Between the Scene


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About the artist: Jordyn Silver

Jordyn Silver is a high school student who has an eye for an unusual deliberate design. She enjoys experimenting with contrast and challenging the eye of the viewer. She holds an optimist view of the world and has undying compassion for animals. She is a avid gymnast and has competed in Nationals for 2 years in a row, loves the energy of the west coast of the US and is exploring many creative avenues for her future.

About the artwork:

Jordyn has noticed that there are many dualities in the world: Black/white…hot/cold… up/down….right/wrong and that judgments and criticisms are born out of that “exactness”. Jordyn aspires to live “in between the lines” where the “art of allowing” affords a perception of ease, grace and joy. This pen and ink is meant to show that there is design, creativity and fun even in our differences (in the black and white) but we need to open our eyes to that experience.

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16"x20", 20"x24", 20"x30", 22"x34", 30"x40", 40"x60"

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