Truth in Connecting Hearts


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About the artist: Darryn Silver


Darryn remains in disbelief of her first acrylic painting. During the process of creating the painting, she observed her left brain ( critical mind) pushing to take over and admonish the process. Since Darryn practices what she preaches, she resumed the creation through the playfulness of her right brain. Allowing the imagination and creative energy to flow through her, she connected to her soulful self and designed a magnificent manifestation of her free spirit.

About the painting:

5 1/2in x 24in. Green is the energetic color of the heart center/chakra. Pink coupled with a melody of other blended colors is the embodiment of a healthy open “emotional body” aka our second aura. Pink, green and glitter are happiness magnets just as when one heart touches another, a new thought form is born, a new meaningful experience is ignited into the universe. As this ripple extends on and on and on, we change the consciousness of the world. Putting colorful fun loving treasures around us lifts our spirits and reminds us to share our connecting hearts. This is truth.

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