Yoga Fusion

Darryn Silver - LotusPrices by design. Start at $400 for groups of 8 or less.

What a gift to give yourself, your clients or your guests to connect to your higher all knowing self to better access your intuitive core and unleash it into daily living!


Prior to the “happening,” meet with Darryn and create an event to symbolize your transformation towards greater love towards yourself, family, friends, work, creative abilities, and anything we uncover. As we better define your hopes, dreams and expectations for the future, we create that in the NOW with your selected loved ones as a witness. This is personal to your journey and you can choose what the focus of the celebration will be. Darryn will then create a theme incorporating spiritual symbolism music, yoga (physical postures are optional), dance, discussion topics of your liking and send an invitation to the attendees to contribute along the line of the theme. This is an exercise in RECEIVING AND TO DE-LIGHT FULLY IN YOU! This is a celebration of your LIFE! Full of fun while having a depth and richness at the same time.

Professional musicians and spiritual teachers may or may not be selected. This is by your design.


There are 3 entities with a couple: each individual and the “relationship” being the third. This is to celebrate the third entity i.e. “the relationship”. You each have put energy into the relationship to keep it vital. This is to honor the energy that surrounds you BOTH daily and infuse it with more love, exhilaration, devotion, joy and expansiveness!!! Darryn will support you in identifying the energy of the relationship, the hopes, dreams and expectations for the future and bring it into the NOW to celebrate. This can be as intimate as just the two of you or you may choose to involve as many loved ones as you desire.


This is to honor a new path that is being embarked on: to honor the “third entity” the relationship. Meet with Darryn to first identify the qualities you enjoy about the other and experience fun activities where they are put in a symbolic “container” to nourish the relationship. Identify how this partnership will support you in your soul’s quest to further develop and live closer to the vibration of love. Choose to have witnesses: family and friends or private (live music, spiritual wisdom from professional speakers, and/or yoga may all be incorporated).



This is a celebration designed for individuals in TRANSITION whether it be exiting/entering:

  • a relationship with another person or a part of yourself
  • a career or occupation
  • a period in your life for creative exploration

The intention is to assist in the ultimate healing… to allow each individual to assess their light source and actively live in it. The “means” is to develop one’s attention to their intuitive sense; then, practice, exercise and strengthen this force. Individuals are encouraged but not pressured to share their experience.

Share about how it was created.

In a group format, we do this through the selection of the following: (you can opt in/out of any of these and offer anything else that might be desirable

  • yoga postures
  • breathing
  • energy scanning (solo and/or with partners)
  • chanting
  • guided meditation (with use of sound and color) and chakra/energy center clearing
  • dance
  • vision board
  • spiritual talk


90 minutes

Learn the fundamentals and explore your own personal energetic presence through a series of experiential exercises. Individual and partner work will be used to develop an understanding of how you personally “see.” How you pick up on non verbal energetic frequencies is the focus of this workshop.