Feb 2016 Light Logic Tip #1 Giving and Receiving: Integration of Money & Spirituality








Notice how many times in a day you have an opportunity to give or receive anything of value, worth, beauty, and sense of well-being to yourself or others through thoughts, feelings, words, actions, commodity or service. Identify these things and ask yourself how you come to define that particular item, exchange as valuable to you. What makes it valuable to you?



TANGIBLE EXAMPLE: Product, service, Communication through words and actions.

Allow yourself to experience this with products, people, time and resources. Wonder about your level of appreciation for each item. That will give you a clue about your perception of its value. It will illuminate if you are thinking in terms of “need” or “desire” or “experiencing abundance”



Product: Starbucks coffee

Service: Massage or paying your electric bill

Communication: Offering or receiving a complement from someone

Action: Taking on the chore of a family member or allowing them to take on one of your chores.



INTANGIBLE EXAMPLE: Thoughts, Feelings, Beliefs, Ideas, Passions, Inspiration


Thought: It can be intangible by sending good feeling thoughts to someone. Sending a vision of well-being to someone you love that might be experiencing a body imbalance is giving the energy of abundance and love.


It can be receiving well wishes by a vision that pops into your head that makes you feel good.

It could be turning the radio on and a song is being broadcasted that is meaningful and you well up in emotion.

It could be an inspiring idea that pops into your head that is the key component to solve a riddle for a project with which you are involved.



This tip can be perceived from two perspectives:


The Logical perspective is that it will slow you down and cause you to pause and reflect on the value of the item. Consider this questions:

How much do I appreciate……

How much do I feel a sense of need for….

How much of a desire do I experience for this…….

Is the desire internally or externally driven?


The Light Perspective is that it will illuminate areas that challenge you and areas of ease.

Consider these questions:

Do you feel more comfortable in giving than receiving?

Do you feel more inclined to receive than give?

Can you give yourself a new definition of receiving if that is a challenge?


For example: When a baby or toddler wants to give you a spoon full of their food, we accept it graciously to instill the value of their offering. In other words, it’s not about the food. It’s about encouraging them through our acceptance of the food that they are giving something that has value. They integrate that into their being and develop the belief that they are worthy.


As you partake in this exercise, your choices will become more pronounced and it will allow you to begin to be more selective and create balance in your life.


Once you know something you cannot UNKNOW it!!


Balance is an ingredient in the abundance factor and it is something we can implement immediately.


Do this exercise and discover what is valuable to you. Next, you will begin to shift your resources: your time, energy and finances towards products, services and experiences that are life affirming for YOU! Nobody can tell you what resonates for you personally. Nobody can tell you what makes you feel the most elated, joyful and ALIVE. That is a feeling that is yours to be had!! Your choices will help to delineate and illuminate those experiences and you can FOLLOW YOUR PULLLE. Pure Unconditional Luminous Loving Light Energy.


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