Feb 2018 Light Logic Tip # 25 Your Soul’s I.N.T.E.N.T.I.O.N.





Intrigue Naturally Tantalizes Effusive Nuances To Invigorate Ourselves Now


My SOUL’S INTENTION for my life has not waivered since I have been born into this body temple. 

How about yours?

(Keep reading if you are a curious about your soul’s intention).


What is significant is that my AWARENESS of her INTENTION is growing!

Is your awareness expanding? Of course it is! It’s just a matter of the degree and intensity that awareness expands?


Hindsight is 20/20 but insight can be 20/20 if we remain CURIOUS,

                                    open-minded & willing!






Experiences and emotions are the language of the Universe.

 It’s how we communicate with our Souls/Universe. (Feel free to replace Souls/Universe with any word that resonates for you such as  Essential Energy, Presence, Inner Being, Guides, Angels, Masters of Light, G-d or Infinite Intelligence).  Every experience and emotion offers us clues as to what we are co-creating for ourselves and what we are willing to explore. Our emotions are letting us know what path we have activated. Each emotion and experience is a piece of the puzzle so it’s not about avoiding the less pleasurable feelings. It’s about honoring their messages, being curious about their origins and what information they are illuminating for us. It’s about turning inward with open arms and embracing the shadow to allow a new dawn to be born.

Carl Jung stated, “What you resist will not only persist but will grow in size.”


We all have a special soulful signature calling us to make manifest the LIGHT that enlivens us and share it.



I have always been a person with a strong internal compass. I was groomed that way. I was taught that LOGICAL, emphatic directives were solid and reliable.

Do this and this will happen!

Do that and that will happen!



The notion of JUST “BEING”, moving from my authentic center with organic ease or listening to my internal pulse was not a focus.



Fortunately, I have a formidable soul (as do you) and she has never ceased signaling me. Nevertheless, the vast majority of the human population has yet to cultivate an ongoing relationship with our souls. Since most people do not viscerally see, hear, smell, taste or feel her/his energetic messages, it can be easy to doubt our soul’s presence. and discount her/his signaling.


We want proof.

We want empirical evidence



It’s not that the energetic life force that fuels us (soul) doesn’t exist, it just that the relationship has not been nurtured to the point that it’s credible from the mind’s perspective. It’s a relationship wanting to be strengthened; therefore, our intuit nature is being beckoned to take center stage and sit forward. 


Most people benefit from embracing a “TRUSTING” posture which is ignited by following their HEART. That begins the conscious journey walking hand and hand with our souls which leads us by our passions, pleasures and PLAYFULNESS. I have been asked  (sometimes forced due my stubbornness) to trust many times and it is bubbling up once again.













For me it went something like this:




Transition 1:

Upon graduating college, I notion of making money excited me so I did the logical thing and went to the Money Mecca of the world: Wall Street. Stayed there for 10 years and did well financially.

I held a strong belief that it was probable and it materialized.






Transition 2

 Wall Street was no longer my sweet spot. I felt anxious, depleted and wanted something else but had no frame of reference as to what was possible. A knock on the door from the Universe came in the form of a car accident.  In this case, the car was metaphoric for a way in which I was directing or “not directing” my journey. That’s what cars do. They help us get from one destination to another. The message was I was not directing my life according to my Soul’s intent. I was a passenger, a bystander until a dream and other signs encouraged me to leave Wall St.


When I left Wall Street, i.e. LET GO,

 it was only a   matter of 2 weeks when I knew the next move was to embrace healing work. I had an opportunity to work with individuals transitioning

out of physical life as well as conducting

managerial workshops for a national health care company that was merging and I jumped at the opportunity.




I was naïve at what this transition would take and that ignorance was BLISS because I believed it was possible and it was possible.












Transition  3

I was feeling an itch. I meditated for 2 years on a concept. The concept was to provide abundance for people. To be more entrepreneurial but not completely on my own. To offer educational workshops to other professionals integrating finance and principles of abundance. Voila at my husband’s grammar school reunion, the Universe shined. An opportunity surfaced to integrate my financial background with an aspect of HEALING.



The notion of working with older adults around their finances, offering potential abundant possibilities while reducing their stress was very appealing. It opened me up to aspects of myself that I was unaware existed; however, the emphasis was on business sales. I never saw myself as a salesperson. I still do not. It was more about integrating heart and finances.

I wholeheartedly believed it was probable and it was beyond my wildest dreams.



Transition 4               What’s next?


That feeling for something more is percolating. There is a lot of unknown in this one. No clear direction yet. Can I sit with it? Be still and listen? Another layer wants to shed so a more organic rendition of myself might emerge. Can you relate? Now, I find my soul leading me down a path of remembrance.



She is prodding me gently but consistently to enter into a different realm from which I am accustomed. She invites me to take space, be still, silent and LISTEN for what she desires. It is the antithesis of direction and doing. It is a time of dissolution and quite challenging for a “doer” to   “not do”. After all, it does not make rational sense at all, does it? I could get the entire unconscious world to agree with me on that note.




All of these shifts, although feeling fearful, resonated a deeper knowing for me. Each transition got better and fine-tuned me. to De-Liberately De-Sign my own De-Light!

Liberate Signs of Light!






As I allow her, incrementally, to show me

the experience of “not doing”, she is “undoing”

previous conditioning. She teaches me about

being watchful of the internal messages that

I share with myself. She invites me to emulate

how she soothes me and to speak to myself

as she does. She stands before an open door

which leads me to the softening, the melting,

the thawing, the uncovering, of my essential

nature by teaching me through the “PRESENCE OF BEING.”

 That is where she resides, in the

“presence of being”. It is my choice to walk

through the door and join her.  When I refer to “not doing” I am referring

predominantly with the internal mind chatter and secondarily with tangible actions;

however, it does require physical activity to slow way down.


I sense the nanoseconds of core healing unfolding. She offers such gentle strokes of kind encouragement so that I might experience self-compassion. I allow myself to simply bask in her arms, refraining from a past pattern of skipping ahead. She whispers, “It is an art to revel in tenderness for oneself.”



I am being asked to soften deeply inside so that another layer might be revealed. “What kindergarten again? Haven’t I learned enough?” I declare. She patiently shares with me that it is through this vulnerable experience that I am understanding just how much sweetness and beauty I/we all hold inside. She informs me that we must all choose to know it for ourselves. It is our personal quest.  She is here to be a support.


I have been deeply steeped in intrigue and it naturally heightened around the turn of the year  when the collective’s INTENTION  & RESOLUTION was accentuated. It seems to be the time of year when the collective is focused on INTENTION, RESOLUTION and wiping the slate clean to begin anew.


So I went to google, and looked up the word INTENTION.

This is what appeared:

  1. A thing aimed or planned.
  2. The action or fact of intending
  3. The healing process of a wound


Pretty interesting isn’t it. Especially #3. Who would have thought that intention could be interpreted as the healing process of a wound? I was intrigued by that definition especially since it was outside the realm of my cognitive expectations.


I wonder if people are consciously setting out to heal a wound when they set their intention. Maybe they just set out on a mission, a pursuit, an idea because of the glamour appeal and the real purpose, the healing PROCESS, is a byproduct of their pursuit. Yet the byproduct was really the “thing” wanting to be experienced, felt and healed in the first place. The by product was their soul’s intent. Is it a deeper level of remembrance wanting to emerge?


So, what is “INTENTION” for you?


Do you believe it is a co-creation between you and your soul?


If not, from where does it come?



Consider reflecting on how you know what it is that you are aiming to create for this moment, hour, year or life?


What nuances are guiding you?


Is it actually a fact? How does it surface in your mind, emotions and body?


Is a fact simply something that you are able to perceive with your five senses?


What about your sixth sense which is really your primary sense: INTUITION? Is that credible? Do you trust it?



What do you believe? Do you believe it is coming from an expanded version of yourself (soul) and you interpret it through the sensations of your body?














      What Makes Sense to you?







If it feels good, do you trust it and follow it?


Is it exclusively one thing OR another?


Is it the union of  BOTH this AND that?


Is it a focus on a plan?

An aiming at a target?

Is it a healing PROCESS of resolving things gone by yet remain front and center in our experience??


Questions, Inquiry and Curiosity offer us clues into the depths of our own mystery.


Perhaps there is an underlying collective intention to blend the

-yin and yang,

 -masculine and feminine

 -ethereal light of father sky’s illumination & darkened deep womb of creation that mother earth grounds into us.

-succulent heat of our central sun &  refreshing coolness of our luminescent moon.



Is intention (defined as process of healing a wound) our personal and collective course traveled?


Is it our unifying remembrance, our evolutionary destiny to embrace duality, accept polarization and witness the dissolution of these entities as we hold them with endearing tenderness?



Seemingly, Intention holds the quality of the divine masculine:


He is the container, the structure, the holder, the fortress and the constructor of space. He holds more of the attributes of our left brain.


What wants to enter, what wants to be born in this silent, still, spacious vessel?


The divine feminine makes her entrance…


At first she is quiet, subtle and unassuming.

The vapors of her rapturous blue smoke slink through the cracks, filling the sanctuary.

Her sensuous glide, her seething madness, her passionate pleasures give rise to unrest.

She sweeps spirit up through her loins opening her presence, offering her heart, dedicating her desire to encompass all of swirling sensuality.




Painting by Howard Silver

Let the healing commence!




  1. The next time you have a noticeable, pronounced feeling or experience that is less than pleasurable, STOP & be still.
  2. Name the feeling.
  3. Say hello to the feeling to acknowledge its presence. ( It is a version of you)
  4. Ask the feeling as I if it was a separate entity what it might want you to know about yourself.
  5. Hold the feeling in your arms as if it was a small childlike version of yourself. Its safe to express!

If the words unravel in a manner that is kindhearted, loving & illuminating, it is your soul speaking to you.

If the words come in any way that is the absence of love i.e. critical, dismissive, judgmental, condescending, or rationalizing voice, it is still a part of you that wants to surface for some tender loving care. It wants to be held and healed.







2015-2018  ©  Darryn Silver all rights reserved













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