of speech?


What is your body posture expressing?


What sensations are ignited within you?


What are your facial expressions?


What flashes of insight are illuminated in your heart?


What imaginative depictions surface?      



Is it conjuring up a memory? A place? A relationship? A previous interaction? A song? A movie? A sensation? An emotion?


Are you making assumptions? Judging? Categorizing? or labeling?


Are you thinking in terms of right and wrong? If so, what is prompting that response?


Are you thinking about the time?


Be curious of yourself, not critical! You are human which means you are perfect by design but vastly incomplete. You have an unending well of exploration and discoveries upon which to expand.



Your body is an instrument that will provide you with information very quickly and give you clues. Your body is always communicating with you around things you have yet to realize on a core visceral level.


For example: I had a client who was presented with a business opportunity which seemed right up his alley. It had all the tenants of his focus. Nevertheless, he noticed how he had a shortness of breath for days and weeks after the initial introduction. He inquired into himself as what his body was signaling to him. It became very clear that, although the general industry was one of his interest, he did not feel a synergistic connection with the individual who presented it to him. It was resolved within his own mind, body and spirit that there was nothing to co-create at this venture. The intersection of events was simply to raise his awareness through his body as to better De-Liberately De-Sign his professional De-Light.



Practice the above mentioned mindfulness exercise with the next person with whom you speak. Breathe through it!


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