Oct 2019 The Art of “Trying” and the Power of “Authentic Belief”

The Art of “Trying” and the Power of “Authentic Belief”

“Trying” is a real fiasco and could be considered its own art form. After all, when

you think  about  it, “trying” is denying the full remembrance of who you

are.   When we try, we are pretending not to be something that we are ” WHOLE”.  We are acting.  We are in a state that reflects the absence of our own self’s realization. We are not

remembering who we are in our essence, in our wholeness.

Notice how many things you “try” at in a day!


 Try to sleep,

Try to be calm,

Try not to react,

Try to be gentle with yourself,

Try Not to obsess,

Try not to worry  blah blah blah


Is ” Trying” working? Of course not, that’s the essence of “trying”. We never get “there”!

“Trying” is the art of giving our power away. “Choosing” is the action of empowerment. Feel the difference at each juncture.



There is a secondary gain or a strange kind of payoff  when we remain in the state of “trying”.  We relinquish our power. Perhaps  the child within us that desperately wants to please others AND be acknowledged is simply desirous to reclaim the long forgotten attention, compassion, love and comfort.


The lost portion is saying, ” See, I tried and I couldn’t or didn’t accomplish  XYZ. That must mean ABC is true”.  Since we are unable to see the truth of who we are in that moment, we spin our wheels causing a stationary effect which protects us from the very thing we say we want but are not actually CHOOSING. It acts as a kind of self-protection from vulnerability.


Believing and the Power of “Authentic Belief” is a process of opening to our fullest,

and broad scoped  memory of ourselves. It is a brave kind of volunteered vulnerability to

be witnessed as we are, recognizing our “is” ness is profoundly magnetic.



Although,  if my inquiry comes from my head about opening to the “divine within” it might appear like this. “What if I am nothing?” the ego says. “How will I be recognized as something to

be worthy of divinity’s creation.” That very statement keeps me from “feeling” fully. A fear reaction clutching to identification ensues which keeps the loop circling and thwarting the full repertoire of emotions that are available to us for a fully enlivening life.




The divine always provides what is required for our own soul’s growth.

Recently, I had an experience whereby I felt simultaneously anxiety and peace

hand in hand. How can that be? It was an experience I have been playing with

and this was more pronounced. It was an act of simply receiving what “is” in the

moment. An interesting surrender!




I had incredible patience with myself. Something  being birthed anew and quite refreshing.

Somehow, the “trying” to hop over the moment to get to something more comforting or desirable ceased. I was not in the chase for a peace and a calm. I sat with the sensations. I have to congratulate myself because I  did honor  myself for being still with it. Now it is time to continue with this awareness as a viable consistent possibility that I can choose again and again.


A few ways we can hop over the moment:


-Distract ourselves by jumping up and completing a task

-Telling a story as to “why” I feel anxious to deflect or rationalize it by engaging the mind



-Reacting vs Responding

-Thinking about the past or the future


-Constant chatter

-Using words such as need, want & have vs. I CHOOSE




I invite you to reflect on how you hop over the present moment AND, more importantly, how you settle yourself INTO the present moment!


I am sure there are more messages that will come from this experience but for now I am

completely satisfied with the experience as it unfolded.   Sitting with all of the internal strife so the storm can subside is a precious surrender. Feeling the levels of angst, really feeling them and not deflecting them takes courage and is well worth the experience. It offers a kind

of perspective that  says, ” I am ok amidst and in spite of the storm”



Your breath brings your awareness back into your body temple so that you may use this sacred sanctuary as an instrument. This instrument is your rite of passage to ascertain what is preferential and natural for you. Using your body to navigate through the pathways of life enables you to sense different Energies.




Conscious choice as to what you want to allow into your electromagnetic field is your birthright! It invites you into the realm of deeper and more expansive levels of awareness by which you have the acclivity to discern and make more clarifying choices.


What do you want to put a boundary on?

What is easy and  fluid?

What intersects with you effortlessly?

What feels jagged and forced ?

How do you hold yourself when experiencing the intensities?


Kirk, my beloved often says, “Be mindful of what you say to yourself (even internally)  because you are always listening.




Your body senses all things. It is an instrument in the orchestra of life.  You decide which people, places and things you want to play with and what kind of music you want to create. You express your own soulful sounds and allow that to meld into the most extraordinary symphony.



Nourishing your body so that it might navigate the terrains of the landscape of life for you is Paramount to fulfilling experiences. Breathe into your body, pause,  what do you feel?



Remember that it is possible to feel two contrasting feelings like peace and anxiety simultaneously. I allowed my self to “feel” whatever was happening without attaching rhetoric or a story or “trying” to make myself get “through it”. By allowing myself to sit in the storm, I had a felt perception that I can be with all different aspects of energies that want to move through me. No labeling. No name calling. No judging. Just Being.

Your experience will unfold perfectly for you in the perfect timing.


Mindfulness Practice


Go outside when the weather is rambunctious.

Stand still and imagine you are a TREE

Ground yourself and allow the weather to have its way with you.

Imagine each component of the weather: wind, rain, snow, breeze, temperature to symbolize a different energy.

How do you interact with it?

How might your interpretation be analogous to your life circumstances?



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Sept 2019 Devoted to Anxiety? Ulterior motive?

Devotion to Anxiety has an ulterior motive.

It keeps me Awakening to Me, Enlivening into Life 


Breathing leads the Way!


Devoted to Anxiety? What’s that about? Seems odd!

After all, who wishes to exist in a sea of angst?


Anxiety has riddled through my nervous system for most of my life. Out of breath,
insomnia, fearfulness, racing thoughts, impatience, low frustration levels during major
changes especially when I experience myself as incompetent and fierce anger at my
supposed  helplessness of it all.
I have to say I have adapted quite resourcefully but those resources have changed as I
have grown. I have engaged healthy mechanisms and not so healthy mechanisms to
keep the unnerving sensations and emotions at bay. Anything not to feel that debilitating
gremlin but that little bugger wouldn’t give up on me. It had a message to deliver and
“gosh darn it”, it was going to complete it’s mission.


So what’s the benefit?

Waking up to me, the whole me and nothing but the me.

Resource 1: I engaged in athletics like running, biking , swimming, tennis which helped me gain “control” over my own domain and feel the strength that wanted to pour out of me.
Resource 2: I used narcotics, alcohol and food to numb what was just too much to endure.
Resource 3: Monkey Mind is a kissing cousin which is a total loop in constant motion to keep me really really busy and to not notice anything going on inside. Can you relate?
Resource 4: The PRACTICE OF Conscious, Connected, Deep, Full, Consistent Diaphragmatic Breaths which bring the subconscious realm into my Conscious Awareness for full Integration. The option for CHOICE become clearly apparent.
  In 1991, I dropped into a yoga practice after my hips gave way from the
pounding that the running produced after a couple of really bad car accidents. That was a tough transition to give up that runner’s high and to go from constant movement to a more contemplative practice.
Nevertheless, I found a sense of beauty within myself the
moment I stepped on the top of the yoga mat and placed my hands in prayer position
above my head. I had never felt so safe, so hopeful, so beautiful in my entire life. Who
knew that I would keep this sacred space and maintain the utmost devotion to it. I was
home but little did I know that the party had just begun.
They call yoga a “practice” not a “workout” for a reason. 
Breathing is a practice also. We do it all our lives but its a matter of just how conscious we are of our practice that makes all the difference in our internal environment and external experience.
Actually, our lives are made of one celebratory segment after the next if we allow
ourselves to believe in our essential nature as pure unconditional luminous loving light
energy. Each of our efforts towards self love and joy based living is a Herculean effort 
championing the birth of our new world.
What has changed and how did it unfold?
Well, it’s not over yet!!
First, it is imperative that my perspective starts to shift in which I view any experience.

The way I see it is anxiety, fearfulness, frustration, impatience, overwhelm, anger and any of these other force fields of protection are a way in which we human beings shield ourselves from what might otherwise feel like the energy of


ANGER …. energetically might feel like the sensation of a bolt of lightening striking at us like an energetic dagger but once integrated it might be perceived as excitement, electric, charismatic influence to move forward, self-defining and self-determination. A reclamation of the authenticity screaming for expression.


ANXIETY… energetically might feel like bees buzzing in our ears, pins and needles in the limbs, chaotic exchanges, disarray but once integrated it might be perceived as an unending infinite smorgasbord  of potentialities and possibilities from which to choose. Endless high frequency energy in which to serve the world. So much goodness to process and metabolize. How much joy can this little body embrace?  


OVERWHELM…energetically might feel like  a downward spiral or free fall  with no anchors in which to be attached or due drops of potent emotions dinging, bouncing and tapping at a unknown organism from all angles prompting a spacey, lightheartedness or the desire to completely retreat. Once integrated it might be perceived as a self-relational tool…an internal quest for silence, stillness for the sensitive, tender, open-hearted being. A place where organic boundaries are naturally framed out and the realization of our true tenets in this experience we call life become clearly apparent.




The psyche community calls these emotions a defense but that makes it sound heavy and hard. I think of it as a way in which we resourced ourselves in a very early, energetically open and vulnerable time in our lives.


It’s degrees of  AWARENESS that makes our evolution so  EXCITING!
I wish I could tell you my experiences have all been met  with GRACE and ease but that
has not been my
constitutional viewpoint. In my world, anything worth having has to be hard to obtain or
else my psyche denies it as worthy. That is changing though. 
Can you relate? What a conundrum!
To move from hard to soft had to be a gradual
process to eliminate the element of
striving.  It was like Grace would slither in
between the cracks of my conscious
knowingness  when I was not looking to show
me a unfeddered landscape of
magnanimous proportions.
I was signaled by the divine to give myself
permission to feel any and every single
solitary thing. No holding back. Nothing is too much. Be limitless in my expression,
 every nuance, every iteration, the shadow included!
In opening myself up to this I was met with the ultimate beast.
Trust with a CAPITAL T.
Can I TRUST in the unknown?
Walk into unchartered territory or back down into a familiar comfortable anxious state which served me so well for so long. It is like tearing off my right arm…saying good bye to my best friend for life!
My personal Mantra unleashed itself from my mouth without a thought behind it.
It’s safe to not know, she whispered in my ear.
She prods me, “Say it my love. Say it out loud and with the boldest of strokes to
integrate this hidden aspect into your current reality.
Reclamation! Union! Soulfulness embedded in physicality forever!.”
 What a concept for a girl that really likes to “know”. Stepping into that unchartered
territory and feeling into the abyss of uncertainty can be the most liberating experience
when I allow myself to sit still with it. My brain quiets, anxiety subside, my heart opens
and boundless levels of infinite intelligence gently caresses  by beingingness.
All by allowing!!
She is gentle with me, allowing time to metabolize each graduation of emotions to gain
some semblance of my inner world.  Then In a nano second, I return. I return to the
desire to “know”. How did I do that? Was it me that did that or was it the mysterious,
mystical unknown that led me down a path in which is unfolded.
 Alas, another teaching, more practice,
more non-doing lays the foundation. Stillness speaks more clearly.
Even the wanting to know how to “not do” is doing.
What a
cosmic joke with which I have engaged the Universe.
Let it be! All will be revealed in its own time. Be patient my child. All is well.
So what is a constant consistent AWAKENING!

What does that mean anyway?


It’s different for everyone but the boundless levels of embodied heightened awareness supports us in every experience. Full embodied acceptances guides us towards a life of peace, calm and presence. This improves our physical well being, emotional world and spiritual                  connections and subsequent choices.


All through our very own breath!





The next time you have a pronounced emotional experience, describe it in scientific terms. Describe it as a quality of energy. This will allow the attached story be removed and neutralize its significance to you.



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August 2019 Getting Out of Our Heads and Into Our Hearts

Aug 2019 Getting Out of Our Heads & Into Our Hearts



I believe emphatically that the world would be a much more peaceful place if we moved more our of our heads and into our hearts. The balance between the two centers.  What I mean is if we were able to increasingly….


-TUNE into more of our own subtle emotions rather than deny, suppress or repress them.


-FEEL our innate connection to other people’s vulnerabilities, sensitivities, elation & joy because  they are often a reflection of a deeper aspect of ourselves


-PERCEIVE experientially the effects of our choices which will allow us to understand the causal point more compassionately


-NOTICE the messages that our bodies are sharing with us as simply an imbalance beckoning to be re-harmonized. Consider it to be a physical expression of our internal reality calling for care.


-BE PRESENT with “what is” without changing it which demonstrates love and acceptance


… Then humanity would shift to greater levels of empathy. Kind actions, thoughts and choices towards ourselves and others would be dramatically enhanced. Most likely, we would have no need for hoarding resources, a health care system that thrives on the population’s lack of well-being and actions that stem from fear of disconnection and greed.


When we enter into the exploration of our most tender parts …..when we elect to discover more of our own internal Presence by virtue of quieting the mind, it can start out feeling  like we  are driving a stick shift for the very first time.


For me, it feels like I am grinding the gears……the energy of TRYING. Then, when I least expect it, there is a nano second that opens me to a new expanded version of myself aligned with the perfection of the universe.


When my mind rests, I feel like I am in a convertible with the top down on a mountain peak. I put the car (( metaphorically)  in neutral, it coasts down and gravity pulls me into my center.




Enlivened by the wind flowing through my hair. It is the Universe’s breath refreshing my face with cool vast oxygen.


Air!    Prana!   Chi!    Pure Life Force on Steroids!


It’s emancipating, expansive and liberating beyond measure. The journey smooths itself out until I face yet another layer to be cleared.


After all, we are human and these bodies are available to us for the experience of pleasure and every iteration of that pleasure. Our senses align with our mind’s conviction and associations.


In other words, our mind is simply the vehicle by which we interpret what is pleasurable and what is not.


Sometimes it seems like it’s a long road traveling down from the mind to the heart. After all, our minds are so honored in this society. Logic, reason, & rational take precedent over feeling sensations, exploring emotions and silent stillness. We are perplexed by all the space we are capable of creating.


Why? I believe it is because there is no absolute with emotions. We don’t have as much definable, perceptual control over how they flow, when they arise and when they shift. They seem illusive and mysterious. Emotions are Energy in Motion and we are the vessels by which that energy/emotion is contained, stifled, released and allowed.


Our beautiful minds are the navigating central mechanism by which we can shift that story or association in conjunction with a sensate experience. There are many ways to do this and they all activate your parasympathetic nervous system which is the rest, renew and relax function.


EFT, EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, & Breath work are just to name a few. Personally, I enjoy the breath work because I can viscerally feel the vibration coursing through my body. It is undeniable, indisputable, irrefutable and distinctive.


Just in case my mind want to stir up some doubt, my body will shout out in the language of sensations showing me how every cell in my body is communicating, collaborating and co-creating with one another to epic proportions for my highest good. The energy that the breath creates gives me real living proof of just how resilient, versatile, flexible and flowing my system is.




  I have witnessed in  peoples’ bodies  as well as experienced in my own body uncontrollable shaking. This signified the fear and anxiety that was vacating our physicality. By their own reports, they were left feeling lighter and more expansive. When we breathe a conscious, connected, fully embodied breath, we are masters at moving energy. We are in a better place to explore, discover, shift and ultimately choose the kinds of experiences we desire.





Select a person that you come across in your daily life. A stranger preferably.

Notice their mannerisms, expressions, pitch, tone and intonation.

Make up a story with great detail about what may have prompted the expressions that they were exhibiting.

Come from a place of love.

No bias.

Be elaborate!

Be kind!

Be compassionate!

Be understanding!

Say it out loud if you are alone.


EXAMPLE: You are at a red light and the car next to you is an older, heavier weight male driver  appearing disgruntled and frowns at you while flicking his cigarette your way and inching in front of your lane.


Notice your first train of thought and whether it contained any judgments, pity, criticism, annoyance etc


Take a breath!

Speak out loud.


I see a man who was raised in one of the southern states on a tobacco plantation. He was the last small tobacco sharecropper. He grew his tobacco with organic fertilizer and no pesticides. He rolled his own cigarettes and savored the aroma and taste. He enjoyed offering his brand to local restaurants,  up scale and mid range smoke shops. His brother, son and nephew were his partners and were pushed out by the bigger corporations.  Their whole extended family spent significant time together both in business and in leisure time. One of their favorite things was a big southern festive barbecue  of pork ribs, chicken, corn, fried okra, biscuits, banana cream pies and, of course, scotch. They had so much fun laughing at their grandchildren’s impersonations of  wealthy tobacco owners wearing fancy smoking jackets and talking “big business”.  Ever since they went of business, his brother’ was unable to get on his feet financially. He just found out that his little brother was in trouble with a loan shark and his life was being threatened. He had been  tortured by his lack of power to remedy the situation until he decided to take a risk. Something he would never do. He went to the race track and put all his savings down on the trifecta. He scored and was in a hurry to meet the “carrier” to buy his brother out of trouble. He was saving his younger brother’s life and had words stirring in his mind that he would be quite the lecture.


Notice how you felt before you created the story and how you feel as you embellish from imagination land!!!  You can create any feeling you like!!


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July 2019 A Song: I Breath In and I Breathe Out IS the Cycle of Life

Enjoy this song! It’s all about YOU!!

Your greatest tool for physical well-being, emotional balance, mental clarity and energetic connection lies literally right under your nose.


Allow this song to guide you!


It’s all about YOU!!

It’s all about your Birthright- The Practice of a Fully Embodied Breath!

Your Spirit in Form!


You did not have to earn your conception. The gift of life was given to you!


You did not have to earn your breath. It was given to you as a gift.


You were born worthy, deserving and joyfully present to enjoy air in all of its splendor.

Its yours to take AND to receive!

The gift that your breath offers you every second of every moment of every hour of every day, week, month and year of your life is the portal into your eternal nature!


From the  very first inhalation upon birth (into a glorious sanctuary of a body temple you call  home while enjoying your own humanity)……… all the way to the very last exhale back into pure unconditional luminous loving light energy.



We are all conduits of divine excellence.
Declare your Intention and watch your breath support its unfolding!
Every inhale is a birth.    Every exhale is a transition!

Every inhale is a receiving. Every exhale is an offering.


Every inhale invites an opening. Every exhale offers closure.


Every inhale expands. Every exhale releases.


Every inhale draws in information. Every exhale creates expression!


Every inhale and exhale allows us to know ourselves more deeply and intimately.


Through every inhale and exhale is the cycle of life.


What inherently lies within that ebb and flow is the miraculous ability to choose our own personal self- reflection.

It is from the empowerment of that  choice that we gracefully respond to what no longer serves or is no longer desired.


We are born anew!
Listen to the song and tune into the sacred space your breath avails
2015-2019  ©  Darryn Silver all rights reserved

JUNE 2019 Breathing In & Through My “Comparathon”

Breathing In & Through My “COMPARATHON”


When facing big transitions in my life, there is a part of me that leads me directly to the COMPARATHON!   


Sure why not?



There is a part of my psyche that says, “If I am feeling too much bliss, ecstasy, joy, balance or presence, you are NOT in CONTROL  Darryn!!! The other shoe might drop so you had better take the reins.”  If things are too good, going too smoothly, in flux and changing faster than you can keep up, have some stress sprinkles on the occasion. You are used to that! It is known and familiar! 


Can you relate?


What an event! It is an extravaganza like no other!  There are trails of envy, pathways of jealously, roads of rage, scarcity rides and frustration fun houses. I compare myself to others, circumstances or even to an idealic version of myself couched in my own potentiality i.e.  “If only my skill set was….or If only I could exercise XYZ quality”.  This part likes to bathe in victim energy and bathe in it luxuriously I might add.




A very intolerable experience. Pure torture! One I would prefer to skip entirely and I would if it wasn’t serving me so well…at least for the moment! (Anything we do not release is serving us in some way, shape or form)


There was one particular circumstance in which jealousy had the best of me. I knew this had nothing to do with the other people involved. It had all to do with Me, Myself and I.  It’s rough when you cannot use the blame game. When you know everything begins and ends with yourself. When you know that everything happening in your life is simply an out picturing of your own belief system or more likely a belief system that was imprinted upon you. But baby, now it’s yours to clean up.


Even though I knew the truth on some level…. that I was (still AM) a point of pure light glistening in the perfection of the Universe, I could not FEEL it.  What good is knowing something unless you can FEEL it!!


 The thoughts and subsequent feelings were relentless, seemingly everlasting and pure torture. I could not shake the shame, the guilt for how I was feeling and the desire to crawl up into a little ball and hide. As I became more  impatient & intolerant of myself,  the FEAR only intensified!


There is a reason they say what you resist, persists and it sure did!





The jealousy thing was rearing its ugly head and I knew the only thing I could do was to LOVE IT!!! Yes, you heard me LOVE IT. But it feels so disgusting and shameful. Try  loving a slimy, morphing, slippery sucker of a leech! I dare you!



How could I love a part of myself that I deem to be unlovable?


How could I admit and express this darkness? 


How does one sit still with this ugliness and invite it closer?


One morning I awakened at 4:45 am. I had had enough. The pain was too much. I wanted relief.  I went into our Breath Studio, set an intention, declared some invocations, put on the 60 minute playlist and started the practice of a conscious, connected diaphragmatic breath.


At first, the cynic was present as it always is because it is my armor. It still takes me a bit of time to drop into my body and leave the mind behind.


I cried!

 I raged!

I toned!

I moved my body!


Lo and behold some “thing” shifted my energy. “I” did not change it but I experienced a different state of consciousness, one filled with a LOVINGLY FELT perception. Sure, I showed up and did my part but this was so clearly discernible.  It was in such a deep contrast to what I was feeling before my self-session.


I FELT an unprecedented level of expansion, freedom, relief, heart opening, gratitude and appreciation for the circumstance and the people involved. It was like I was looking through the eyes of the Divine and my understanding





That same day I was able to connect with the people in this particular situation. I remembered the situation but there was no longer fire in my emotional charge. My heart streaming with loving consciousness. It was real, authentic and I felt FREE!!! Very powerful stuff!


I am not bullshitting you. I would not do that!!!!


this was a self-session!!!


Then, I shared this story at yoga studio where my beloved Kirk and I were facilitating a Transformational Breath® Introductory Workshop. I wanted them to know one of the transformational miracles I had directly experienced with this breath work. I truly crossed over into a new founded form.


There was a person that expressed the notion that “jealousy” was not very “yogini like”. My response to this is that we are all human and we have the full spectrum of emotions whether we admit to it or not.


It is crucially important for us all to make the effort to



Remember Law of Attraction?

What do you think LOA really means?


Well, the world is a tapestry of our collective internal psyches. Look below the surface and you will find that what we tend to resist will persist until we love, forgive and be gentle with ourselves.


It is easy to love a friend but loving an enemy takes real courage! What gremlins inside you are beckoning for some TLC? Give it to them!


Imagine a world whereby we all found peace within ourselves.  


Imagine a world where we held the capacity to be with ALL OF OUR emotions until those energies felt safe to move on their own rather than stay stuck in our physical, mental, emotional or ethereal bodies. They could be acknowledged and then feel free to move or dissolve. 


It would be a world with no blame game.

No shame!

All inclusive!!!

We all took radical responsibility for our own emotions, thoughts and feelings and were able to own them.

These emotions were are great messenger carrying me to an even more open frontier.

I feel much lighter!




I am sure I will be beckoning you again and again! 











Lie down, close your eyes and receive a few cleansing breaths

In your imagination, see yourself:

-Sitting in a chair.

-Across from you is yourself, a more luminous, all knowing version of yourself. Very ethereal

-Drop your focus down into the center of your heart.

-Settle in and take your time ( Breathe fully yet gently here)

-Connect with yourself with your gaze: eye to eye contact.

-Share out loud with your higher self how your human self is feeling.

-Ask for what you need to feel safe, secure and loved.

-If you feel uncomfortable, confused or do not know what you need stay with the emotion.

-Just sit with it and breathe!

-When you are ready to close your mini self session, imagine speckled stardust falling all around you to insulate and protect you.





2015-2019  ©  Darryn Silver all rights reserved

May 2019 Surrender Your Need to Always be Right- Big EXHALE


and then there’s a Big Exhale



Recently, I attended a lengthy meditation event. The room was set up with cushions in a circular fashion. We were invited to enter the room individually while walking in silence until we found just the perfect cushion. I walked around the outskirts of the circle starting at 6 0’clock moving clockwise all the way to 3 O’clock where I finally found my seat. It was as though this particular location was emanating a vibration that aligned with what my soul was calling forth. It was pure perfection and you will soon realize why.


There were oracle cards in front of each cushion. Once we were all settled, we went around the room, introduced ourselves, and shared the card and our intention for the meditation session.


My card read, “Surrender Your need to always be right!”



I chuckled out loud and so did a few of the other women. They knew themselves astutely well and were able to relate to the humor with which our own foibles provided us. I laughed because I had been reflecting on this very thing as I drove to the event.

Breathing in Joy Exhaling “What-ever-ness”




How cool is Spirit to confirm its tracking right along side of me!  Talk about Interconnectedness!






Do you want to be RIGHT or do you want to be HAPPY the slogan says yet sometimes my MIND still chooses to be right!




Can you relate?


There is a kind of emancipation within when we can be honest with ourselves and see the humor simultaneously! Isn’t that what comedians do. They find the most ordinary things that so many people can relate to and pull it out for the world to see in plain sight!!!!



Have a good laugh about yourself!!  

It’s cathartic!

“How perfect is spirit”, I thought. “Such glorious wisdom couched in a cosmic joke!!”


I like to be RIGHT AND I like to be HAPPY AND I am lovable inside it all AND so are YOU!! 


For those of you who are a bit hard on yourself……..


What can you name about yourself that you want to let go of AND still OWN or recognize that you are a precious child of the Universe!! TRY IT, you’ll like it! It’s how SPIRIT sees you!

Shout it out and FREE YOUR VOICE!!


Do it right now! Doing it is different than reading or thinking about it.

                                                Find a friend or a partner and do it together.


Ex: Sometimes I act or behave controlling/over planning AND I the thing I find comedic (or the subsequent gift) about it is the physical posturing of walking with my head three feet in front of my ass. I mean, how far into the future do I think I can get my head  while my bum stays in the past ?


  • Laughing helps you breath more deeply!!





Of course my MIND wants a seat at the table and wants its own explanation also.


So what is this need to always be right?


So many people have it and we could define it in terms of the ego but because most people have a negative association with the term ego (which it is not) that would leave us in a place of separation, duality, black/white thinking i.e.

“This is good and that is bad. This is right and that is wrong.”


The HEART chimes in , “ Where is the love, understanding and compassion in that?”



The societal ego’s perspective only drives a deeper wedge into our experience. What if we explored, and developed some felt perceptive understanding of this “need to be right”. What if we discovered that it was an invaluable tool that kept us protected as youngsters and insulated us from a situation/dynamic we once perceived as dangerous.




When we align ourselves with a kind of perfection, it certainly shelters us from our vulnerability and sensitive posturing which so desperately wants to be safely insulated. We all have it in some variation and it is a personal choice to surrender internally, privately and safely to an experience of deep personal humiliation and see that we are not annihilated but set free by our willingness to draw it closer, give it space, name it and allow it to be felt.


Breathing in and out fully and connectedly might offer that little creature inside us that is beckoning for a kind of softening, a release and a new way of being in the world.  The world of Yin, leaning back, of allowing, of receiving, of soaring creation, of a little chaotic craziness for our BLOOMING HEART TO  FLOWER!  


Artwork by Jordyn Silver www.jordyn-silver.com


It’s Amazing, fascinating, exhilarating and dynamically interesting to give ourselves permission to “be” essentially ourselves on the inside.



Permission to receive.


Permission to allow our worthiness to permeate our beingness.


Permission to sit in joy.


Permission to love life.


Permission to be fully human and allow all parts to be fully acceptable even what might be deemed “negative” by societal terms.


Permission for softness

It’s messy. It’s nonlinear. We don’t experience our growth by going from point A to point Z in one fell swoop.



It’s A to H  

back to F

Plateauing and consolidating, synthesizing

swooping for a back check to down to D

climbing to P

more integrating to T

back to L for more exploration and so on and this is an example in only 2 D.                                                         


Imagine 5 D. We are all over the MAP!



It’s more challenging for the mind to make sense of it but the body knows because it FEELS.


The world does not tend to accept the parts we name as ugly but are you living for the world or are you living for your SELF??



Often, we hear that that emotions are simply energy in motion. Emotions are always wanting to move and when we storehouse some emotions out of fear (meaning it was out of a self-preservation that we were unable to feel them fully in years past), we build a reservoir until it congeals or calcifies in part of the psyche and maybe even physically in the body if left unnoticed or unattended for long enough. That is what dis-ease is….. a build up of imbalances “Calling for Care”.


Inhaling and Exhaling  mindfully reminds us that our breath connects us all. Our breath moves energy and integrates emotions.


So what is your thing to Surrender and how does your BODY respond to words  of COMPASSION and KINDNESS.


BREATHE while you experiment with which feels better (Words have a vibrational countenance to them also)


Surrender to your need:

For things to be hard vs Surrender to your desire for a gentle flow of EFFORTLESSNESS!


To be busy vs Surrender to your creation of ease, grace and steadiness in this MOMENT.


To your experience of depletion vs Surrender to the NOW where all energy resides ABUNDANTLY.


For pain vs Surrender to your natural state of WHOLENESS.


-To be invisible vs Surrender to your full undivided PRESENCE.


-For judgment vs Surrender to Kindness, love, Compassion and INNER PEACE


On www.gaia.com What it Means to be a Conscious Being on Quantum Effect by Randy Veitenheimer, he talks about Creative Consciousness is where we are best able to express ourselves.


He references Yogi Bhajan who came to the United State decades ago to guide western civilization into higher levels of consciousness and a quote from 2003.


“A new age calls for it’s own words to live by”


Also, Randy references the The Sutras, complex spiritual concepts, which allowed sacred teachings to be protected from harm and brief enough to be remembered by students and guides us to move upward in our levels of consciousness . He reviews five of them but the two that stood out for me were  


Understanding through compassion or you will misunderstand the times. Ego wants to be right and the compassion requires the truth. If you seek the truth you will not misunderstand the person in front of you nor the circumstances around you.


Vibrate the cosmos and the cosmos shall clear the path. Do not underestimate the internal shifts that you are navigating though. You are a spiritual warrior! A priestess of the highest regard. They matter. You are significant and it is having an effect on the whole. You are changing yourself, your relationships and the world around you.





Practice the exercise given in the body of this blog




We tend to store a lot of our tension, anger and resentment in our jaws. We might not even be aware of what we are holding and that is ok. We do not need to know the story. That is for the mind. This is for the heart and the body.


-Put on a song that has no lyrics ( about 10 min)


-Maybe light some candles


-State a personal invocation. If you do not know how to do that, see the MINDFULNESS PRACTICE on the blog page for Feb 2019 


-Get a deck of oracle cards that call you


-Set your intention and write it down in your journal as the revelations might come later. Perhaps set an intention to perceive a person, situation, relationship or circumstance differently that you currently do. To gain insight and understanding from an open unprotected heart!


-Select a card ( write it in your journal)


-Lie down and begin to breath diaphragmatically


-Notice where there might be tension in your body and apply slight pressure there with your finger while you continue to breath


-Also, consider applying a bit of pressure on your jaw and notice what you experience


-See if you notice a connection between the card and your intention over the next several days


Also, consider setting up a session with Kirk. They call him the “Throat Whisperer” because he is so adept and intuitive with the areas of the throat, neck, shoulder and subsequent areas of emotional expression. You can contact him through this link http://darrynsilver.com/contact/



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April 2019 A True Story: An Abundant Breath

A True Story: An Abundant Breath


This is a true story of a very sweet soul from the Netherlands by the name of Corina De Jongh Crientjuh that came across my path.


The story starts when Corina was 13 years old and spent one month in the hospital due to consistent headaches. She was an active child with sports activities as a regular part of her repertoire so it was left that she simply “did” too much. Since there were no  findings, she simply slowed down a bit and went on with her life.


As the years passed, she became a mother raising her daughter independently,  got her nursing & social work degrees while working to administer care for people of all types.

Oddly enough, people with emphysema were high on her list and this was no coincidence.



By age 37, Corina noticed how people seemed to walk faster than her and how tired she was most of the time. She scheduled and appointment with a pulmonologist and discovered she only had 45% lung capacity. She was diagnosed with a very rare disease called  “Vikings Disease” which leads to emphysema. ( More about it at https://www.alpha1.org/Newly-Diagnosed/More-Alpha-1-Resources)


By age 40, she had to stop working and began researching on the internet for possible solutions. Her health was on a fast track downward spiral.


By age 48 she was in a wheelchair and couldn’t walk much of any distance nor carry her oxygen container but she was relentless in her pursuit of another pathway to EMBRACE.



She started her personal exploration through food as medicine, attending workshops online with David Wolf, Brian Clement (Hippocrates Health Institute) and many others.


Her lung capacity fell to 22% by 2013 and was finally placed on the list for a lung transplant.  In December 2014 she felt a sensation like a knife going through her lung and she stated out loud to her mother, ” I have a collapsed lung. I just know it. I need a transplant or else I will die.”


During this time she had 24 hrs./day home care with 20 nurses assisting her on a variety of shifts. Nevertheless, Corina stayed the course with meditation and mindfulness practices until August 2015 when  she finally received a lung transplant. The recovery would take 2 years of physical therapy, yoga, swimming, exercising on the treadmill which she did without fail 6 days a week. Now, she was able to breathe more deeply which gave her the strength and physical capacity to walk and move about.


It was/is more than physical though. It was/is a mental, emotional and spiritual transformation. It was and is a gradual process of finding her internal inspiration, becoming INTIMATE with its character, fostering its growth, deepening its roots and unleashing its essence into the world.



In 2017 she found Transformational Breath® and things really started to change even more. It was a new lease on life.


She found it interesting that the Transformational Breath® Trainers were focusing on the INHALE which is both metaphoric  for our abundant nature plus a literal emphasis on oxygen INTAKE.


This focus is designed to accentuate our focus on opening ourselves to RECEIVING  and experiencing our worthiness. This was in stark contrast to earlier guidance from  emphysema protocols which  focus on the exhale. She reflected on this deeply and felt there were layers of insight and revelations wanting to be discovered.


One thing Corina noted was that  everything that happened was required to happen for her soul’s growth or else it would not have happened.


This is a Universal truth that applies to all of us!


This story will be conveyed to you experientially if you choose to do the mindfulness exercise outlined at the end.


 What kept her going?


What inspired her to persevere?



This is a gradual process for most of us but well worth the journey. If you suffer from some physical, emotional, mental or spiritual imbalance, keep the faith and BREATHE OUT LOUD.


My friend is 54 years young and now facilitates Transformational Breath® work all around the world. At the time of this interview, she was in the Dominican Republic swimming with the whales twice a day for seven days.


She has such a renewed lease on life. Fear is no longer a deterrent in her exploration of what is possible.


It’s not that she does not feel fear. It’s just that she has the visceral understanding that she is NOT the FEAR!


Many of us identify with our  emotions as if it is who we are. It’s not who we are. Not by a long shot!


Emotions and their accompanying sensations are simply “energies wanting to move through us” AND to the degree we allow this to occur, we step into the flow of life rather than creating obstructions.



We think that if we FEEL a particularly undesirable emotion for any period of time then we ARE that EMOTION which can challenge our self-image or false identity.  We say things like “I am depressed or I am angry” and that means XYZ.   A more accurate statement is, I feel a slowing down of my energy or I feel a crunchiness or a tork in my body.



The truth is that the emotional experience is moving, variable and worth being in a stance of simply noticing it. Recognizing this and observing ourselves “in vivo” causes the fortress to soften and melt effortlessly while the heart blooms like a fresh spring rose.





My friend travels the world and goes with the flow. She Minds the Wind. She no longer worries about her health or finances and allows the cadence of her breath to remind her of the presence of her innate abundance. It lifts her to new dimensions and opens doors to limitless possibilities. She soars with the winds.





When I asked her what she could show me so that I could have a deep understanding of her experience and the contrast of what it was like and how it is for her now, she replied, “I invite you to do the following exercise.”








You will need 2 things: 1 straw and to be outside in nature on a warm or temperate sunny day.


  1. Get a straw. Pinch off your nostrils so you cannot breath through them. Place the straw inside your mouth and close your lips.  Set a timer and breathe through the straw for 3 minutes. Experience the deprivation of oxygen and the amount of life force that is able to enter your body. After 1 minute, stand up and walk around with the straw in your mouth. Do not breathe through your  nose. Note how your body feels. Imagine living like that for years.


2.  Now, stand up outside in nature on a sunny day! Spread your arms out stretched, open your heart by taking a big inhalation feeling the expansion of your chest. Notice what you feel when you can enjoy as much oxygen as you desire. Smell the flowers, hear the birds. Feel the contrast of the former contraction and the present expansion.


Questions to ponder:

Compare and contrast.

a. How did your body feel in exercise 1 vs. 2?

-Constricting, limiting?

-Expanding, freeing?


Our breath is the vehicle by which we take in the abundance of oxygen and move stagnant energies within our body temple but we often disregard oxygen as one of our superpowers for the flow abundance so reflect on the following questions:



b. What is your definition of ABUNDANCE? ( Think way outside the box)


c.  In what ways do you limit the abundance that is your birthright AND accessible in, through and around you?


d. What new ways might you define abundance for yourself and the world?


e. What inspires you to keep on going in times of challenge?


f. Name some ways in which abundance nourishes your body, mind and spirit?


g.  What will be required to happen for you to honor that you are a vessel designed to receive abundance in every way, shape and form? Are you willing to embrace this newfound reality?


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March 2019 A Friend for Life


A Friend for Life

                                                                              ( Inspired by the spirit of Robert Franchi)



My best friend. She knows me so well. She is always there for me. She supports me like a huge body of water supporting a SHIP tossing around in the voraciousness of a stormy sea.



She recognizes the tumultuous theatrics and navigates me through with grace. This grace is none other than I have ever become acquainted. It is the grace of messy, chaotic, unknowing and that is her elegance. She sees beauty in all of it. She even uses her muscles to help me buckle down the hatches until I open for another round of softening.



She stands nearby in a silent, still, wise, manner. She watches my fury, my demands and stays by my side. She encourages me to come closer to what rides on the wave she has introduced me to. She sweeps me off my feet in times of SURRENDER.



She watches and comforts me lovingingly as I crumble to my knees in states of confusion, unknowing and pain. Her power humbles me.







She is a friend to enjoy for the moment and only that moment. Then the next moment inside itself and again and again.  She is a mystery and travels through every ventricle of my heart for she is the keeper of the most precious. She swirls around the precious gift kept so sweetly in silence until the sun casts its  LIGHT and says “it’s TIME”.



Without any warning, she lifts me up and my entire body feels like champagne bubbles popping. I feel the Power of love streaming though my inner sanctuary like I have never felt before. She is teaching me about life and death, the coming and goings of all things. She shows me the infinite spectrum of CHOICES that lie within me. She shows me that death is part of life and there is an enlivening experience within all of it.








She showers me with a new kind of seeing.   In her infinite wisdom, she invites me to come closer and be with the entire spectrum.


There is a central channel within that holds a love for all things.


It’s holy, its neutral, its presence.


                                                                                             She rides on the wave of my breath!





Every time you walk through a door. Pause

“Receive” a breath vs “Taking” a breath

Experience the shift of what was and what now is!

Notice the nuances in your sensitivity rising to meet your essence within.

Greet the grace with a smile.


2015-2019  ©  Darryn Silver all rights reserved


Feb 2019 Coming Home to Your Heart: The Breath Reminds Us of our Connection to ALL THERE IS


The Breath Reminds us of our Connection to ALL THERE IS



Doesn’t surreality breed simplified Presence if we allow it? Have you ever had a deeply surreal experience that made the world around you appear seemingly flat, odd and lacking in dimension ??


Sometimes it’s subtle like having the awareness that life is not really about destinations aka achieving, obtaining, arriving etc. and voila you make a shift in perspective which changes all the things you choose to do and not do.


Often it comes in a way that is not so subtle. It arrives on our door steps exemplified by a huge shift in one’s life like a health challenge, relationship breakup, job loss, accident, or death of a loved one. It’s a stripping of your life as you once knew it. It’s a death. It’s a creation of space. It prompts a different iteration of yourself. One that is not so familiar; thus, typically, discomfort ensues.


At the same time, it is a deep cleansing, a profound space holder for the launch of our voyage. A voyage into the unknown of our own inner chasm. A place in which intimacy within ourselves is ignited.




An activation occurs and we REALIZE our own brilliance. We have an expanding repertoire of emotions that are now acceptable to us. We step gently into the glimmer of our own radiance and allow ourselves to taste our own starshine. It comes in bits and pieces to allow our entire energetic system: Mind, Body and Spirit to digest, metabolize, and assimilate with what is now TRUTH for us.




So, when people ask me “What has Transformational Breath® done for you?” I reply. “It is not what Transformational Breath® has DONE for me as if it is “one and done”. 


This particular breathing pattern is a tool by which I honor my partnership to the Divine. It’s a willingness to remain connected with the Source energy that infuses the life force into my beingness AND when I experience disconnection, ( and I do)  this constant companion  acts as a reminder. It  CONTINUES to unfold right here right now in this very moment.   It’s a practice! It’s a partnership.




As I ponder of the clichés of a lifetime I  GET that clichés are clichés because they are right on point. It’s just a matter of experiencing our version with a felt perception that gives it personal meaning.


Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift. That’s why we call it the present.

It’s all in the journey!

Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home, Matsuo Basho

Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is more important than the outcome. Arthur Ashe

Be here now Ram Dass

Be the change you wish to see in the world , Ghandi

What you see in others, you have it in yourself

There’s no such thing as a coincidence.

Everything happens for a reason.

You never get more than you can handle.

You are always right where you are supposed to be.

Let go, Let God


Just for today, Transformational Breath® is bringing me home to MY HEART. Not what it’s supposed to look like to be a “good person”, “successful entrepreneur”, “caring healer” etc and all the other labels but what is authentically mine.


It’s a process where the art of grace embodies the power of love in earth time.


As our individual/collective awareness shifts to one of nurturing and cultivating that momentary spark   (that exists in every single one of us) into a string of lights (interconnectedness), this place of Truth, Light, Oneness and Peace steps forward into our visceral experience and we offer the change from the inside out albeit sometimes slowly, deliberately, emphatically, but in the end BLISSFULLY!

We ARE the I AM Presence. We are home in our heart.

It’s coming from the inside out.










-Create a warm inviting environment for yourself.


Declare to the Universe an invocation. This will invite the powers that be into your heart space






Example: “ I beckon on the I AM Presence, Masters of Light, Goddesses of Grace, and Angelic Forces to join me in this sacred space whereby I open my heart to connect with the Supreme Heart of hearts. Support me in my exploration of my deepest LOVE, my most profound level of connection and all the bliss that we are in unity. I open myself up to your wisdom, messages and guidance. I thank you for this time, I thank you for this energy and I thank you for this space”


  1. Put on music that will last for 20 minutes
  2. Breathe deeply through your mouth into your lower abdomen. Allow the inhalation to be longer and the exhalation to simply fall out of you like a waterfall.
  3. Email or message me with your experience.

2015-2019  ©  Darryn Silver all rights reserved