About the artist: Kirk Murdoch


Kirk Murdoch grew up in Irvington, NJ for a passion to be a Rock n Roll Singer. His older brother influenced and nurtured his passion for music. Due to life circumstances beyond his control, his survival beckoned him to follow a more practical route but his passion for artistic endeavors never ceased to exist. He never knew he had talent in the arena of art. When he met his wife in 2000, she was making playful birthday cards for friends. Kirk sat down doodling along side her and she exclaimed” Wow, you have an innate talent”. It was not until 2011, after Kirk survived a life challenging illness that he started to paint and throw his heart and soul into his works. Kirk is color blind but has an intuitive 6th sense with color and, by painting, encourages others to tap into their link to their souls.

About the painting:

This painting captures the sunset as well as the lights of the City of Bath bouncing off the clouds to appear as if there is fire emanating from within Stonehedge. The illumination has a meditative effect on the viewer as the contrast of purples and oranges magnetizes one deep within the terrain.

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