Jan 2016 Spirituality and Money are NOT mutually exclusive

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I wish you all a very Happy Abundant, Prosperous 2016! May you explore more and more states of  harmony, well-being and spread your joy! The world wants your personalized, specialized creative constellations of light to be expressed! You are all significant! So, go out there and share!


Everyone in modern society has a relationship with money whether they are aware of it or not.


When we are in a state of harmony and balance, this relationship will serve us well. When it serves us well, it will, in turn, serve the community and beyond exponentially!!!


It is worthwhile to understand that spirituality and money are NOT mutually exclusive.


-There are people who live along spiritual lines that have money and those that do not have money.

-There are people who have no understanding of the spiritual principles and have a lot of money and those that do not have money.


It is ok to like the feel of money, to bathe in the prospect of what money can do and the enjoyment of the receiving and spending of it. The most exhilarating thing about money is the taking in of it and the fun of spending it because you are capturing its essence which is the energy of abundance. When you are in the flow of money, the coming and the going, the movement, it offers a sense of aliveness, excitement and like things are moving and happening.


My definition of Spirituality is the growing remembrance and comprehension that you and everyone else in existence, with no exclusion, are Pure Unconditional Luminous Loving Light Energy. As we integrate that “knowingness” into our personal creative earthly expression in each thought we think, belief we hold, word we speak, action we conduct, idea we support, we are living more in unison with our core nature. As we allow judgment and critical thinking to slip away, we view the world through the lens of love.










Typically, people’s beliefs and subsequent relationship with money are formed prior to the age of 6 by your family and societal conditioning.  You have received so many messages which ultimately, shaped your thoughts, words action and beliefs. Your impressions may change if you so desire.


Reflect on these questions:

  1. Do you derive a greater sense of security knowing you have money in the bank and you prefer that to taking a vacation? Does it make you anxious to spend?
  2. If you bare witness to another person excelling in a field that is your chosen profession and you are not experiencing the same level of prosperity, do you use that as a catalyst to inspire you to forge forward or does it deflate you?
  3. Do you believe that once you hit a target financial goal that you will be able to relax but as it approaches, you raise the goal post? Does it feel challenging to feel satiated?
  4. Do you feel as though accepting significant remuneration in exchange for your services characterize you as less spiritual? Does money feel dirty to you?
  5. Do you judge people that are wealthy or enjoy expensive merchandise?
  6. Does money elude you? Are you doing what you love but the money is not flowing towards you? Would you rather have nothing to do with money? It’s boring!
  7. Do you question your own personal power to be self-sustaining?
  8. Does retail therapy create a sense of fulfillment? Is it consistent? Is there a law of diminishing returns? What happens when you hit that threshold?
  9. Do sudden financial impulses create a momentary sense of excitement, charge, aliveness and invigoration only to be followed by a depression?
  10. Do you feel out of breath trying to keep up with all of the financial demands that life has put upon you?


The good news is that anything you choose to change is doable.

It just takes PRACTICE, DESIRE AND FOCUS. When you create an INTENTION, couple it with WILLINGNESS and

Apply  PRACTICING  your DESIRE with FOCUS, you can achieve a balanced harmonious relationship with money.

SPIRITUAL DEFINITION OF MONEY: Money is an energetic tool.

First and foremost, let’s take a look as what money symbolizes in society today:


Freedom of Time and Choice: Do what we want when we want to and trusting the resources will present themselves


Energy of Love:  Money can be an expression of the offering, receiving or withholding of the energy of Love. People put their money behind the things they desire, the people they love, the causes and ideations that are meaningful to them. It is a creative expression of their heart, their core their inner world


Personal Value and Self Worth- People’s relationship’s with money is just one aspect of expression of their relationship with themselves. How harmonious a relationship, or there lack of, does an individual have with their inner world? Do you feel worthy and accepting of gifts, opportunities, money, love, friendship etc? Do you take the posture of saying “YES” to opportunities that will lead you to states of prosperity for the money you desire to flow towards you? In the last question, I am making an assumption that money is something that is desired. That is not the case for all people. It does not mean that people with no money do not have a high level of self esteem or spirituality.


Be lie v ability is a primary component. The belief that there is “enough” in the world will allow the stream to flow towards you. This belief engages you as a creative collaborator with the universe. If you believe that you cannot have a particular experience without money then you are creating an obstacle and putting a boulder on your trail. You are creating a blockage and cutting off the flow of it coming to you. Imagine doing as much as you possibly can with what you have and the associated feelings will put you in a position of receptivity.


Receptive state: The ability to declare a sense of worthiness and energetic entitlement that possibilities are boundless and it is here for the taking. Money wants to flow to you if you have positive beliefs about it.


Accepting that we are deserving of it is paramount. When this shift occurs, it will enable you to perceive the possibility of doing less and experiencing more. Society operates from a scarcity mindset by promoting the opposite idea of a long arduous trail and that you have to work very hard (do more and get less) but that is a false belief.


Not to get too esoteric but money in and of itself is void of meaning. It is our relationship to it that gives it meaning.   In our society today, money is only one thread of an overall experience of abundance. Yet abundance can be created without money. Abundance represents the experience of our desired lifestyle.


Experience is the only thing that we take with us and become integrated into every fiber of our being.


Have you ever heard of a person at the end of their life talk about wanting more material things? Of course not! Mostly, they reflect on their experiential relational memories and how they are grateful or regretful of having had or not had some experience for themselves or with others.


The reason is that when people are in their final stages of physical life and are transitioning back into Pure Unconditional Luminous Loving Light Energy, they are very sensitive and in touch with their soulfulness and the remembrance of the purpose of life on earth:








So, money is, at its pinnacle, experienced as a flow of giving and receiving.

That’s why some of the billionaire tycoons have created the Giving Pledge. They innately understand the circulation of money is what produces more and more abundance. They understand that they are part of the whole and the whole is part of them. Money and spirituality can merge together when you are in a balance with what it is that you aim to create naturally and authentically while on earth. When you are in your groove of manifesting your earthly expression of the light that exists within you, empires are built. The empire is one of human interconnectiveness and we are able to bare witness to how our action, words, thoughts, emotions and beliefs effect another and another and another.



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