Darryn truly has gift and it is not only something I know from her guidance, but something I felt from her presence instantly when I met her. She dedicates herself to living a life full of optimism, joy, and love, and truly cares to help others do the same. I am so greatful to have met her, and for her beautiful heart and wonderful intuitive guidance.

Nicole Gregg, Yoga Teacher | New Brunswick, NJ

Whenever Darryn asks how you’re doing, her heartfelt concern is so palpable that to respond in a less than sincere way is to cause yourself and Darryn a great disservice. You see, in the short time that I’ve known Darryn, I have quickly learned that she is someone who has been fortunately endowed with the great gift of “knowing”. A gift that she is more than willing to share with anyone who is ready to hear the otherworldly messages that she uncannily receives from her spiritual sources. For this and many other reasons, I consider myself blessed for having met and befriended this most kind and generous soul.

Lucía Herrera | Leonardo, NJ

My experience with Darryn has been a 100% uplifting experience. Also, my friend in North Carolina that I referred felt the same way. My friend felt like a different person. I am very grateful. Darryn’s help is greatly appreciated and I thank you for your kindness, courtesy and refreshing perspective. It has helped me to see things differently.

Ruth Cooleen, Realtor | Toms River, NJ

Darryn has a warm and deeply caring presence that allows me to feel safe and protected. Her exquisite ability to envision the specific details of my life path, as it expands and grows towards greater fulfillment and happiness, is her greatest gift. She has offered me hope and motivation towards many things that have manifested in my life. For example, the strengthening of my confidence and sense of inner purpose; the power to fully support my husband through a serious health challenge; the positive parenting of my son; the success of my thriving psychotherapy practice; and my current creative unfolding as an artist and craftsperson. As a part of my development and training, I have been a consumer of therapy for many years. Darryn’s coaching and healing services far surpass any expectations or results I have experienced in traditional therapy. I recommend her services wholeheartedly!

Cara Franchi, LCSW | New York City, NY

Darryn’s perception is powerful!  With the shortest of discussion she pinpointed the essence of my concern, allowing me to use my time talking about the solution to the issue instead of circling peripheral concerns.  I felt the weight lift as I experienced Darryn’s understanding and utter acceptance.  It was healing to simply be in her presence.  She is a true gem and I highly recommend her to those desiring insight into their purpose and heart’s desires.

Gabrielle Dunn, MBA | Montclair, NJ

Whether you’re going through something or just “going through” life – happy, sad, angry, or complacent – talk to Darryn. This woman has a very giving, warm soul. Just talking to her for a few minutes left me feeling more well, more healed, more calm, and more clear about my spiritual path than I’ve been able to feel in a long time. Despite the fact that I’m going through a huge life-changing transition, I couldn’t feel more at peace having consulted with Darryn. Thank you, Darryn!

Liz Theresa, Online Business Expert & Web Designer/Developer| Boston, MA



Darryn is a beautiful soul! I just wanted to thank you again for taking the time to meet with my and share your wisdom.  You are such a beautiful light, gifted in so many ways.  I am feeling great after our talk and already did my 5 min quiet time twice.

Audra Greene Rovegno| Juice Plus Distributor| Boca Raton, FL


We never know what the day will bring. I called a colleague to catch up on the news and instead, had an impromptu life coaching session. Darryn Silver Murdoch is uniquely talented and able to provide new perspectives on situations wherein one might not dig deeper than what appears on the surface. Thanks, Darryn for helping me to open my eyes. You are a terrific life coach!

Janice Woltag Cohen, Reverse Mortgage Consultant | Los Angeles, CA