Dec 2016 Light Logic Tip# 11 Presidential Election Reflects a Bit of Us All

Dec 2016 Light Logic Tip #11

Presidential Election Reflects a Bit of Us All


I have always believed that ALL people are born of the ENERGY of L.O.V.E. and when we act from that higher level of awareness then each of our individual

Light Opens Voluminous Energy.

That phenomenon is as contagious as a baby’s belly laugh. It multiples exponentially!!! As a young girl I was intrigued by the awe of my own heartbeat. What was its source? I decided to call it the ENERGY of LOVE. As long as my brain took direction from my heart, all was well. My heart has that all-inclusive intuitive nature.


On the other hand, behaviors are “labeled” by a society that has yet to understand those behaviors and how they feed into the collective mindset. The visibility of behaviors enable us to viscerally observe what is going on internally within each and every one of us. It’s a parallel process. Behaviors and situations make conscious what we have not yet discovered. Behaviors and situations are the externalized dynamic reflection of what is being perpetuated within the majority of the population’s inner world.


Some behaviors (what the collective defines as negative), and subsequent circumstances, are not necessarily meant to be tolerated but are meant to be understood. These behaviors/circumstances are often formed into episodes to act as a “wake up” call. This “wake up” call is designed to support us in deciphering, discerning, delineating and prioritizing what is important to us, what we value, what we consider significant and worthy so that we might make deliberate choices. As we become “AWARE” of our self, we are in a better position to emerge as leaders and offer a shift in perspective that is supportive of a life affirming humane existence. To be soulful in physical bodies is “humane”.



For example: The 2016 presidential election is much more than what meets the eye. Let’s view it as a metaphor for what the masses are beckoning, albeit the vast majority unconsciously. This election had the “feel” of a reality television show, don’t you agree? It was filled with drama and antics that captivated parts of the population that might not be as engaged in watching presidential debates in past years. People experienced a wide range of intense emotional reactions. For others, it felt like an insult to our intelligence.


Consider this election acting as a catalyst for the American population and beyond to sit up and take notice as to what we have created together. Are we a population that has surrendered our personal power more and more over time to a centralized entity? A centralized entity which we have all chosen. Remember, we are always choosing. Even in the absence of making a conscious choice; we are making a choice. Have we been mesmerized by television and “reality” TV instead of feeling the pulsation of life and living, breathing and creating from our own vantage point? Each and every one of us has the privilege to contribute towards the whole.


Challenge yourself by leaving the candidate’s personalities out of the equation for a moment and stretch your perception.

Hillary Clinton:

Is Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for president less about Hillary and more about a new era? Think about it. A woman for president following an administration where the office was held by an ethnic minority! Are we asking for change? Are we beckoning forth a different way of being? Are we calling for balance? Consider the notion that Hillary is a symbol for “feminine energy” for no other reason that she is a candidate that happens to be in a female body? What do we deem to be feminine energy? States of allowing, yielding, receiving, ease, effortlessness, stillness, spaciousness, co-creative, circular, magnetic, and quiet beingness.


Every person has what we have labeled as “masculine and feminine” energies to varying intensities and combinations!

Donald Trump:

Now, let’s take Donald Trump’s contribution. Is he demonstrating that if you believe in yourself, anything is possible? You can create a “brand” out of thin air. Value is a perception. If you hold a clear focus as to what you aim to create and pour all of your energy into it, you can manifest any of your desires: good bad or indifferent. It’s a matter of where and how much energy you place behind your intention.

Also, if we look at behaviors that are prompted by an underlying continuum of emotions, what might Donald’s message be as a candidate for president?


See me! Hear me! Notice me! Acknowledge me! Recognize me! Love me as I am!

Yes you heard me… I did write “Love me as I am”!


Are we entering an era where men are given societal permission to be sensitive and open hearted in all arenas including business? That men can own and express their attributes as sentient being without repudiation or admonishment?

Are these two candidates really an externalized manifestation of a population’s demonstrated desire through contradiction to live from a place of authenticity?


ARE WE READY TO RECOGNIZE WHEN WE ARE NOT LIVING FROM THE INSIDE OUT AND CHANGE IT? To put our action behind what feels authentically abundant in every sense of the word?


Are we wanting to ground L.O.V.E. through financial, relational, physical, and emotional vehicles?

Since every emotion exists on a continuum, it is important to ask ourselves some questions when we “feel” out of sorts and/or witness undesirable circumstances.


Remember!!!!Each and every one of us are already the LIGHT!!!! We are ALWAYS moving towards the LIGHT even if it is in a zig zag kind of way! It is just a matter of how side tracked we have gotten and how much we have stepped out of its beam of brilliance.

Ask yourself:

  1. What is my fascination and draw towards drama and tumultuous dynamics?
  2. How much time will I give to this dynamic?
  3. By placing my attention on this drama, what is it anesthetizing me to?
  4. What might this time in history illuminate for me personally and the collective population?

Now, ask yourself:

What is the opposite of drama because that is the LIGHT that the vehicle of drama is pointing us towards?

Maybe Peace, calm, ease, balance, harmony, equanimity.


If the drama is meant to support us in noticing what we truly do want…… Peace, calm, ease, balance, harmony, equanimity then it is asking us to make more deliberate choices in how we spend our time, energy and presence.



Most people have been taught to keep emotions (that we have labeled as unpleasant) at bay so we do not have to feel them. We think that if we ignore something it will go away. In most cases, the exact opposite is true. The “emotion” which is “energy moving” collects and solidifies until a situation presents itself so that we might be able to see, observe, and witness clearly what is beckoning us for a shift in perspective. It shows up as challenges in many ways.

For example, consider the following as possibilities (there are no absolute rules as we are each unique):


Illness might be beckoning for a Call for Care or a Healing in some aspect of our lives. This can be individually as well as collectively i.e. plagues and epidemics acting as the catalyst for change towards self and collective love, harmony and kindheartedness. It is getting our attention on a mass scale. Are we getting the message or captivated by the drama?


Divorce might be acting as a catalyst for a person to reflect and shift their perception and relationship with themselves. Perhaps there is an internal divide that needs reconciliation.


Job Loss might be signaling an Opportunity to Re-invent oneself, to explore personal creativity.


Death might be to release attachments and embrace transitionary phases in our lives.


Retirement (unexpected or otherwise) may be a time to Recognize and Renew Our Relevance, to be active IN LIFE through balance.


-A simple cold might be an indicator to slow down (like an amber light at the traffic signal) and take some quiet time so that we might be alerted to gain clarity on which direction to focus our attention.


The list goes on and the associative meanings are very personal to each one of us. It is up to each one of us to discover the meaning and benefit with each situation, exchange and circumstance. If you find a similar relationship dynamic or life circumstance is occurring in multiples, there is a more pronounced message in that for you emerging.


Of course, it can be much more subtle internal stirrings which means you are tapping into your own intuitive beckoning at an earlier stage of your process. Listen to it!!!!



The Practice of Mindfulness will support you in developing an intimate relationship with all of your senses and beyond. It will uncover levels of sensitivity which will foster a connection with others. That connection will draw an abundant reality to you because you are fully engaged and connected to your core self. You are allowing space, stillness and silence to be a pathway into your true reality and build from the inside out. The veil between inner reality and external illusion is dissipating.

Mindfulness techniques support the expansion of your repertoire of emotions that you deem acceptable. This exercise will retrain your brain to pick out things that are more of an uplifting, supportive, life expanding nature. Before you know it, you will be unable to see the negativity because your focus has wholeheartedly shifted into the here and now.


Science supports mindfulness in that our brains have something called a Reticular Activating System. RAS acts as a filter to allow through to our conscious mind only the information we deem relevant. Since our conscious mind is able to process about 40 bits of information at a time and we are interacting with millions of bits of information, RAS acts as the gateway to allow in what we given heighted focus. What we focus on will expand: good, bad or indifferent. Our intention guides our focus. Focus on pleasing communications and interactions and that becomes your experience. Your perception is your reality.



Write you name out on a piece of paper or type it on the computer vertically. Next to each letter, write out as many positive adjectives as you can. (This is great for kids and adolescents also) PRINT IT OUT OR EVEN BETTER MAKE A COLORFUL SIGN OUT OF IT AND HANG IT WHERE YOU WILL SEE IT DAILY. Take a picture of it and put it on your phone.

Each morning, you pick a word corresponding to that letter of your name. D for Monday, A for Tuesday etc. Throughout your day, notice as many sights, sound, sensations, emotions, people, places, things, memories, experiences inside your mind and externally in your environment that reflect or are exemplary of the word you chose.


For Example: DARRYN

D- Delightful, delicious, dedicated, daring, devoted,

A-Awesome, Abundant, Authentic, Active,

R- Radiant, Relaxed, Romantic, Refreshing, Resilient

R-Receptive, Reliable, Respectful, Refined

Y Youthful, Yes, Yummy, Yare, Yern

N-Natural, Nascent, Neighborly, New, Nurturing, Nice, Noteworthy


Written and videoed on 10/16/16

2015-2016  ©  Darryn Silver all rights reserved