Sept 2018 Why Breathe Intentionally?





Who breathes intentionally? Athletes, singers, yogis? Who else? Can you include yourself in the mix of people who breathe intentionally and attentively? When do you really receive a full breath? Are you even curious or intrigued by it’s capacity to deliver life force to you?


When are you conscious of your breath?




I bet rock climbers and sport extremists are very tuned into their breath because they have remembered that it is through their breath they enter the portal of





It is through that portal of INTENT & FOCUS that they are enlivened into life. They FEEL FULLY! But we don’t have to be a rock climber or a bungee jumper to have that experience. It is our birthright to enjoy a full spectrum of experiences with accompanying emotions, sensations, visuals, sounds, smells, tastes. We can learn to be with it ALL with practice.

So, how much of your awareness is focused on this magical mechanism.


Where attention goes life force flows!!


Isn’t it interesting how when we focus with intense intent, we not only become aware of what we “underlyingly really” desire but it opens up a world we had no idea existed. What we focus on will navigate open worlds!!!!



Our breath is the connecting vehicle between physical and the ethereal. We all know that we bring in oxygen through our inhalation to nourish and nurture every cell in our bodies but it is much more than oxygen. If we pumped a whole load of oxygen into a deceased person’s body, would that bring them back to life? Probably not because it’s not the oxygen.


It’s the subtle energies that are carried on the wave of oxygen that ignite the life into us.



Science has shown us that the “wave” represents a field of possible potentialities and a “particle” is the creation of one of those possibilities into physical matter. So when you engage in a full intentional body breath you are aligning what the Universe has laid out for you as a template.


Your body temple is just a smaller version of the whole! Your breath is creating a wave in your body and ultimately the breath will breathe you. Mimicking the Universal Wave allows you to access possible potentialities from the quantum field by bringing it into your personal electro-magnetic field.


We begin to experience ourselves from an effortless perspective. That EXPERIENCE is one that we can duplicate and replicate in other areas of our lives. That is how we learn! We learn or are conditioned through our EXPERIENCES what we ASSOCIATE with those experiences; thus, we form ASSOCIATED EMOTIONS!


Wouldn’t you like to consciously form your own ASSOCIATED EMOTIONS rather than leaving it to habitual patterns of the past?


So why wouldn’t we take in as much air as possible? Why do we constrict our consumption of this abundant substance! It’s limitless and boundless and there is no tax on it. It’s free. Nobody can control how much we allow ourselves to receive.


Breathing intentionally supports us in “FEELING” fully. Our body tingles. Our skin flushes with pleasure. Our emotions and sensations move through us more fluidly. Our ability to cope with challenging situations becomes more masterful. We are the maestro of our own mind, body and spirit curriculum.



It’s simple! We have yet to REMEMBER what this gift can do for us.


Do you pause and reflect whether you are breathing or holding your breath in any given moment?

If you catch yourself holding your breath with shoulders up by your ears, do you react as if it is caused by something outside of you? Something you perceive as dangerous but really isn’t.






There are many reasons why we do not breathe intentionally and fully. When we distill it down to its essence, it is the illusion of fear.


Only love is real!


Love is a state of being!


One form of fear is cynicism. It’s easy to  dismiss the belief  that something that has been gifted to each one of us is the touchstone to experiencing our own divinity because we are so wrapped up in a distracted lifestyle. People often believe it has to be hard or complicated. We might even say, “Ok, so I breathed and I feel better. How is that going to help me with my job or relationship or financial situation?”


A favorable consensus might be that we link deep breathing  to possibly helping us with our health because science tells us so. Nevertheless, we are still listening to the voices outside of ourselves or the rational of our left brain.


What does your body  FEEL, say, experience and believe about it?




It comes down to the ASSOCIATION we have been taught. The labels we have ingrained in our minds. You can make up your own associations. Your newfound associations can be the spring board to catapult you into living in the new world…a world of your own creation.


This new world is a choice that you can activate at any time. In any moment you so choose. An INTENTIONAL breath will take you to a place whereby you are living from a perspective that:


Love is your weapon of choice to exercise your true power


Service is your passion.


Connecting people is your mission.


Humble is your stature.


Vulnerability honors your human hood.


Kindness is your expression.


Discernment exercises your preferences.


Choice is your gift to self and others.





Here’s one of mine


Ya know how when you’re driving along or in nature or in a relaxed state, clear of thoughts and a wave of inspiration washes over you. It comes in the form of an idea, feelings of ecstasy that came out of nowhere, a synchronicity that you would never believe if it was not your own personal experience.

Well, that is what these ACROYNMS are for me. It’s my way to PLAY with the Universe and watch how consciousness flows through me. They’re fun, silly, and profoundly deep that layers and layers of awareness unfold. I create a space whereby I allow divinity to enfold me into her expansive universal wisdom.


This message ASSOCIATIONS is designed to remind us that everything exists in relationship. That we have an association with more than we might suppose. Our only responsibility is to grow in our awareness of these associations and notice if they honor our highest good. We don’t have to DO anything. DIVINITY/INTUITION makes the shift within us for us and then…… HOW WE PERCEIVE OURSELVES SHIFTS ORGANICALLY. We understand that there is an expanded awareness of ourselves and connection to ALL THERE IS!!



Redefining words will change your associations…will change the images you have in your mind….will change your emotions and relative sensations, will change your thoughts…will change your beliefs…will change your response to situations…will change what you say and do…will highlight your potentialities….will illuminate possibilities….will activate probabilities

All on the wave of intentional breathing!!


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