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Channel Light Logic into Your Earthly Expression for the benefit of us all.

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Light Logic states:
“There is an infinite number of ways in which we may perceive any particular situation or interaction. Our personal power is beholden in each and every one of us! Deliberately design your earthly expression!”


Responsibility vs. Ability to Respond

Many people take on responsibilities that are not theirs to hold. Often, we are taught that to be “LOVING OR CARING” is to be “responsible for” another person’s feelings, actions or life situation. This is a dynamic that creates misperceptions and is disempowering. It sets the stage for our feelings to be dependent on another person. When we create this dynamic, our emotions can be experienced as a rollercoaster. The mechanism by which we are fueled seems out of our control so we grasp at straws to gain more “control”. We attempt to control other people’s feelings, actions and life situations so that we might resume balance. This is futile, exhausting and does not feel good at all. That is a great indicator that we are out of alignment with our natural state which I refer to as PULLLE (Pure Unconditional Luminous Loving Light Energy).


If we shift our mindset to “I have the ability to respond” rather than “taking ownership of the person’s emotion’s or situation” then we are creating a new context in which to view the situation.

This will put us in a receptive position to allow our PULLLE (Pure Unconditional Luminous Loving Light Energy) to shine and flow as well as releasing unconscious control mechanisms. It will allow the experience of TRUST to carry, envelope, and enrapture us. What a relief!!!!

Total Release Unfolds Smooth Transitions

For example: Let’s take a family that has an adult daughter who has an addiction. Naturally, the family members cannot choose for the daughter what course of action she will take. That is for her to decide. If this revelation alone is allowed to flourish by the family, they are creating a significant shift which will lead to some degree of relief. The “responsibility for” dynamic shifts into an “intuitive all knowing” place. Subsequently, they are allowing an unencumbered experience to be their predominant vibration. This will free them up to entertain a perspective that will support them in their “ability to respond”. Next, each family member might look at the situation for themselves as an opportunity for self-illumination? What might they learn about themselves and their life’s journey from this dynamic? If their feelings are ones of anger, guilt, or pressure “to do” something then some self-soothing is a wonderful source of comfort. It is important to allow the feelings to surface and allowed to move through rather than perpetuating a ruminating posture. This would be an opportunity to let them “off the hook” and find love in their heart, first and foremost for themselves, and to recognize that there are “no shoulds”. They might ask themselves:


What would someone who was operating, feeling and being in the experience of their natural state of PULLLE say or do in this situation? 

  • If PULLLE Pure Unconditional Luminous Loving Light does not resonate with you, replace it with a delightful feeling that is of your enjoyment!

This is very complex and wide spread. What the family CAN do is establish a perspective based on there highest heart space. The family members conjure up in their imagination ANY story, picture or memory (involving the adult daughter or not) that acts as a catalyst to allow feelings of deep understanding and compassion to flow. Then, they submerge themselves in it.


It is extremely worthwhile and self-empowering to get oneself into a good feeling place.


For example:
Perhaps the brother remembers the compassionate feelings he had when he rescued an injured dog as a child.
Perhaps the father conjures up in his imagination the resiliency and strength he witnessed in his daughter at a young age.
Perhaps the mother returns to a time where she, herself, felt loved by her own mother.

This will shift their view point and put them in a better position to allow their intuitive energetic insights to guide them. The key is to find within oneself the desired emotion to be experienced or to get in the “zone” of compassion and the energy of PULLLE. The subsequent actions will be different for each person. There is no right or wrong.


Another dynamic:

In our society, we have a habitual response to say we are sorry.

We are sorry if someone dies (time of ascension).
We are sorry if someone is sick (body disharmony or well-being imbalance).
We are sorry if someone’s car got banged up (time to pause and be still).
We are sorry if someone lost their job (trajectory shift).
We are sorry if a friend is going through an emotionally turbulent time (recalibration to align with personal joy).
The list goes on and on and on.
*These interpretations are a generalization and each person authors the “meaning” behind each event; however, each event is a reflection of the unconscious internal world of that individual. It is designed to reflect back what they have created for themselves as an experiment.


Despite conventional conditioning, I felt a resistance since I was a teenager to utter the words “I am sorry” when someone died. I was not conscious of why I had those feelings. I just knew it did not resonate for me. It did not feel like a universal truth for me so I used to say “I trust that there is a peace and calm for you”.


Our expression of “I’m sorry” is well-intended but it is rote. In many cases (but not all), it is our conditioning that has ‘taught” us a particular response of demonstrating sympathy which is not to be mistaken for compassion. There is a subtlety here.


When we say “I’m sorry”, we want to look at our intention behind the words.

Words carry a vibrational resonance. Are we are unconsciously acknowledging that there is a something “wrong” or that there is a “problem” when, in fact, it is a calling for an expedition of discovery. It is a call to raise our awareness to a more naturally loving place and it is happening because we are ready for the opportunity. This is a space that honors each and every person’s journey as perfect in and of itself.

The linear mind (left brain) attaches itself to that dynamic and instantly wants to find a course of action to “fix” it or “avoid” it. This is the “responsible for” dynamic. We might feel stifled or uncomfortable so we default to the conditioned response and walk away thinking thoughts of relief that it is not our particular situation.
Some people see it as an opportunity for them to feel “needed”. We offer suggestions, attempt to create remedies, judge it as a way to explain it to ourselves, or change the subject if it surfaces uncomfortable emotions. We are focused on the same vibrational frequency as the dilemma.


Wherever we place our attention will illuminate and magnetize in more of the same. If we are focusing on a problem, we get more problems. We live in a universe based on the laws of attraction. When we shift our focus, we see opportunities or solutions, and that is exactly what we get… more solutions. Energies of a similar vibration beget energies of a similar vibration. We attract that which we think, feel and are perpetuating.


This might sound a bit cold and distant to some:

Is it our responsibility to take ownership of that which is not ours when we care deeply for another person?

When we do this, it ignites a trajectory that fortifies our notion that we are responsible. So what IS our responsibility? It is simple. Our responsibility is simply our magical, miraculous ability to respond from our light center. To be our true selves NOT conditioned selves.


It is OUR choice to perceive above the earthly circumstance and visualize our friend in an uplifting manner: To send words, thoughts and ideas that break the old mold and forge a new pathway.


Imagine if we did not see the situation as a problem? What if we saw the situation as a fantastic opportunity for deeper exploration into all the resources that reside deep within us and to pull some magnificent quality out of our treasure chest to use? It would change our perspective dramatically; therefore, our beliefs, thoughts, words and subsequent actions would also change. We would fortify our personal power and “possibly” that of the individual with whom we are interacting. I say “possibly” because each individual has free will to shift their perspective. You may simply be planting a seed.


One more example:
Your friend or adult child calls you. He/she is having a really hard time with something and they want to communicate their experience with you. Let’s say they are in a job transition (aka job loss). Just notice if any of the following go through your mind:
-Do you feel compelled to offer options to “fix” it?


-Will finding a remedy reduce your anxiety because you are viewing it as a “problem” rather than an opportunity for growth?


-If it is not a good time for you to be still and listen based on your schedule (or state of mind at the moment), are you willing to make that declaration and postpone the conversation for a better time?


-If you postpone the conversation, do you experience feelings of “guilt”? Are you telling yourself that you “should” have….? Are you willing to move yourself into a space of allowing your “time” to be honored (without it being a self-justification)?


-Do you feel a sense of “over responsibility” to make things better?

At the appropriate time, are you willing to simply listen and share your presence?

Are you willing to simply say “I hear you”?


Do you realize that you cannot LOVE and WORRY in the same moment? It is a choice which you want to emit.

If we are viewing the situation from the perspective that there is something to discover, what we might believe, think, say and do in the example of the friend/child’s job transition. Your statements and approach will be altered based on the level of awareness of where you stand in that moment.


Here are some possible responses instead of saying I’m sorry:
-I don’t know about you but I have always looked at what I can gain from a situation. Sometimes I do not know until way after the fact but I have found that hindsight gives me 20/20 vision. I feel confident that this is the case for you too!


-You have mentioned to me that you have not been happy in your job. This is a great time to pause and take the opportunity to explore more of what you would genuinely like to do. You are in the process of uncovering what is making you feel more fulfilled and purposeful in your life.


-I bet as you look back on your life, you have had many hurdles which have strengthened your view of yourself. I want you to know that I am able to see so many resources within you and perhaps this is an illuminating experience so you can take ownership of them.


-You are a resourceful, resilient person. I do believe our life experiences put us in a position whereby we are an even greater source of light (service) to our self and others. I am confident that this experience will act as a catalyst for your inner expansion. There are many benefits coming your way.


-The universe has a way of delivering just what it is that we need to prompt us to take the next step to align us with our highest intent. I know that you know this but sometimes it is nice for someone else to say it out loud to validate it. You are right on track and all is well!


The only time we owe an apology is when we do, say or act in a way that causes harm to another person. We quickly make amends and all is well. We are perfect in our imperfection!!!

We are not responsible for another person’s happiness but we are in a position to support it by the way we perceive things and the energy we send them through our thoughts and feelings. I often picture loved ones that have body disharmonies doing, thinking and feeling states of balanced well-being. It adds a bit of sunshine to my life as well as their life. I watch my thoughts, feelings and actions and do my best to offer an uplifting spirited contribution.
Compassion, not sympathy, does lend itself to elevating a person to an earthly expression of their luminous light!!!


Exercise: Notice how many times in a week you say “I’m sorry” and contemplate the intention. Consider a  shift to an uplifting perspective and see if it warrants a different response based on your new lens.


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