P.L.A.Y.F.U.L. Pretending Let’s All Your Fantasizing Unite Light



The Universe asks of you…..


Do you remember that thing called childhood when our job was to Play and be Playful. You can still do it ya know.


What do you “pretend”? Make something up.


Pretend you are a rock star and sing to your hearts content.


Pretend you are from another country and walk around all day speaking to people in a foreign accent.


Pretend you are a belly dance and figure eight your hips.. Feel how your life force invites your sensuality to move forward in your experience.


Pretend you are a comedian. Make a list of every quality you dislike about yourself. Create a joke to reflect how silly it is. That’s what comedians do, ya know. They take the real life idiosyncrasies they see in themselves and others and find the humor in it. People laugh because they can all relate. What a gift to laugh at yourself.


Pretend you are a child ( you actually still are in a grown up body) and mimic what real children do. Be silly and goofy. Let it all go!


We tend to be all too serious. Laugh until your belly hurts. Forget about yourself!

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