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The only thing in life that is personal to each

and every one of us is what we individually

choose to think, feel and do.

That is the secret to personal POWER!

                                                           Darryn Silver












     TIME is speeding up.

The world is moving faster. Technology has allowed us to experience our interconnectedness that much more readily. Can you see the shift? There is more and more behavioral science coming into mainstream business. In the financial arena, it’s called behavioral finance. In other areas of business, it is called Mindfulness. You can assign whatever word that is most comfortable for you. The bottom line is that business is relational. It is just as much about your relationships with others as it is about your relationship with your SELF, mind, body, and spirit. Taking a holistic approach to your offering will shine a light on your authentic nature.


It’s not exactly ALL about the money. It’s about the exchange of energy and that often  involves MONEY and YOU.



MONEY is intertwined in the fabric of our society as a way we exchange the value of our energy. Often, money expresses how engaged we are within our own lives. How much are we showing up for ourselves and others in a way that expresses our own distinct signature? How much are we entertaining outside the box solutions to empower our clients and enhance the quality of their lives?





When clients come in to discuss their finances, It opens the door to many other conversations. Consider using Active Listening and Reflective Reframing during the meeting (and in your personal life).  Here are a few quick tips:

Active Listening: 


  • Clear your mind with a few deep breaths (activates your parasympathetic nervous system and induces a rest/renew/relax response)

Ground into your physical PRESENCE (Creates a secure safe experience for the client)





Suspend your opinions and agendas (This takes practice but demonstrates and open-mindedness)




Notice the words your client uses to discuss their

situation. ( This will illuminate what they believe is currently possible and you can support them in shifting into greater possibilities)











  • Observe their posturing, eye contact, mood and speech (More information about where they stand in relation to what they aim to create for themselves
  • Identify (not sympathize) with the emotion not the circumstance * (Promotes interconnectedness)


  • Look through a lens of curiosity and fascination about what is prompting them to share the things they are sharing at that time. (This will bring wonder into the exchange that will foster dynamic communication) 


  • Think metaphorically and you will connect in a way that will be long lasting and sustaining. (A byproduct of this will be more referrals and a larger client base.



Reflective Reframing:


  • Recapitulate what you heard. If they perspective seemed contracted or expressing limitations, consider reframing it in a way that opens them up to possibilities.


  • Normalize everything. Everyone wants to feel like they are successful regardless of their financial situation.


        • Select the most optimistic words they use and repeat them and add a bit more life affirming statements.











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