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Pillar of Strength has a new definition and YOU are the defining AGENT!   Discovering and activating yourself from the inside out is what the Divine Masculine is all about and Transformational Breath® is one process that can lead you there.


Transformational Breath® accesses a high vibrational energy created by a specific breathing pattern that permanently raises and alters the energy in our electro-magnetic field.


Transformational Breath® attunes us to our natural abilities to access higher vibrational energy by utilizing a conscious, connected, diaphragmatic breathing pattern. Although Yogic Pranayama and other forms of breath works are essential to our well-being, Transformational Breath® integrates other healing modalities such as toning, hands-on, and somatic integration in its practice. All of these elements coupled with intention and invocation support the moving of energy. This movement of energy softens and allows us to embrace our essence; therefore, we meet our joy and live more effortlessly in the flow of life. People have reported mystical experiences and expanded levels of awareness.


  • OPENS AND CLEARS RESTRICTED BREATHING PATTERNS PRODUCING… More energy, increased detoxification, better health, resolves addictions, improved respiratory capacity, a strengthened immune system and more balance.


  • Physically  Everyone has the ability to enjoy a deeply connected diaphragmatic breath which can open restricted breathing patterns, infuse more vitality, balance and promote general well-being. Transformational Breath® is the only known breathing school that specifically focuses on a return to our natural effortless breathing state.


  • CLEARS THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND WHICH ALLOWS US TO… Resolve stress, create the relaxation response, and permanently resolve repressed emotions, such as anger, fear, anxiety, guilt, depression, self-sabotage, & authority figure issues.  Also, it shifts the old mental tapes and programs of limitation and lack to an abundant perspective that was lying dormant inside of you. This  creates more peace, creativity and clarity.  It releases past traumas located in the cellular memory.
  • Mentally Transformational Breath®  supports clear perception.  Our breathing reflects how we live. As we silence the  noise,  our hearts to open naturally to the messages of Universal Intelligence that resides within each of us. There is a congruency between heart and mind and the personality can shift.


  • Emotionally We tend to store traumas, patterns of conditioning, repressed memories,  & negativity in the cells of our body. The  Universal Law of Entrainment fosters the integration of subconscious emotions as they surface into higher vibrational frequencies and they are transmuted. As a result,  a new felt perception is experienced.


  • ALLOWS EASIER ACCESSIBILITY TO HIGHER DIMENSIONS AND LEVELS OF CONSCIOUSNESS, WHICH GIVES US… Stronger connection to Universal Intelligence, Higher Self, Source Energy or whatever you believe. Fuller expression of Spiritual gifts, Expanded awareness of your connection to all, deeper meditations which open you to the mystical realms of unity consciousness.


  • Energetically: Facilitates our connection to the abundance and higher levels of consciousness.


  • Pain Control
  • Heart Conditions
  • Phobias
  • Panic Attacks
  • Depression
  • PMS
  • Headaches
  • Addictions
  • Asthma
  • Respiratory Ailments
  • Infertility
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Digestive Issues
  • TMJ
  • Stress
  • Ease During Birth
  • Apnea
  • Facilitates Recovery
  • Anaerobic Diseases




  A Message from Kirk   Attention Men!   It seems the women are leading the charge in self empowerment and self care. We have noticed that women are attending more and more events and workshops to empower themselves and take charge of their lives and  emotions adding joy and peace to their lives.     I believe it’s time for men everywhere to be free of the stigma that we were brought up with which says men are not allowed to show any emotion other than those that are so called “positive” ;therefore, we ted to stuff until gets to be too much. This brings about a secondary emotion….ANGER!     It’s no wonder men die at a younger age than women. Repressed emotions can lead to many diseases such as heart attack, stroke, and many auto immune dysfunctions.     For this reason I am offering  PRIVATE Transformational Breath® Sessions at a  SPECIAL DISCOUNT of 50% off for MEN ONLY for the entire month of June!   Come experience what Transformational Breath® can do for your Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual well-being!  

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