March 2019 A Friend for Life


A Friend for Life

                                                                              ( Inspired by the spirit of Robert Franchi)



My best friend. She knows me so well. She is always there for me. She supports me like a huge body of water supporting a SHIP tossing around in the voraciousness of a stormy sea.



She recognizes the tumultuous theatrics and navigates me through with grace. This grace is none other than I have ever become acquainted. It is the grace of messy, chaotic, unknowing and that is her elegance. She sees beauty in all of it. She even uses her muscles to help me buckle down the hatches until I open for another round of softening.



She stands nearby in a silent, still, wise, manner. She watches my fury, my demands and stays by my side. She encourages me to come closer to what rides on the wave she has introduced me to. She sweeps me off my feet in times of SURRENDER.



She watches and comforts me lovingingly as I crumble to my knees in states of confusion, unknowing and pain. Her power humbles me.







She is a friend to enjoy for the moment and only that moment. Then the next moment inside itself and again and again.  She is a mystery and travels through every ventricle of my heart for she is the keeper of the most precious. She swirls around the precious gift kept so sweetly in silence until the sun casts its  LIGHT and says “it’s TIME”.



Without any warning, she lifts me up and my entire body feels like champagne bubbles popping. I feel the Power of love streaming though my inner sanctuary like I have never felt before. She is teaching me about life and death, the coming and goings of all things. She shows me the infinite spectrum of CHOICES that lie within me. She shows me that death is part of life and there is an enlivening experience within all of it.








She showers me with a new kind of seeing.   In her infinite wisdom, she invites me to come closer and be with the entire spectrum.


There is a central channel within that holds a love for all things.


It’s holy, its neutral, its presence.


                                                                                             She rides on the wave of my breath!





Every time you walk through a door. Pause

“Receive” a breath vs “Taking” a breath

Experience the shift of what was and what now is!

Notice the nuances in your sensitivity rising to meet your essence within.

Greet the grace with a smile.


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