June 2018 Transformational Breath (R) Awakens Intimacy


Transformational Breath®   Awakens Intimacy


” When the brain takes guidance from the heart, then all is well in the world. Things flow with grace, ease and there is a deep breath of fulfilling satisfaction in each moment.”   Darryn Silver


Yes, springtime in the northeast has been a bit damp, cool and slow to blossom this year. Of course, it is slow if we have the expectation that it “should” be experienced at a certain pace or look a certain way other than it is. Mother nature, Pacha Mama, I.e. Gaia are all in on the mystery of our evolution. 

The question is, “Are we?” We are “in on” as much as we are open to availing ourselves to and that varies from moment to moment.



For example:

Kirk facilitated me in a Transformational Breath ® session one Sunday. He lovingly prepared the space by smudging with sage, laying out cushions, blankets, bolsters and pillows as well as adjusting the lighting for a soothing environment. He felt into my energetic system and created a musical repertoire that would suit my inner dimensions. He invited me to step into the sacred container where safety would allow me to journey deep within myself. He recited an invocation, guided me with a specific breath pattern that allows one to travel inside of themselves into deeper levels of consciousness.


This session was unlike any other breath session I have ever experienced. I felt like I was facilitated directly into my central channel. It was only in hindsight that I could articulate the experience of feeling a kind of childlike innocence, light, feathery, delicate, flowing, ease and peace. This was different for me.


Most of my life, my modus operandi has been to plow through things, “to arrive”, “to get to”, “to accomplish” so pursuing the “art of presence” is antithetical to its very nature. The wisdom of my inner being selected this passionate desire specifically for me to experience life on life’s terms. No agenda. Despite my focused dedication, this process has been truly kicking my butt and that is exactly perfect for my process!



This breath work has surfaced emotions connected to past circumstances that want to be felt and released. Amen to that!  Hallelujah!


Maybe that is why I experience a deeply profound felt perception for others in a process that challenges them at every turn. I know it from the inside out.


As an empath, it’s much easier for me to feel into a person that is experiencing pain on some level but that is only one side of the equation. Along with pain comes ecstasy. There is not one without the other. Contrast rules in this physical dimension. Nevertheless, it’s easier for me to walk through the door of  the  crystalline shadows  which eventually lead me to  feeling the full embodiment of someone’s joy. As with everyone, I am a blessing in progress creating a harmonious rebalancing of my system.


Perhaps there is more energy that desires to flow through me and I have yet to allow for a full embodiment of my own pleasure, passions and ecstasy to come online.   This breath session gave me a peak into an enchanted world from a new vantage point. It was a felt perception from deep within me. There was nothing that had to happen for this to be experienced. It was a non-happening, a non-doing, even a nonbeing yet I availed myself for a greater capacity to create space for more universal abundance. A big embrace of self and an unadulterated YES to life!


Thank you body for housing all of these delicious energies that is called Darryn!


All I wanted to do at the end of the session was to rest then dance, relax and then move my body. It was a mini awakening into myself. I experienced a deepening of my true “heart home”.



  1. Place one hand on your belly and one hand on your chest and breathe normally.
  2. Notice the pattern of your breath. How deep or subtle it is? Where do you experience the greatest expansion: lower belly, mid-section, chest etc?
  3. Now close your eyes and open your mouth and allow your inhalation to be slightly longer than your exhalation.
  4. Allow the exhalation to simply be a release rather than blowing air out. Simple, easy and relaxed
  5. Spend 5 minutes or more breathing deeply, diaphragmatically into the lower belly first, then the mid-section, then the heart space.
  6. Breath in a connected cycle. Avoid as best you can any pause between the inhale and the exhale. Main a continuous stream.
  7. Come learn Transformational Breath® and you will present your body in the NOW. Next workshop is June 10th. http://www.darrynsilver.com/events

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” D.Y.I.N.G.” Part 2

Distance Yields Insightful Nurturing Guidance




The True Art and Definition of D.Y.I.N.G. is………


Taking time to breath creates a DISTANCING effect (broader perspective) from the story de jour (the saga, crisis, predicament, drama) no matter how convincing or important your mind makes the “dilemma”.   It YIELDS (slows down) the typical habitual pattern and gives you INSIGHTFUL, supportive, life affirming GUIDANCE (information).




  Transformational Breath ® is a powerful teacher!


(Sign up for the workshop on June 10, 2018. Holding space for 10 people for ultimate care).


Last month I wrote a blog and sent it out in an email with the subject line “I’m Dying”. I received some emails from some cherished loved ones regarding the subject line. Clearly, it triggered a Flight, Fight or Freeze reaction within some people. And, why not? Wasn’t it a provocative subject line? Didn’t it arouse attention? My knee jerk reaction to their reaction was a stream of thoughts such as:


-Maybe this was in poor taste (self-judgment)


-Maybe I hurt someone (self-blame/shame/guilt)


-Maybe I am not sensitive enough! (Unworthiness)


I paused rather quickly and spontaneously, noticed the emotions that these thoughts triggered (a more dense vibration) and began to get curious of their origins. I ceased the internal badgering, felt my breath enter and exit my body and dove into a “felt experience”.


I sat still and began to feel (not think) the emotions associated with the above statements: guilt, anxiety, a little overwhelm and ultimately grief. Yes, dear sweet grief. That is what was wanting to be released.


After some time remaining slow and steady in the experience, a mental clarity ensued if only for a few seconds. I felt lighter and an experiential (not cognitive) epiphany rushed through my body.


I had had the following thought many times in my life prior to this experience but now, this level was a fully “felt perception” (emotions/sensations) in my entire body. There was some integration of this charged emotion and it was having a noticeable impact.


“There are an infinite number of ways to perceive a situation and I ONLY have domain over my own psyche! I uphold radical responsibility for myself .”


Personal Power - Inspirational Sign - Darryn Silver



We each have the privilege to choose our own way of interpreting a story. Where we sit on the continuum of reaction and responding is paramount for our health: energetically, emotionally, mentally and physically.


We all have our own Flight, Fight and Freeze mechanisms and the blessed breath (vehicle) with which to soothe our nervous system. We have grown so accustomed to reacting as if there is a true threat that distractions are the norm. It is our way of life and we are unaware of its impact on our mind, body and spirit!  We have been conditioned out of our peace of mind and simple pleasures have taken a back seat.


Breath awareness can support each and every one of us in our emotional world.


It seems too simple to be true! It seems so simple that many people discount our blessed breath as “That’s nice but how am I going to fix the issue de jour i.e. finances, relationships, well-being both emotional and physically”


Perspective is everything so gaining distance from whatever “dilemma” (story) we might be experiencing is paramount to holding clear vision.


How many of us identify as if we ARE the emotion we are experiencing? Think about that statement for a moment.


If you feel guilty about something, do you brand yourself a bad person in that moment?


Are your actions motivated to relieve the feelings of guilt?


Do you acquiesce out of fear of saying no?


Do you believe that others “MAKE YOU” feel a certain way?


How many things in your day do you do out of obligation verses from your heartfelt center?


What is there about yourself that you keep a secret, makes you cringe and want to hide in shame? Are you willing to look at it and love it for the gifts it is offering you?


Do you hold a sense of over- responsibility aka a rescuer to buffer yourself from uncomfortable feelings of powerlessness?


If you pass judgment on yourself or others (Appearance, Abilities, Comparison), do you admonish yourself?


Do you want others to change so you will feel better?


If you experience a level of competition or jealousy in some aspect of your life, are you willing to dive down deep and wonder about its roots or do you sweep it under the rug (suppression) as if it does not exist to uphold a sense of purity, holier than thou?


Do we deem some emotions acceptable and others best left under cover?


What do you imagine would happen if you simply FELT the guilt?


What if you opened to this “thing” that is triggering you and consulted with your inner wisdom for its message? It is pointing you towards wholeness!


You are only triggered because it is a disowned aspect of yourself that is deeply couched in your subconscious experience. As you claim yourself and that disowned piece is soothed and loved, the stored potential energy it is harboring is getting ready to be unleashed in a manner you have not yet recognized.


The effervescent bubbles deeply couched within your center become

available  to  meet  the  world.  You  are  in  celebration  of  being  an  orgasmic  living  being.




What would happen if we gave ourselves time and space to breathe and feel those uncomfortable sensations and emotions?


What if we embrace ALL of ourselves? Doesn’t every piece of us deserve to be loved and appreciated for its contribution?


Certainly, it is not like I have arrived. I am gaining more and more experience with this and the breath is the key for me. It is my passageway for a smooth, gentle death towards my uncluttering. The breath is my creator of space for the birth that is on my threshold.


For me, the practice of intentional breathing  releases antiquated safety mechanisms that keep us in the  PUSH OF LIFE. It is the system of perpetual striving based on external influences rather internal energetics that we have been clinging to.


We live in a world of PUSHING                       



You pick the subject.

It’s time to give  I WANT MORE

a new definition………>>>>>>>





Reflect on this example:

We make a judgment about someone or ourselves.

It could be anything like….

-I don’t like my or her or his appearance

 -I don’t do all I can to achieve my goals.

            -He/She doesn’t do all they can to achieve their goals.

  -He/She is lazy.

-He/She is boring.

   -He/She is cramping my style.


Level 1 Awareness: Do we even catch that we had the judgmental/critical thought?


Level 2 Awareness: If we did notice it, do we rationalize, justify or intellectualize to suppress that icky feeling underneath?


Level 3 Awareness: If we did observe it (probably based on how we feel), do we chastise ourselves for judging/criticizing another? Do we punish/ judge/criticize ourselves for judging/criticizing ourselves or another?


Level 4 Awareness: Do we stand, sit still and allow the seed, the kernel, the core of that thought to be explored as well as the root emotion (from which is sprung) and accompanying sensations to be felt?


There are infinite levels of awareness but these four are a good starting off place to explore within yourself over the next several weeks.


We spend our entire lives unconsciously avoiding death. Nevertheless, the art of dying is at every turn, in every crevice and each transition. In part, this is the purpose of shifts: to release our death grip on our attachments or what we define as SAFE so that we might be born again.


The process of allowing one thing to fall away, creating space for something new to be brought into creation. So, even the stages of birth are a death.

The more we allow ourselves to go with the flow, the easier dying is. It is the true art of dying!





Explore what is SAFE for you. Sensations Accentuate Freeing Energy


  1. What does “SAFE” really FEEL and LOOK like for you? Status quo, keeping change at bay, snuggling up to the known?
  2. Make a list of some stories or experiences in your life that you find challenging: People, places and things.
  3. Name the uncomfortable emotions: Anger, anxiety, depression, sadness, irritable, uneasy, frustration, impatience, intolerance, pressured, doubt, shame, jealously, envy etc.
  4. Name any associated sensations: Heart palpitations, upset stomach, headaches, physical tension (jaw, neck, and shoulders), fatigue, back pain etc.
  5. Recognize whatever organ in your body is associated with the emotion such as heart palpitations might match with anxiety, clenched jaw with anger, Headaches with pressure, stomach upset with doubt or anxiety etc.
  6. Receive some long inhalations and relaxed exhalations for 5 minutes.
  7. Speak to your body part (heart) as if it is not part of you. Ask it for the message it carries for you while affirming in your mind while you breathe “It is safe to feel.
  8. Journal about any and all things that surface without censoring or correcting yourself.

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April 2018 Light Logic TIP #27 I’m D.Y.I.N.G. Part 1



Distance Yields Insightful Nurturing Guidance



I’m dying! Can you hear what I’m saying? I’m dying. Literally and figuratively from the day I was born. Dying into death so that I might be enlivened in life. A process of surrender into a remembered rendition of myself BEFORE the implementation of CONTROL (more delicately referred to as insulation, protection, or safety mechanism).


But, when was that?



When was I not employing the vehicle of CONTROL?


And, how did that experience FEEL?

What is it like to experience the sensation of complete awareness, wholeness, release, held, trust, supported, undoing, softening, melting, just being, allowing and receivership?




This is where my focus is these days and they say that “Where attention goes, energy flows.”


So I was turning the dial back on my human experience and found my earliest memory of embracing a protective mechanism was when I was an infant. Actually, I was told this story. I do not have the cognitive recollection.






I was told that I held my breath until I turned purple. The matronly, experienced, stern baby nurse told my very young, naïve mother not to be alarmed and that I would breathe when I felt it necessary. This struck me as significant. Obviously, I kept breathing.


I found that interesting because the color purple signifies clairvoyance (clear sight) of which I have enjoyed the gifts most of my life. That ethereal quality, coupled with a

kind of “insistence” (holding on) to how things are “supposed to” unfold, are quite unusual bedfellows.


The breath is our life force and how we breathe is metaphoric for how we live.




Yin Yang Hearts - Inspirational Sign - Darryn SilverMaybe by holding my breath I was attempting to covet all of the abundance that could be had. After all, our breath is our life force and oxygen is both abundant and      necessary for life sustainment.


Yin Yang Hearts - Inspirational Sign - Darryn SilverMaybe as a vibrant, expansive soul recently pressed into a small body, I had trepidations about what would come next and this was my way of ensuring my desires were met in a way that was satisfying and comforting. After all, spirit into form (birth) and form back into spirit (death) are monumental shifts in our states of consciousness.


Yin Yang Hearts - Inspirational Sign - Darryn SilverMaybe there was a bit of a rebellion. – An earthling’s challenge (resistance) to the notion of

1.     P.R.O.C.E.S.S. i.e. Time takes time .




Being with things in their natural time was not  exactly what this earthling  signed up for so I thought!  Get all the oxygen/life force while you can! Ya never know what’s around the corner.


Can you relate in some aspect of your life?











                         Placing Realizations Over Comparative Externals Supports Soulfulness























2. TRUSTING the inhale and the exhale which is   synonymous with the ebb & flow of  life.


Yin Yang Hearts - Inspirational Sign - Darryn SilverMaybe the current day’s “upset” ( drama/predicament/story)  is really a signal ( knock on the door)  to  return to the early life’s “set up” so excavation of my true nature might surface.



Yin Yang Hearts - Inspirational Sign - Darryn SilverMaybe this breathing pattern was the early signs of what was happening all around me in the externalized world. A society that “PUSHES” through life. Maybe today’s soulful stirring is the calling, the adventure, the desire and the passion to bring balance to that dynamic. After all, everything always starts on an individual basis.


                                              Pressure Uncovers Significant Happenings


What was your earliest memory of a safety mechanism and how has that impacted your choices and pathway in your life?




If you have no idea, begin by noticing how you breathe.


-Are your inhalations longer than your exhalations, vice versa or balanced?


-Do you pause between breaths? If so, at the top of the inhale or at the bottom of the exhale? It all has meaning.


-Do you hold your breath? If so, what kinds of daily circumstances trigger that safety mechanism?


-How aware are you of your breathing patterns?


-Do you breathe diaphragmatically or are you mostly in chest or mid-section?


-Is it fluid like a wave or forced, choppy, shallow, and abrupt?


-Is your inhalation long and glorious? Is your exhalation effortless or pushed?


-Is it hard to breathe all together?


-How consciously do you breathe on a daily basis in times of stress, excitement, relaxation, when you are around certain people, places or things etc?


All of your patterns have significance and there is much to be gained with this insight!




Taking time to breath creates a DISTANCING effect (broader perspective) from the story de jour (the saga, crisis, predicament, drama)  no matter how important your mind makes the “dilemma”.   It YIELDS ( slows down)  the typical habitual pattern and gives you INSIGHTFUL, supportive, life affirming GUIDANCE (information).


It gives us time to simply “FEEL” and allow the energy to move.



That is what E-MOTIONS are: Energy in Motion


If you had an early life circumstance that did not allow you the safety of time and space to fully feel into the experience, that UNFELT EMOTION creates an energetic block and embeds itself into the fibers of your body and psyche. It fortifies that early “safety mechanism” and CONTROL even when it is no longer a relevant tool in your life.




Experiences Move Our Touchstones Integrating Omnipotent Notable Senses

















For example:

As a child, if you had to be on your toes and quite hyper vigilant to maintain a sense of safety in your household, that is both a gift and a shadow.


It is a gift because you are probably able to tune into other people’s emotional states quite easily. You are sensitive and it serves you.


It is a shadow if you continue to maintain a hyper vigilant pattern of behavior such as going at a fast pace simply out of habit. It produces anxiety or panic or dis-ease. This fast pace can prompt your adrenals to be in over drive and you may find yourself quite exhausted. In this case, the exhaustion/overwhelm/ confusion is a gentle tap on the door. That tap will turn into a big loud knock until our awareness heightens to the point we are able to discern the message.


I have witnessed this dynamic along with many other nuances with a number of my breathing clients.


Breathing works on a physical, mental, emotional and energetic level. Intentional breathing consciously cultivates the time and space which gives rise to heightened levels of awareness and knowingness of what internal dynamic wants to shift. The conscious breath allows for the death of the safety mechanism (habit) so that embracing an enlivened sense of freedom is a more natural course.


Part 2 will be blogged next month




-Create a playlist. Start with 5 minutes or 100 breaths

-Lie down with your head elevated

-Place one hand on your lower belly and one hand on your heart.

-Deeply and slowly inhale a long breath noticing how your lower belly expands as the oxygen enters.

-Notice if your chest also expands as you invite the expansive oxygen ( life force) into your system.

-The exhalation is simply an effortless relaxation. Avoid pushing out the exhale.

Ideally, you want a wave effect.



For individuals new to my method, contact me by May 1, 2018  for a complementary breath session so that I might support you in cultivating more awareness through your own breathing  practice.

Click here to contact me


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March 2018 Light Logic Tip #26 A Reunion with Life Force

                           MARCH 2018 Light Logic Tip #26 A Reunion with Life Force



Last month, I celebrated my birthday at a retreat house in Arizona. It wasn’t exactly anything that I planned for my birthday. It was more of an unfolding and a magnificently designed orchestration by the Universe. I really did not have a hand in much of it at all.


This is exactly the experience for which I have been reaching. Hey, isn’t that antithetical reasoning? “Reaching for an experience of surrender?” It seems I have been very well conditioned for oxymoronic processes that I have fully indulged in during my life’s journey. Who knew?


Things such as:


Trying to let go!

Hurrying up to relax!

Striving to arrive!  


I drank the “Kool-aide” all these years believing that there is a destination, a finish line, a place to “get to” which is seemingly outside of myself AND supposedly better than what is inside of me.


Can you relate?


There is an unraveling that is HAPPENING. My soul, inner being, observer (you pick the word) calling me to notice her in full techno color.




She is patiently awaiting our renewed intimacy!

For reckless abandon of what is known!









This is just the place and space to allow myself to simply JUST BE!

Permission to be in a state of receptivity!






To relax all expectations and take the pressure off!    


25 tribal goddesses forming portals beyond this 3 dimensional plane (metaphorically and literally depending on my state of consciousness) pulled me into an expanded reality. It was a deeply FELT experience. Isn’t that what all experiences are meant to be? To experience with all our sensations the fullness of life and our wilding?







     It’s interesting that I had a vision days prior that I

      would have primitive war paint on my face to signify  some

      aspects of my ancestry. Voila! Look what someone

      did with the chocolate icing from my Birthday cake.







We are sensual beings floating in a sea of stimulating extravaganzas!

Our voices were like chimes of the galaxy!

Our  body gyrations danced like flickers of a flame.

Our mesmerized star gazing, consumption of epicurean delights, laughter, releases, clearings…. oh the breath of life!

So much Love. So much Goodness. So much Intensity.


Femininity flowing….teaching me what is in, through and around all of us. The magic, the mysticism that lives and thrives so brilliantly.


An experience with the art of allowing!


All I do is rest, renew and relax! Can I metabolize all of this bliss?


Who knew that “taking in” love would require such excavation to create more space for more beauty to enter?


Who knew (experientially not cognitively) that it IS our individualized life force, our unique constellation of light, our personal energy which is our signatured beauty flowing through us?


Full of color, density, transparency, dimension, velocity, movement, texture and sensations!


Who in the world today really KNOWS that our body temples are the conduit for all this beauty and our extraordinary soulful signature is how we move consciousness.


All of us! Every single one of us!!

My whole system enjoyed an up leveling like a computer getting a brand-new operating system with more power.


Bring on the awareness I shout! There is so much here!


                                                          Time spent in spacious stillness, silence, communing with nature was the invitation. Meditation opened my conduit to be more relational with the plants, trees, earth and all of life.









Here are some of the messages that the wind whispered in my ear as I laid on the mountainside serenaded by chirping birds and gurgling creeks:


Universal Understandings:


  1. There is beauty in absolutely everything! Even death, destruction, and abuse. Your ability to see and realize the beauty is directly related to how much you are willing to soften and melt. 
  2. Your process is exquisitely designed and intricately weaved perfectly with your soul’s intent held closely for the greater good. There is no other process that will illuminate and raise your beauty more than the one the Universe has created for YOU! 
  3. Release any notions of how things are patterned so the unfolding may surface. The external world is exactly that….. external and an out picturing of your beliefs.
  4. Feel into each experience and notice how it feels in your body, your internal experience, and select your preferences via the sensations and emotions. Although liberation is your natural state, it might take some time to assimilate to this vibrational frequency.
  5. Give yourself time to metabolize all of your goodness.
  6. Pleasure invites you to be who you are and receive what you desire. There are no apologies in a state of pleasure and bliss. All is well!
  7. There is no need for MORE MORE MORE when savoring the NOW NOW NOW!
  8. In giving yourself CHOICE, you can do anything but you do not HAVE to do anything!
  9. You have the potential to be powerful in a new way. The power of LOVE!
  10. It’s the action of being witnessed that will release you from the ties that bind. 
  11. You are each a partnering with the Universe to design the fabric of your future.
  12. Sometimes you think you are not doing something unless you are processing pain. There is more happening in the subtlety than you might suppose.
  13. Lucky #13 Don’t get too cocky, there is always another layer.



What does it feel like in your body to do what you want? Is there an edginess to it? Is there a flow? Is there a veil between you and the flow? How good will you let yourself feel? How good can it get? What will you permit? What ways can you allow yourself to BE?


Lie down and either have someone to scribe for you or use the recording device on your phone.

Start at your feet and  say

” I am a foot and I feel______________.”

” I am a calf and I feel ______________.”

” I am a Chin, Knee, thigh, hamstring, buttock, groin, yoni, member, pelvis, coccyx bone, womb, belly, solar plexus, lung, heart, collar bone, shoulder, arm, elbow, wrist, finger, fingernail, neck, jaw, mouth, teeth, gums, nose, eyes, forehead, cheekbone, ear, hair,  & skull,


Have your friend read back only the parts of descriptive emoting or listen to the tape and focus in on the emotional description. Your body tells the truth and will enlighten you to your subconscious beliefs about your life.


2015-2018  ©  Darryn Silver all rights reserved

Feb 2018 Light Logic Tip # 25 Your Soul’s I.N.T.E.N.T.I.O.N.





Intrigue Naturally Tantalizes Effusive Nuances To Invigorate Ourselves Now


My SOUL’S INTENTION for my life has not waivered since I have been born into this body temple. 

How about yours?

(Keep reading if you are a curious about your soul’s intention).


What is significant is that my AWARENESS of her INTENTION is growing!

Is your awareness expanding? Of course it is! It’s just a matter of the degree and intensity that awareness expands?


Hindsight is 20/20 but insight can be 20/20 if we remain CURIOUS,

                                    open-minded & willing!






Experiences and emotions are the language of the Universe.

 It’s how we communicate with our Souls/Universe. (Feel free to replace Souls/Universe with any word that resonates for you such as  Essential Energy, Presence, Inner Being, Guides, Angels, Masters of Light, G-d or Infinite Intelligence).  Every experience and emotion offers us clues as to what we are co-creating for ourselves and what we are willing to explore. Our emotions are letting us know what path we have activated. Each emotion and experience is a piece of the puzzle so it’s not about avoiding the less pleasurable feelings. It’s about honoring their messages, being curious about their origins and what information they are illuminating for us. It’s about turning inward with open arms and embracing the shadow to allow a new dawn to be born.

Carl Jung stated, “What you resist will not only persist but will grow in size.”


We all have a special soulful signature calling us to make manifest the LIGHT that enlivens us and share it.



I have always been a person with a strong internal compass. I was groomed that way. I was taught that LOGICAL, emphatic directives were solid and reliable.

Do this and this will happen!

Do that and that will happen!



The notion of JUST “BEING”, moving from my authentic center with organic ease or listening to my internal pulse was not a focus.



Fortunately, I have a formidable soul (as do you) and she has never ceased signaling me. Nevertheless, the vast majority of the human population has yet to cultivate an ongoing relationship with our souls. Since most people do not viscerally see, hear, smell, taste or feel her/his energetic messages, it can be easy to doubt our soul’s presence. and discount her/his signaling.


We want proof.

We want empirical evidence



It’s not that the energetic life force that fuels us (soul) doesn’t exist, it just that the relationship has not been nurtured to the point that it’s credible from the mind’s perspective. It’s a relationship wanting to be strengthened; therefore, our intuit nature is being beckoned to take center stage and sit forward. 


Most people benefit from embracing a “TRUSTING” posture which is ignited by following their HEART. That begins the conscious journey walking hand and hand with our souls which leads us by our passions, pleasures and PLAYFULNESS. I have been asked  (sometimes forced due my stubbornness) to trust many times and it is bubbling up once again.













For me it went something like this:




Transition 1:

Upon graduating college, I notion of making money excited me so I did the logical thing and went to the Money Mecca of the world: Wall Street. Stayed there for 10 years and did well financially.

I held a strong belief that it was probable and it materialized.






Transition 2

 Wall Street was no longer my sweet spot. I felt anxious, depleted and wanted something else but had no frame of reference as to what was possible. A knock on the door from the Universe came in the form of a car accident.  In this case, the car was metaphoric for a way in which I was directing or “not directing” my journey. That’s what cars do. They help us get from one destination to another. The message was I was not directing my life according to my Soul’s intent. I was a passenger, a bystander until a dream and other signs encouraged me to leave Wall St.


When I left Wall Street, i.e. LET GO,

 it was only a   matter of 2 weeks when I knew the next move was to embrace healing work. I had an opportunity to work with individuals transitioning

out of physical life as well as conducting

managerial workshops for a national health care company that was merging and I jumped at the opportunity.




I was naïve at what this transition would take and that ignorance was BLISS because I believed it was possible and it was possible.












Transition  3

I was feeling an itch. I meditated for 2 years on a concept. The concept was to provide abundance for people. To be more entrepreneurial but not completely on my own. To offer educational workshops to other professionals integrating finance and principles of abundance. Voila at my husband’s grammar school reunion, the Universe shined. An opportunity surfaced to integrate my financial background with an aspect of HEALING.



The notion of working with older adults around their finances, offering potential abundant possibilities while reducing their stress was very appealing. It opened me up to aspects of myself that I was unaware existed; however, the emphasis was on business sales. I never saw myself as a salesperson. I still do not. It was more about integrating heart and finances.

I wholeheartedly believed it was probable and it was beyond my wildest dreams.



Transition 4               What’s next?


That feeling for something more is percolating. There is a lot of unknown in this one. No clear direction yet. Can I sit with it? Be still and listen? Another layer wants to shed so a more organic rendition of myself might emerge. Can you relate? Now, I find my soul leading me down a path of remembrance.



She is prodding me gently but consistently to enter into a different realm from which I am accustomed. She invites me to take space, be still, silent and LISTEN for what she desires. It is the antithesis of direction and doing. It is a time of dissolution and quite challenging for a “doer” to   “not do”. After all, it does not make rational sense at all, does it? I could get the entire unconscious world to agree with me on that note.




All of these shifts, although feeling fearful, resonated a deeper knowing for me. Each transition got better and fine-tuned me. to De-Liberately De-Sign my own De-Light!

Liberate Signs of Light!






As I allow her, incrementally, to show me

the experience of “not doing”, she is “undoing”

previous conditioning. She teaches me about

being watchful of the internal messages that

I share with myself. She invites me to emulate

how she soothes me and to speak to myself

as she does. She stands before an open door

which leads me to the softening, the melting,

the thawing, the uncovering, of my essential

nature by teaching me through the “PRESENCE OF BEING.”

 That is where she resides, in the

“presence of being”. It is my choice to walk

through the door and join her.  When I refer to “not doing” I am referring

predominantly with the internal mind chatter and secondarily with tangible actions;

however, it does require physical activity to slow way down.


I sense the nanoseconds of core healing unfolding. She offers such gentle strokes of kind encouragement so that I might experience self-compassion. I allow myself to simply bask in her arms, refraining from a past pattern of skipping ahead. She whispers, “It is an art to revel in tenderness for oneself.”



I am being asked to soften deeply inside so that another layer might be revealed. “What kindergarten again? Haven’t I learned enough?” I declare. She patiently shares with me that it is through this vulnerable experience that I am understanding just how much sweetness and beauty I/we all hold inside. She informs me that we must all choose to know it for ourselves. It is our personal quest.  She is here to be a support.


I have been deeply steeped in intrigue and it naturally heightened around the turn of the year  when the collective’s INTENTION  & RESOLUTION was accentuated. It seems to be the time of year when the collective is focused on INTENTION, RESOLUTION and wiping the slate clean to begin anew.


So I went to google, and looked up the word INTENTION.

This is what appeared:

  1. A thing aimed or planned.
  2. The action or fact of intending
  3. The healing process of a wound


Pretty interesting isn’t it. Especially #3. Who would have thought that intention could be interpreted as the healing process of a wound? I was intrigued by that definition especially since it was outside the realm of my cognitive expectations.


I wonder if people are consciously setting out to heal a wound when they set their intention. Maybe they just set out on a mission, a pursuit, an idea because of the glamour appeal and the real purpose, the healing PROCESS, is a byproduct of their pursuit. Yet the byproduct was really the “thing” wanting to be experienced, felt and healed in the first place. The by product was their soul’s intent. Is it a deeper level of remembrance wanting to emerge?


So, what is “INTENTION” for you?


Do you believe it is a co-creation between you and your soul?


If not, from where does it come?



Consider reflecting on how you know what it is that you are aiming to create for this moment, hour, year or life?


What nuances are guiding you?


Is it actually a fact? How does it surface in your mind, emotions and body?


Is a fact simply something that you are able to perceive with your five senses?


What about your sixth sense which is really your primary sense: INTUITION? Is that credible? Do you trust it?



What do you believe? Do you believe it is coming from an expanded version of yourself (soul) and you interpret it through the sensations of your body?














      What Makes Sense to you?







If it feels good, do you trust it and follow it?


Is it exclusively one thing OR another?


Is it the union of  BOTH this AND that?


Is it a focus on a plan?

An aiming at a target?

Is it a healing PROCESS of resolving things gone by yet remain front and center in our experience??


Questions, Inquiry and Curiosity offer us clues into the depths of our own mystery.


Perhaps there is an underlying collective intention to blend the

-yin and yang,

 -masculine and feminine

 -ethereal light of father sky’s illumination & darkened deep womb of creation that mother earth grounds into us.

-succulent heat of our central sun &  refreshing coolness of our luminescent moon.



Is intention (defined as process of healing a wound) our personal and collective course traveled?


Is it our unifying remembrance, our evolutionary destiny to embrace duality, accept polarization and witness the dissolution of these entities as we hold them with endearing tenderness?



Seemingly, Intention holds the quality of the divine masculine:


He is the container, the structure, the holder, the fortress and the constructor of space. He holds more of the attributes of our left brain.


What wants to enter, what wants to be born in this silent, still, spacious vessel?


The divine feminine makes her entrance…


At first she is quiet, subtle and unassuming.

The vapors of her rapturous blue smoke slink through the cracks, filling the sanctuary.

Her sensuous glide, her seething madness, her passionate pleasures give rise to unrest.

She sweeps spirit up through her loins opening her presence, offering her heart, dedicating her desire to encompass all of swirling sensuality.




Painting by Howard Silver

Let the healing commence!




  1. The next time you have a noticeable, pronounced feeling or experience that is less than pleasurable, STOP & be still.
  2. Name the feeling.
  3. Say hello to the feeling to acknowledge its presence. ( It is a version of you)
  4. Ask the feeling as I if it was a separate entity what it might want you to know about yourself.
  5. Hold the feeling in your arms as if it was a small childlike version of yourself. Its safe to express!

If the words unravel in a manner that is kindhearted, loving & illuminating, it is your soul speaking to you.

If the words come in any way that is the absence of love i.e. critical, dismissive, judgmental, condescending, or rationalizing voice, it is still a part of you that wants to surface for some tender loving care. It wants to be held and healed.







2015-2018  ©  Darryn Silver all rights reserved













Jan 2018 Light Logic Tip #24 A New Year Anecdote The Hummingbird and the Bear

Jan 2018 Light Logic Tip #24 A New Year’s Anecdote for Adults:

The Hummingbird and the Bear



Once upon a time in a not so far off land, there lived a kingdom of much evolved wild life. Nature was vibrant and all creatures roamed freely. Although they did not always understand one another, they had the uncanny ability to respect one another as well as appreciate their diversity and unique qualities.





                                                                                          Where in our lives do we exude appreciation and what ways do we model respect? As adults, how might we welcome and embrace the dissolution of their contrasting partners scarcity and judgment? 


Life Thrives in Presence




One early spring day, a mother bear and her cubs emerged from their cave of hibernation. It was a glorious day to be roaming the pastures sniffing for roots, digging for bugs and sucking on the sweet nectar of honeysuckles.


Take note of which of life’s simplicities do you revel in the most?




One of the cubs followed the curiosity of his nose, 

playfully prancing towards the forest at the

meadow’s edge. As he was rubbing his back

against a decaying tree stump when he heard a

high speed flapping sound.


At any age we can learn and grow. Our curiosity directs us to our soul’s intrigue which ultimately places us on the pathway to greater love of self and others.



He looked around and did not see anything but the sound persisted. He sniffed with his nose as this was his most highly attuned sense but did not really smell anything. The fluttering sound grew louder and louder and seemed to buzz around his head yet he did not see anything. The cub moved over to a patch of honey suckles and other flowers and the sound followed him.


Imagine what  might be beyond what you can see and smell (physical senses)  in this moment. What little voice or sound in your heart is calling you?



As he began to sniff at one of the flowers,

right alongside of him was the tiniest                        

of the most miniscule of creatures.

He had never seen such a sight in his

young life but remained fascinated.                     


Once the bear was aware of this little creature they began to communicate telepathically. They were very advanced creatures and although they mostly relied on their physical senses for every day tasks, they had the ability to tune in astutely then the desire struck them.


When you meet another person or you are in a new situation, what are your initial sensory observations and how do you feel based on those observations ( not the head …just the body)?



                                                                                 They had an expanded   awareness beyond their physical senses.











The little creature introduced itself as a HUMMINGBIRD. The BEAR expressed his curiosity about the size of this magnificent creature and its continuous movement.


The HUMMINGBIRD shared with the bear the following message:

Even though I am only 3 inches, I bring great attributes to this Universe that we share. My wings flap 80 beats per second, my heart beats 1260 beats per minute and have been known to fly 34 mph on most days. I have to eat and absorb nutrients constantly because I burn energy so very fast. Since I cannot eat at night because it is so dark, I could starve but have this miraculous ability to slow my whole metabolism down to 1/15th of my normal rate into a torpor state of being. This conserves my vital life force that flows through me until morning. I really am quite the miracle.     


Notice how and when you create time and space for stillness and  movement. Is it balanced?


Each morning, I spread my wings and declare what I want to explore for the day. I know how to resource myself to a very high capacity. Not only that, I have a lot of tenacity and perseverance. If I set my mind to it, I can travel 2000 miles with these wings.



Name how you are a miracle out loud in front of the mirror right NOW!

Imagine that!! I am a reminder to all of the abundance there is in nature. After all, look at me! I am so small and so spectacular. Imagine a tiny little being like me making friends with a big husky guy like you and fearlessly also! Have you ever seen anything quite like me? Full of energy, zip and vigor? I take such joy in each second of each day. I move through what nature calls the continuity of time effortlessly. AND, IT’S ALL NATURAL!


Take a moment and imagine all of YOUR goodness pouring out of you. What would it look like? Can you imagine that  the goodness of others look differently for a reason? Authenticity is effortless because it is you being you!


The bear replied:

Yes you are! I am so intrigued by you and I have my own story to share about my extraordinary talents.

Every year just before late autumn (so I am told because this is my first year of life), I will eat and eat and eat and gain lots of weight to prepare for the winter months. I need lots of fat to keep my body operating during these months of time that I enter into a state of hibernation.



Simply notice thoughts you have about others with similar/ different body types?





I can get my heart rate down to about 10 beats per minute and breathe only 1 time every 45 seconds.









I allow myself to sink into a deeply

meditative state. Although I look like I am sleeping, I know everything that is happening around me. I am superconscious!







How much quiet time do you allow for a peaceful mind? Your senses and vitality become keen with down time.






I will be using this time to slow myself way down, rest, renew and contemplate what I will co-create with the rest of nature in the springtime.






Really, I am quite a fascinating dude.

Do you know any other creature that can

hold their ground with courage and

not have “to do” things all of the time?

That’s power, I’d say.

To be silent for so long that

I know myself from the inside out.

This time and space I give to myself

surfaces some deeply introspective

vision on all of nature…not just my life.

You see, because I experience my essential core,  I have a built in ability to use this unique kind of courage to stand my ground, speak out     

and protect others. I would do that for you

my friend, if anyone ever attempted to harm you, I would stand fearlessly by your side.

 I am your loyal servant for life.











This is more than a cute little anecdote. Just as the hummingbird and the bear have unique qualities that make them extraordinary, so do each and every one of us. It is part of our soul’s journey to discover those gifts and allow them to be put forth in the world. These two animals use their energy, their life force, in the most natural of ways.


The HUMMINGBIRD’s message is:

Happenings Unleash Magical Miraculous Intrigue Nourishing Growth By Inspiring Readiness Delicately



Each Happening (or experience) in our lives Unleashes (or opens) us up to the Magic and Miracles of this World, Universal Understanding and beyond. Each Happening Nourishes our Growth (personal expansion and remembrance of who we are) naturally through our Intrigue (or curiosity) of what Inspires us. What Inspires us is a sign post, a gentle Delicate nudge towards our personal Readiness to express our gifts.

The hummingbird invites us to revel in each experience. Smell the flowers! Enjoy the sunshine! Take awe in the continuity and beauty of nature. Absorb the playful pleasure of it all!



The BEAR’s message is:    Believing Excavates All Remembrance



The process by which we come to BELIEVE in our authentic natural essence is vital to the Whole. Think about that for a moment. What would you like to believe in that remains elusive to you in this moment?     

Pause….Reflect… It might take some hibernation time to excavate.

What did you previously NOT BELIEVE and later came to BELIEVE?

Pause …..Reflect on the experience of this process.

What was excavated, cleared, removed to experience a more profound level of intimacy with your SELF?


The bear says, “The EXCAVATION “PROCESS” of personal truth is more significant (if you had to make a comparison but comparison is becoming obsolete in the new paradigm we are creating) than the destination point. The bear says, since there is no arrival point, it is simply the complex integration of more of our pieces of Remembrance. The bear uses the word ALL because we each have an ALL encompassing nature. We have pieces of the ALL within each and every one of us. We are passing our experiences of ourselves back and forth so that we might have new experiences of others and ourselves. There are countless infinitesimal nuances. Each and every one of us is contributing to the Whole, the All, the Entirety through the process by which we choose to engage.





  1. Breathe deeply and slowly with one hand on your heart and one on your lower abdomen.
  2. Simply notice any thoughts and breathe into them.
  3. When your central nervous system seems calm and relaxed PAUSE, breathe and notice how you have slowed yourself down.
  4. If you desire some play, put a question out to the universe ,” What animal am I most aligned with in this moment”
  5. What qualities is this animal aiming to illuminate for me
  6. Google animal totem and see what aspects are resonating. Notice of there are parallels in your life right now.

2015-2018  ©  Darryn Silver all rights reserved

Dec. 2017 Light Logic Tip #23 Financial Planning Ass. NJ Video Longevity Conscious Health and Wealth





The only thing in life that is personal to each

and every one of us is what we individually

choose to think, feel and do.

That is the secret to personal POWER!

                                                           Darryn Silver












     TIME is speeding up.

The world is moving faster. Technology has allowed us to experience our interconnectedness that much more readily. Can you see the shift? There is more and more behavioral science coming into mainstream business. In the financial arena, it’s called behavioral finance. In other areas of business, it is called Mindfulness. You can assign whatever word that is most comfortable for you. The bottom line is that business is relational. It is just as much about your relationships with others as it is about your relationship with your SELF, mind, body, and spirit. Taking a holistic approach to your offering will shine a light on your authentic nature.


It’s not exactly ALL about the money. It’s about the exchange of energy and that often  involves MONEY and YOU.



MONEY is intertwined in the fabric of our society as a way we exchange the value of our energy. Often, money expresses how engaged we are within our own lives. How much are we showing up for ourselves and others in a way that expresses our own distinct signature? How much are we entertaining outside the box solutions to empower our clients and enhance the quality of their lives?





When clients come in to discuss their finances, It opens the door to many other conversations. Consider using Active Listening and Reflective Reframing during the meeting (and in your personal life).  Here are a few quick tips:

Active Listening: 


  • Clear your mind with a few deep breaths (activates your parasympathetic nervous system and induces a rest/renew/relax response)

Ground into your physical PRESENCE (Creates a secure safe experience for the client)





Suspend your opinions and agendas (This takes practice but demonstrates and open-mindedness)




Notice the words your client uses to discuss their

situation. ( This will illuminate what they believe is currently possible and you can support them in shifting into greater possibilities)











  • Observe their posturing, eye contact, mood and speech (More information about where they stand in relation to what they aim to create for themselves
  • Identify (not sympathize) with the emotion not the circumstance * (Promotes interconnectedness)


  • Look through a lens of curiosity and fascination about what is prompting them to share the things they are sharing at that time. (This will bring wonder into the exchange that will foster dynamic communication) 


  • Think metaphorically and you will connect in a way that will be long lasting and sustaining. (A byproduct of this will be more referrals and a larger client base.



Reflective Reframing:


  • Recapitulate what you heard. If they perspective seemed contracted or expressing limitations, consider reframing it in a way that opens them up to possibilities.


  • Normalize everything. Everyone wants to feel like they are successful regardless of their financial situation.


        • Select the most optimistic words they use and repeat them and add a bit more life affirming statements.











2015-2017  ©  Darryn Silver all rights reserved

Nov 2017 Light Logic Tip #22 P.L.E.A.S.U.R.E. A.N.D. P.A.I.N.

P.L.E.A.S.U.R.E.  A.N.D.   P.A.I.N.


Join  NYC based Cara Franchi, LCSW specializing in Somatic Experiencing & EMDR  and Darryn Silver, LCSW Intuitive Inquiry &  Soulful Stirrings Coach  for an experiential afternoon  of YOUR inner reality embracing ALL of  YOU!

More details to be posted shortly at www.darrynsilver.com/events


Practicing Love Embraces All Sentimental, Universal Remembrance Effortlessly


A Noteworthy Distinction


Punishment Activates Insufferable Negativity




I was in a downward facing dog position in yoga class a few years ago. For those of you who do not know what that is, your hands and feet are on the ground in a ^ shape and your buttocks is pretty much sticking straight up in the air.


I’m in this vulnerable position when I heard the teacher exclaim, “Some people actually seek out pain and become addicted to it.”


In a way, you could say they get addicted to it because of the adrenaline rush that is produced. 


I have a different perspective on this. I believe that people tend to (almost exclusively) move towards pleasure. It is just a matter of what we perceive in any given moment to be more pleasurable or more painful.


For example:


Why does a battered woman stay with her abuser?


An outsider’s perspective might deem it ridiculous, crazy, unimaginable and incomprehensible. Perhaps the idea of being out on her own is more terrifying (painful) than what she is accustomed to experiencing. It’s the familiar!


Why do young men join up with gangs or terrorist groups?


The desire for humans to have a sense of belonging and connection is primal and part of our basic survival needs verses the alternative of being disenfranchised and an outcast which threatens their very existence.


These might seem like extreme examples but we are all faced with the same choices every day. The more we understand and cherish our own vulnerabilities as gateways to freedom, opportunities to grow, connect with one another, & recognize we are all the same, the more we suspend our opinions thus stilling our mind.


This space of stillness and silence within us opens us to a creative flow that brings forth the softening that the collective is wholeheartedly desiring. This is what much of the world’s violence, natural disasters and political inequities are calling forward and it starts with each and every one of us.


Why do people blame, judge and condemn?


It’s easier to believe that the problem lies outside of us. That perspective does not make us happy though. It simply justifies our position, quells our anxiety and pain temporarily.


We repress old memories that are laden with powerful emotions, suppress undesirable thoughts that disguise our current emotions so as to feel better about ourselves but it is like a pressure cooker building, building & coming together with other pressure cookers. Then, woof an explosion ensues.


We are each a part of the collective consciousness. We, the collective consciousness, created the vehicle of separation so that we might have our own ability to discern. Furthermore, it is so that we are able to claim dominion over our own inner reality and make our own choice of how we want to perceive the whole.


Are we willing to go inside and make friends with the pain so we no longer cause the effect externally?


I have been wrestling with the question Do we believe that it is our birth right to be happy, joyous and free?  Really believe it?



On the surface, most of us succumb to the external conditioning to simply gain some semblance of safety and security.  It’s uncomfortable to change. We have patterned ourselves and any deviation upsets the apple cart.


For me, it is an ongoing practice to come to believe in our eternal nature. The portal is the magic in the moment. Each moment leads to the magic of the next moment and we stay present to explore the depths of our nature.


It’s a practice with many layers. It’s a practice that deepens like an intricately weaved tapestry with infusions of color, textures and angular designs.


Underneath it all,  I believe we hold a space that honors our essence. It is a path to excavate that knowingness. I am simply a foot soldier turning earth angel on the path with everyone else.

I have much to learn, and grow in the name of love through my exploration and discoveries.  It’s not always pretty but always illuminating. Often, I wish I could do it and get it done but that is simply my conditioning and would be deafening to our eternal ability to expand if the former was true.



Do we acquiesce to the roles that fit our conditioning? 

Where is that on the spectrum of pleasure and pain for you?


Do we do things because everybody else does?

Where is that on the spectrum of pleasure and pain for you?


Do we stay in a job because we were taught that money reigns supreme?  Where is that on the spectrum of pleasure and pain for you?



We choose that job because our perception of change and potential financial insecurity is infinitely more painful than living our passion?

Where is that on the spectrum of pleasure and pain for you?


For this moment, do we know what our passion is ?

Where is that on the spectrum of pleasure and pain for you?


Do we quell our zest for life for reasons of practicality and logic? Do we find other ways to fill in the crevices, offer excuses to ourselves in service of pacifying our ego?

Where is that on the spectrum of pleasure and pain for you?


Are we afraid our ego will make things spiral out of control by kicking, screaming, tantruming and making our life miserable if we do not succumb to its demands?

Where is that on the spectrum of pleasure and pain for you?


It is simply like a two year old that wants to be embraced and feel deserving to declare its right for autonomy and independence.


Do you believe that if you make a lot of money, you will be secure, safe, get ahead, and have a great life?

Where is that on the spectrum of pleasure and pain for you?




Do we stay in a relationship because we do not know who we are otherwise? That our whole identity is wrapped up in the externals of our life?


Where is that on the spectrum of pleasure and pain for you?


Do we disregard the messages that our bodies tell us with regard to health because we have been infiltrated and brainwashed by TV commercials and we have lost sight of our own intuitive intelligence by which we might access Universal Understanding that can support self-healing?


Where is that on the spectrum of pleasure and pain for you?



Do we follow what our head dictates or listen to the wisdom of our heart and bodies?

Where is that on the spectrum of pleasure and pain for you?



Are we willing to go inside and make friends with the pain so we embrace the wholeness of ourselves which externalizes more Love & Compassion in our world?


To step outside our comfort zone may be perceived as painful because we are standing face to face with the UNKNOWN, which includes infinite possibilities: utter destruction of how we have come to know things and giving birth to the creative power we hold within our human vessel. We are facing our internal demons and that’s all it is.


“Going in” to accept ourselves in our wholeness. To keep the status quo is familiar, routine and patterned. To fly, soar and face the essence of who we really are is truth. To recognize and remember the beauty, bliss and glorious ecstatic love, we want to be vulnerable.





Ooooo for me, this can be a dirty word. At least in my world it has been an entity to avoid at all costs. We have spent our entire lives protecting ourselves for purposes of survival.


Oh sure, we call it different things to make it more palatable. Doing the right thing, the expected thing, the societal thing, the logical thing that authority figures offer us accolades. A good daughter, son, sister, brother, wife, husband, worker, citizen, professional, philanthropist etc.


Hey look at me, aren’t I a good person? We look to the world to validate our internal experience. All the while the world is destroying itself and the savior is to allow our hearts to break open into a sea of compassion.



What I am learning about vulnerability is that it is opening my heart. Then courage is not even a “thing” that is needed. It’s just there because we become comfortable in our own skin.


We no longer look to externals for validation and that sets us free. We speak, behave and take action from our hearts. It’s an ongoing process: deeper, broader, more expansive and evolutionary. By each of us doing this, we act as a power of example for another to recognize their own authenticity.



Sometimes I speak about consciousness subjects to an audience that I am not sure will be receptive.


I do it for me!


To express myself and what I stand for in the best way I can in this moment.


If they like it, so be it.


If they don’t like it, so be it!


Might I have a melt down?   Sure sometimes.


I’m human. I have not “arrived”!


It’s all good because the creative expression has been launched.



SURVIVING AND THRIVING are two entirely different things.



Releasing the sheets, layers and veils to awaken to our sensitive heart energy is our greatest gift to share with the Universe. Each one of us has been born into a physical body to declare our own eternal creative influence.



In the past, the Universe has knocked on my door through various vehicles:


Experiencing the departure from financial feast (Wall Street),


through unemployment to my temporary perception of “famine” (Social Worker),


health challenges self-remedied (lifelong debilitating chronic hay fever completely dissipated in an instant)


and relational insights all for the purpose of more



Some challenges such as health are more socially acceptable and permit us to take a reprieve. Others are met with judgment and shame. This is because we have made the outside world our dictator. It’s time to live from the inside out.




I have none of those outside influences beckoning me now; nevertheless, the beckoning continues.

The hunger, the drive, the insatiable appetite to JUST BE.


To learn, to grow to live inside the JUST BEING.


Sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it?


Well, I am a product of this world and all of its striving and relentless pursuits also.


I feel as though I move at a very slow pace…that I am a mere child on this path that wants to savior every morsel of this lifetime.


None of us are exempt.

If you chose to come into your human body, it is your sanctuary until it’s not.







Do we follow what our head dictates or listen to the wisdom of our bodies? After all, your body is your unconscious mind!!!















Mindfulness Practice


Are we willing to go inside and make friends with the pain so we embrace the wholeness of ourselves which externalizes more Love & Compassion in our world?


  1. Write down two experiences: One that you would categorize as painful and one of pleasure.
  2. Embellish the story that is painful to the point where you can find humor in it? Exaggerate it, make it ridiculous, create a slapstick comedy, caricatures  or mimic a television sitcom. This will illuminate another perspective you can embrace. Comedians do it all the time. They take personal experiences (often painful) and find the light in them.You may learn something about how you view the situation and recognize the benefit. If you can’t find the humor in it, ask a friend or google it along with the word “comic relief.”
  3. Recount a story that is uniquely  pleasurable to you  and wonder about what qualities exist within you that deems it pleasurable. Would another individual deem it pleasurable,  unpleasurable or indifferent? What makes it pleasurable to you. What is it about you that views it as especially pleasurable. Own your insides.




2015-2017  ©  Darryn Silver all rights reserved

October 2017 Light Logic Tip #21 PERFECTION





Expressed Really Focuses Energy Creatively To Inspire Others Now



Listen to this song while you read the blog




Perfection really gets a bad rap and that is mainly due to our individualized perception of the word that spreads like wild fire and causes a collective adherence to things being absolute. In other words, if we are “one way”, we individually and collectively discern it as perfection and anything to the contrary is less than perfection. We created a measure that does not really leave room for the diversity we all have come to share.




As the evolution of our human hood expands to perceive beyond our physicality, we are all growing in our awareness that we are born of pure unconditional luminous loving light energy and THAT, in and of itself, is PURE PERFECTION.





Nature is pure perfection and we are part of nature!




Photo by Hope Ozer





I propose we come to a new definition of PERFECTION. That is what Light Logic is all about. Shifting our attention and our focal points to one that is more uplifting, gentle, kind hearted and resonate with our true nature.



We can begin with our ethereal world and notice where we tend to place our thought energy. This is the inception of creation. It all begins within our own sanctuary.



Energy follows our focus and energy manifests in many different ways starting with our inner reality. In our inner reality, there are boundless levels of energetic creations that take form from our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs which ultimately are broadcast out into our external environment. That is how energy works. Don’t take my word for it, investigate quantum physics.




For example: As I write this, there is an intrusion.


The thought is, “Is this comprehensible to the reader? “


“Am I expressing this in a way that is relatable? “


“Am I being clear?”



If I do not notice, observe and witness those thoughts at their inception AND SHIFT THEM, it might morph themselves into statements like:


“This is not good enough.”


” What’s the point?”


“Where am I going with this?”



And, if I miss the string of thoughts, I am likely to notice an emotion that might have me close off my heart or feel an uncomfortable sensation in my body (anxiety, frustration, judgment etc). Sometimes we do not even link the emotion or the sensation to the original thoughts if we are not in the practice of tracking ourselves.





Our hearts might sink in dismay. We might give up on our creation, procrastinate or distract ourselves with other tasks especially if we are afraid to take ownership of our own feelings. This happens all the time in every interaction within and outside of ourselves.


























We are in a consistent position of fostering creations and we tend to label them as magnificent or treacherous based on our perception. Depending on how focused or scattered we are will determine how, when, and in what way, it shows up. It starts with each and every one of us inside.


Got a problem, a challenge? An issue with someone or something?



Step one is to look in the mirror because the “problem or challenge” is a reflection, a call to awareness, an invitation to look within because we have magnetized that experience in for our own development in the name of self-love.



When noticed, is there a willingness to go down and in? To FEEL the subtleties and excavate old patterns that have been perpetuated. (* Check out Byron Katie’s THE WORK ) Do we allow ourselves the TIME to really FEEL and embrace those cellular habituations?




This is an active embrace (not release) and we are renewed. The “not enoughness” dissolves into our higher vibrational experience. It is called the Law of Entrainment. Once fully integrated, there might be a more effortless channel opened to perceive the experience?


We find ourselves fortifying different grooves with new messaging like,


“This will reach the audience it meant to inspire!”



“If one sentence helps one person then we have changed the world.”


“No act is too small.”


“I am playing my part bringing myself and others towards the light.”



So what are we broadcasting? The world is simply an out picturing of our collective inner realities.


The good news is….


We are all pure perfection yet remain incomplete as we are ever expanding into new renditions of ourselves.



When I get stuck in the old paradigm’s definition of perfection, it makes me want to cry even though I know it is part of return to wholeness. I do weep for myself and all those that share this consciousness. My throat aches.



How many of us set an unreachable bar for this very moment and blame the cosmos for the elusiveness of its attainment?



Are we patient with ourselves and trust divine timing? I am Patient - Motivational Sign - Darryn Silver

Do we realize we are making a difference simply by taking  ownership of our own lives?

 How many other souls are caught in the quandary?








We stamp our feet and rattle our fists and scream “Why Why Why” to virtually any predicament that we set our sights on that might conjure up unsettling? Wanting to know why it is so!!!

















If we judge, thereby creating a separation, then we will immobilize ourselves. We will freeze, be numb and cover up the gift of sensitivity.



Have we somehow learned collectively that sensitivity is a dangerous thing?

Does sensitivity get you hurt?

Do people understand it?

Is it better to be hard and controlled?



Is that safer and more functional. If we lived in a world void of sensitivity to simply survive: pay your bills, do a job etc. is that joyous enough? Are we simply adapting or are we creating the world WE WANT starting with ourselves?



Does bringing sensitivity back mean to fall apart, to be vulnerable and exposed? Will a well of tears clear a pathway for the masses?




The voice says,


“The road is flooded but you will all swim my dear ones! You will float. The current will carry you as always and grace ensues.”



Together, we begin to perceive the world as a wondrous place, full of glee.



Slowly by Slowly we replace judgment with compassion as that was the discovery judgment was meant to instill. All things are on a continuum and there is benefit in integrating ALL!






We embrace those habituated patterns and the archetypes we use to name them. We stroke them as we would a dear friend…our confidant…our protector…our armor. We surrender to the Divine Presence within.


















Now, we embody and hold a knowing, if only for a moment, that  PERFECTION  is pure “Presence”. We have the template from which to return.

Pure Presence is readily available to all of us to fully express  a focused creation to inspire others now. Similar to that of ripples reverberating in a pond after having thrown a pebble, it goes on and on and on beyond what the eye can see!








Mindfulness Practice

  1. What do you think of, visualize and feel when you are presented with the idea of PERFECTION?
  2. How does it feel in your body?
  3. Notice what body parts are beckoning for attention.
  4. Create and archetype for the entity of PERFECTION. Notice its attributes.
  5. Engage with it in a visualization finding creative ways to soothe it until you experience it as malleable. Remember, this is an Energetic Exploration and anything is possible so GO FOR IT!
  6. Go to a still pond. Pick up a pebble. Infuse your newfound perspective and toss the pebble in the pond.

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